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Haven Family Collection, 1862-2016

Collection Overview

Title: Haven Family Collection, 1862-2016

ID: COLL/574

Creator: Pease, Allen D. (1840-1922)

Extent: 1.0 Box. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description

Date Acquired: 00/00/2017

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The collection deals with three generations of a matrilineally related family. The documentation begins with Allen Duwayne Pease (1840-1922) and his wife Ella LeGard (1943-1933); and continues through their daughter Pearl Dessie Pease (1881-1976) and her husband Arthur Leonard Peck (1879-1924); and their daughter Carol Myrtie Peck (1914-2013) and her husband Peter Haven (1913-1966). Allen Duwayne Pease (1840-1922), who served with the 6th Michigan Cavalry during the U.S. Civil War and whose experiences are document in copies of his letters. Also contains the correspondence of Peter Haven (1913-1966), who married Pease’s granddaughter and served in the U.S. Army in China, the European Theater, and Korea is detailed in letters (much of it V-mail), 1936-1952. Provided genealogical data for the descendants of Ykjes Frankes Haven, Allen Duwayne Pease, and Adolphus LaHart Peck.

Consists of duplicated material with the donor retaining possession of the originals.  Details the genealogical roots of the Peter and Carol Haven via the Ykjes Frankes Haven, Allen Duwayne Pease, and Adolphus LaHart Peck families, with images of family members, U.S. Army in China during the late 1930s, and a late nineteenth century photos of the workers at Butterworth & Lowe Foundry in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Also included the Civil Wat letters of Allen D. Pease who services with the 6th Michigan Cavalry in Washington, D.C., at Gettysburg, the Peninsular campaign, and on the western frontier after the war ended. These letters are transcribed and annotated by Eloise Haven, but her work is copyrighted.  The military service of Peter Haven in China, the European Theater, and Korea is detailed in letters (much of it V-mail), official documents, and photographs.

Biographical Note

Allen D. Pease born in Canandaigua, New York, and moved to Kent County, Michigan, in 1862. He was married in his native county to Ella Legard in 1861. They had eight children: Mettie, James T., Clarence H., Willem A. Francis, Allen L., Pearl D., and Gracie E. He enlisted on 31 August 1862, at Grand Rapids, in Co. B, 6th Michigan Cavalry as a private and later was promoted to corporal. In January 1863, he was hospitalized in Washington, D.C., for pneumonia. In 1863 he was captured at Cedar Creek but was immediately retaken by Union forces. In 1864 he was Quarter Master clerk. He fought, with his command, at Gettysburg, Wilderness, Yellow Tavern, Pamunkey River, Culpeper and Winchester. He was honorably discharged 6 December 1865, at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

Administrative Information

Alternate Extent Statement: .5 cu.ft.

Acquisition Source: Eloise Haven

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Genealogies --- 1459-2016
Box 1
Folder 1: Haven Families:  Frans Jans;  Peter; Ykes Frankes --- 1867-2016
Folder 2: Pease Allend D.  Family --- 1840-2016
Folder 3: Peck Families: Adolphus LaHart;  Arthur Leonard;  Earl Clifford;  Eunice Frances;  Carol Mertie --- 1459-2016
Series 2: Military services --- 1862-1952
Box 1
Folder 4: Allen D. Pease Civil War letters --- 1862-1865
Co. B. 6th Michigan Cavalry
Folder 5: 'In the Steps of a Wolverine' Civil War letters of Allen D. Pease transcribed and annotated by Eloise Haven --- 2005
Folder 6: When and Where We Met Each Other; Battles;  Actions;  and Skirmishes --- 1861-1866, 1899
Folder 7: Military records and correspondence of Peter Haven --- 1936-1952
China,  European Theater,  Korea
Series 3: Digital images on compact disc in the collection
Item 1: Peter Haven meets Lily --- 1936
Item 2: Card with Lily's autograph --- circa 1937
Item 3: Riding in a rickshaw;  China --- circa 1937
Item 4: People. Haven Eloise
Item 5: Telegram --- 1936
Item 6: Tientsin, China meat market --- circa 1937
Item 7: Tientsin, China harbor dock --- circa 1937
Item 8: Tientsin, China mule and cart --- circa 1937
Item 9: People. Haven;  Peter in Grand Rapids
Item 10: People. Haven;  Peter in China --- circa 1937
Item 11: Military basketball team, China --- circa 1937
Item 12: Service card --- 1937
Item 13: USS U.S. Grant (AP-29) --- circa 1937
Item 14: USS U.S. Grant (AP-29) --- circa 1937
Item 15: Three soldiers --- circa 1937
Item 16: People. Haven;  Peter
Item 17: Camp Burrowes Gate;  Chinwangtao; China --- circa 1937
Item 18: Two men on a beach --- circa 1937
Item 19: Tientsin;  China --- circa 1937
Item 20: Michigan Women's Relief Corps ribbon
Item 21: Butterworth & Lowe workers;  Grand Rapids;  Michigan --- circa 1890
Item 22: Fort Custer collage --- circa 1936
Item 23: Haven wedding --- 1940
Item 24: Haven; Mary Michigan Women's Relief Corp1
Item 25: Haven; Mary Michigan Women's Relief Corp2
Item 26: Haven; Mary Michigan Women's Relief Corp3
Item 27: Haven; Mary obituary information
Item 28: Lily and unknown woman --- circa 1937
Item 29: Michigan Women's Relief Corps ribbon
Item 30: Pease Legard Wedding --- 1861
Item 31: Peking China; Walled City --- circa 1937
Item 32: People. Haven Peter (in Grand Rapids)
Item 33: People. Haven,  Barbara
Item 34: People. Haven;  Peter
Item 35: People. Haven-Peter-Eloise at Niagara Falls
Item 36: People. Pease; Allen D. and wife
Item 37: People: Haven-Carol,  Eloise,  Peter --- circa 1967
Item 38: People: Haven-Carol,  Peter
Item 39: Theatre --- circa 1937
Item 40: Tientsin, China funeral --- circa 1937
Item 41: Tientsin, China rickshaw --- circa 1937
Item 42: Michigan Women's Relief Award --- 1992