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Martin J. Wyngaarden Collection



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Martin J. Wyngaarden Collection, 1910-1966 | Heritage Hall, Hekman Library

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Collection Overview

Title: Martin J. Wyngaarden Collection, 1910-1966

ID: COLL/341

Primary Creator: Wyngaarden, Martin J. (1891-1978)

Extent: 6.0 Cubic Feet. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Minister of the Christian Reformed Church and professor of Old Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary. The collection includes bound mimeographed lectures; articles; correspondence with A. C. Sonneveldt, Buenos Aires, 1910-1930; topical files; a farewell speech on sound tape, 1949; and lantern slides on South America.

Biographical Note

Martin Jacob Wyngaarden was born in Oostburg, Wisconsin, where his father was minister.  From 1898 to 1904 the family lived n Harrison, South Dakota.  In 1914, Martin graduated from John Calvin Junior College in Grand Rapids and served as principal in the Christian school in Sioux Center, Iowa.

Continuing his education, Martin Wyngaarden received an AB from the University of Washington in 1915.  Three years later he graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary.  After a year at Princeton Seminary he received his BD.  Dr. R. D. Wilson, his professor, encouraged him to continue his studies in Old Testament and Semitics.  In 1922 he received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania with a dissertation entitled The Syriac Version of the Book of Daniel.  Another year at Yale was possible through a fellowship.

When Dr. Wyngaarden was ordained to the ministry in the Christian Reformed Church of Tracy, Iowa, in 1923, his father took part in the installation service.  In 1924, one year later, he received an appointment to the chair of Old Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary, a chair he occupied until his retirement thirty-seven years later.  In 1937-1939 he also taught in an emergency situation at Western Theological Seminary.

Professor Martin Wyngaarden was a member of many theological societies.  His theologically conservative stance was well known by members of the societies some of whom differed with him radically but remained congenial.  At Princeton, when a professor threatened to withhold a degree if he adhered to the teaching of the virgin birth, he refused to be intimidated.  In his presentation of papers he remained consistent to his biblical convictions.

In addition to his published dissertation, Dr. M. Wyngaarden also wrote "The Future of the Kingdom" and "The Glory of Christ and Other Biblical Studies."  He served as one of the translators on the staff of the Berkeley Version of the Bible and was involved in the initial work of the New International Version.  His seminary instruction involved extensive use of syllabi.

Our collection includes articles and papers, notes of his student days, mimeographed notes of seminary material, and a number of brochures and booklets used for background study.

Martin J. Wyngaarden passed away 11 August 1978.  The funeral sermon by Rev. Jacob Eppinga was on a text requested by Martin J. Wyngaarden. He was survived by this wife, Johanna (Kempers) and their 4 children.

An anecdote of a student of Professor Wyngaarden:  One class session we were all present in his classroom for the usual Hebrew class.  However, the professor did not appear.  Ten minutes passed so we left the room.  The following day he expressed surprise that we had not remained waiting from him "since his hat was on his desk!"  This was supposed to indicate that he was, indeed, in the seminary building.  At a subsequent class session all of us came to class before the professor arrived, placed headgear on our desks and departed.  The only excuse we had to offer the following day was, "Our hats or caps were on our desks."  Nothing further was said.  In due time we all graduated from the seminary.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Biographical Material, 1910-1973],
[Series 2: Articles and Papers],
[Series 3: Princeton Seminary Notes.  Berkeley Bibles],
[Series 4: Class Material.  Manuscripts],
[Series 5: General Material],
[Series 6: Manuscripts, Booklets, Books],
[Series 7: Papers],
[Series 8: Miscellaneous],
[Series 9: Photographs],

Series 1: Biographical Material --- 1910-1973
Box 1
Folder 1: Announcement of appointment to Seminary chair in The Banner in report of Synod --- 11 July 1924
Folder 2: Course outlines
Folder 3: Announcement of Curatorium Contractium Installation of new professors Bouma and Wyngaarden --- 10 September 1924
Folder 4: Banquet programs: Dues Natalis, Annual Inter Nos.
Folder 5: Bibliography on Silver and Lead in antiquity
Folder 6: Book review of The Future of the Kingdom by L. Berkhof in The Banner --- 4 September 1934
Folder 7: Review of "The Glory of Christ and Other Biblical Studies" in Calvin Journal by J. Stek --- 1969
Folder 8: Calvin College Library, Heritage Hall, "What mean ye by these Stones?" A brochure
Folder 9: Commencement programs (incomplete) --- 1931-1969
Folder 10: Committee members of Synodical Committee for South America photograph: J. Wyngaarden, W. Heyns, Martin J. Wyngaarden, H. Beets, B. and Mrs Bruxvoort of Argentina
Folder 11: Communication to H. Brinks --- 1973
Folder 12: Correspondence:  Sonneveldt and Buenos Aires --- 1910-1930
Folder 13: De Wolf in 'Schaepsvel, Jakob Zeeus, Rotterdam --- 1715
Folder 14: Drie Jubilea, an editorial in De Wachter, M. Wyngaarden 25th Anniversary --- 7 June 1949
Folder 15: Hospital Chaplaincy Board Minutes of the Evangelical Ministers Union --- 7 January 1955
Folder 16: Hospital Chaplaincy in Grand Rapids, A Report
Folder 17: Editorial in the Witness
Folder 18: Reformed Doctrine notes in three notebooks --- 1914
Folder 19: Secretary of Committee for South America and Ceylon, 1936-1953 Synodical Report No. 10 for Synod --- 1953
Series 2: Articles and Papers
Box 2
Folder 1: Babylonian Account of the Flood, in Reformed Herald --- July 1925
Folder 2: Background of the Old Testament, Calvin Seminary Paper --- n.d.
Folder 3: Bavinck on general revelation, in The Banner, 11 --- 18 October 1923
Folder 4: The Bible and the Spade, articles in The Instructor --- 1 April 1928 - 30 September 1928
Folder 5: Calvinalia: Chapel talk of Rev. Snell, reviewed in The Banner --- 14 February 1925
Folder 6: Concerning the Biblical Training for our prospective ministry, in The Banner --- 14 August 1925
Folder 7: Creation Paper
Folder 8: Calvin College Chimes.  Editor, M.J. Wyngaarden --- February 1917
Folder 9: Ezekiel paper --- n.d.
Folder 10: Faith in the Word and the preparation for its ministry, in The Banner --- 29 July 1927
Folder 11: First Presbyterian Church Adult Class.  Conversion, an occasion for more mercy --- 1964
Folder 12: Gereformeede leer de incarnate, first prize in Dogmatics --- 1918
Folder 13: Des Leeren Overblijfsel en de gebroken Staf Lieflijkheid, in Reformed Herald --- October 1925
Folder 14: The Infallibility of Scripture, in The Banner --- 27 March 1936
Folder 15: Infallibility of Scripture as a Reformed Confessional Doctrine, in Calvin Forum --- February 1952
Folder 16: The Interpretation of Canticles, paper at Evangelical Theological Society --- 1955
Folder 17: The Interpretation of Canticles paper --- n.d.
Folder 18: Interpretation of Ecclesiastics paper
Folder 19: Introduction to Old Testament Textual Criticism
Folder 20: Introduction to the Pentateuch
Folder 21: Jeremiah paper
Folder 22: The Love of God in the Law of Moses, in the Reformed Herald --- September 1923
Folder 23: The Love of God as Taught in the Prophets, in Reformed Herald --- November 1925
Folder 24: Het meerder licht in de nieuwere Geref Theologie in zake de de Igeving der Heilige Schrift.  Outlined notes
Folder 25: The Missionary task of the Servant in Isaiah 42, 49, 53
Folder 26: A New Isaiah manuscript from one century before Christ, in Calvin Forum --- February 1953
Folder 27: The New Version (RSV), in Calvin Forum --- February 1953
Folder 28: Notes on Synodical Reports in De Wachter --- 19 November 1961 and 16 August 1962
Box 3
Folder 1: Old Testament concepts of the Latter Days and The Day of Jehovah
Folder 2: De Organische ingeving der Schrift, outlined material
Folder 3: The Pagan Evangelical Preparation in Biblical Light, D. Kromminga and M. Wyngaarden --- 1936-1937
Folder 4: Phenomenal language according to Dr. B. Ramm in Genesis 1 and 2 --- 1958
Paper read in 1958
Folder 5: Phenomenal language according to Dr. B. Ramm, in Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society --- 1959
Folder 6: Premillennial interpretations of the Kingship of Christ, paper read at Chicago Society of Biblical Research
Folder 7: Present Trends in the Biblical Studies of the Old Testament
Folder 8: De Rechtsgrand van Gods Genade aan de Ninevieten volgens Calvijn, in Reformed Herald --- January 1926
Folder 9: The Resurrection, in Religion and Culture --- Feb. 1920
Folder 10: The Revised Standard Version.  Translation Conference at Trinity Christian College --- 1965
Folder 11: The Servant in Isaiah 42
Folder 12: The Servant in Isaiah 42, in papers read at Evangelical Theological Society --- 27-28 December 1956
Folder 13: The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24-7 Sermon
Folder 14: Sins with a high hand, Micah 6:8, Sermon talks
Folder 15: The Song of Solomon, an Interpretation.  Paper read at Evan. Theol. Society.  Reprint
Folder 16: Speaker at Conference of Minister, Pella, Iowa.  As reported in The Banner --- Aug. 1, 1924
Folder 17: Special Member of De Wachter on Theologische School en Calvin College --- 27 July 1927
Folder 18: The Syriac Version of the Book of Daniel.  Thesis published by Drugulin, Leipzig --- 1923
Folder 19: The Thousand Years of Revelation Twenty, in Torch and Trumpet --- Aug-Sept 1954
Folder 20: The Thousand Years of Revelation Twenty, in Torch and Trumpet --- Aug - Sept 1954
Folder 21: Torch and Trumpet issues with comments and reactions 1959, 191 --- 1962, 1964
Folder 22: The Tower of Babel and the Symbolism of Babel
Folder 23: Versions:  Comments of I Thess 1:1-10
Folder 24: Was the Ark discovered?  In The Banner --- Nov. 27, 1942
Folder 25: Welke genade is dat dan? in Reformed Herald --- April 1926
Folder 26: Word Studies concerning the Virgin Birth.  Paper
Series 3: Princeton Seminary Notes.  Berkeley Bibles
Box 4
Folder 1: Student notes N.T. Biblical Theology.  Princeton Seminary Notebook I
Folder 2: Student notes N.T. Biblical Theology.  Princeton Seminary Notebook II
Folder 3: Student notes N.T. Biblical Theology.  Princeton Seminary Notebook III
Folder 4: The Future of the Kingdom Baker Book House, G.R. --- 1955
One copy and mimeographed outline of the book
Folder 5: Picture of Dr. M.J. Wyngaarden presenting copy of Berkeley Version of the Bible to B. Zondervan.  Others present
Series 4: Class Material.  Manuscripts
Box 5
Folder 1: Abbreviations used
Folder 2: Bibliography Old Testament
Folder 3: Comprehensive examination for Th. B degree. Suggested lines of questions
Folder 4: Eschatology of the Theocracy and the Premillenarian Interpretation --- 1929/30
Folder 5: Hebrew and Jewish Inscriptions from Palestine
Folder 6: Historia Revelations: O.T. Bib. Theol. Mimeographed notes --- n.d.
Folder 7: Historia Sacra. Van Saul to Valachi First Sem. --- 1927/28
Folder 8: Introduction to the Pentateuch
Folder 9: Introduction to the writings O.T. Isagogics III
Folder 10: O.T. Biblical Theology Problems and Courses
Box 6
Folder 11: O.T. Biblical Theology.  Also Genesis to Judges outlined
Folder 12: O.T. Biblical Theology.  Bound mimeographed notes --- 1923
Folder 13: O.T. Biblical Theology First Sem --- 1927/28
Folder 14: O.T. Exegesis.  Genesis 2:1-3 Institution of the Sabbath
Folder 15: Introduction to the Prophets.  Second Sem --- 1927/28
Folder 1: O.T. Exegesis: Isaiah 9 and 53.  Notes, edited material
Folder 2: O.T. Exegesis: The Prince of Peace in Isaiah 9
Folder 3: O.T. Exegesis: Suggested Preparation
Folder 4: O.T. Exegesis: Zachariah 4:4-9
Folder 5: O.T. History Companion notes on Babylon account of Creation, Sabbath, Flood and Tower
Folder 6: O.T. Introduction: O.T. Isagogics --- 1922
Bound mimeographed notes
Folder 7: O.T. Introduction: The Kethubhim and the Prophets
Folder 8: O.T. Isagogics: Outlined, mimeographed, edited notes
Folder 9: O.T. Sacred History: Creation to Samuel and Return from exile
Folder 10: The Prince of Peace in Isaiah 9.  Edited mimeographed notes
Series 5: General Material
Box 7
Folder 1: Anxiety as found in the N.T. and Christ's answer.  Notes from message by Dr. Wayne Oates
Folder 2: Apologetics. A study and a Critique.  Letter from S. Volbeda.  Printed brochure.  Hospers, Ontario --- 1924
Folder 3: Calvin Anniversary lectures. J.T. Mcneill, G.H. Gerstner, Paul Wooley --- Fall 1959
Brochure, mimeographed
Folder 4: Calvinism in America Today by C. Bouma.  Reprint from Journal of  Religion --- Jan. 1947
Folder 5: Concerning the Scriptures.  Excerpts from Gereformeerde Weekblad by Dr. Meuleman --- 1960
Folder 6: Dogmatics.  Handwritten copy of Dr. G. Vos acquired by student Jacob Wyngaarden, Father of Martin J
Folder 7: Dogmatics.  Handwritten copy of Dr. G. Vos acquired by student Jacob Wyngaarden, father of M.J.W II
Folder 8: Emotional and Spiritual Factors in Hospitalization by Chaplain M.B. Ballinger, Ann Arbor
Folder 9: A Full Reward, by G.J. Van Wylen.  Commencement address at Calvin College 1966.  The Banner --- July 22, 1966
Folder 10: The Great Inconsistency of our Protestant Church, by G.M. Van Pernis, Reprint from Christian Cynosure --- 1934
Folder 11: Holland and the War, by G.N. Clark.  Oxford pamphlet --- 1941
Folder 12: Introduction to Judges by C.F. Pfeiffer.  Paper
Folder 13: Jewish Missions.  Papers of A. Huijen --- 1952
Folder 14: Der Jungelingen sieraad Kracht, by A. Kuyper.  Booklet kampen, kok --- 1913
Folder 15: Labor Day.  The beginning of a new and promising era, by G. Vander Zande, Comments by MJW --- 1966
Folder 16: Letter from Burton L. Goddard, Gordon Divinity School --- 1965
Folder 17: Marriage and Divorce material: Beschouwing over het huivelijk, by P.D. Fabius.  Amsterdam, Kruyt --- 1884
Folder 18: Marriage and Divorce material: De Gronden vood echtscheiding.  A. Anema Wageningen --- 1904
Folder 19: Marriage and Divorce material: Booklets of F. Nymeyer --- 1946
Box 8
Folder 1: Marriage and Divorce material: Raport in zake echtscheiding --- 1926
Folder 2: Marriage and Divorce material: Copy of paper on problem of Divorce
Folder 3: The Meaning of Genesis 1, by H. Ridderbos.  Paper read at Baarn --- 1960
Folder 4: The O.T. Prophets Lecture by J. Davis --- 1918
Syllabus Copy
Folder 5: One Pointed Calvinism, by J.F. Heemstra --- 1934
Folder 6: Personal reaction to Daane's Articles in Reformed Journal by Roger Nicole --- 1964-65
Folder 7: The Principle of Spiritualization in Hermeneutics, by G. Hospers.  Published by G. Hospers.  Published notes by MJW
Folder 8: Seminary material: Exegesis of Ephesians by Wm. Hendriksen
Folder 9: Seminary material: Exposition of Gospel of John by Wm. Hendriksen
Folder 10: Seminary material: Hermeneutics notes, by Wm. Hendriksen
Folder 11: Seminary material: The millennium by D. Kromminga
Folder 12: Seminary material: New Testament Textual Criticism notes of Wm. Hendriksen
Folder 13: Seminary material: N.T. Theology, by G. Vos
Folder 14: Seminary material: Theological Encyclopedia.  Selected reading compiled by C. Bouma
Folder 15: South American Mission Report in The Banner --- May 8, 1931
Folder 16: Summary of Biblical Doctrine of Mission, By R.B. Kuiper
Folder 17: This Year Also.  Paper by J.M. Cheney for Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis --- 1960
Folder 18: Three reviews of H. Dooyeweards Critique of Theoretical, in the review of metaphysics --- 1954
Folder 19: What is wrong with the lodge? By Wm. Masselink.  Complimentary Copy
Folder 20: Van Zonde en Genade by D. Kromminga.  The Hoeksema-Danhof Controversy.  Copy
Series 6: Manuscripts, Booklets, Books
Box 9
Folder 1: Hanteekening op de Bibelsche Geschiedenis --- 1912
Folder 2: Algemeene Bepalingen der Hollandsche hr. Geret Kerk in Amerika.  De Wachter/Holland.  Booklet --- 1881
Folder 3: Calvinistic groups invite, sponsor and defend Speakers with questionable backgrounds --- 1958
Folder 4: The Catastrophe of the Presbyterian Church in 1837.  Z. Crocker, New Haven, Noyes --- 1838
Folder 5: Christian Reformed Church three parts mimeographed material
Folder 6: The Communication of the Gospel through neighboring.  Thesis of Carl Kromminga --- 1964
Gift of Author
Folder 7: The Emblem.  Anniversary Grand Rapids Christian High --- January 1930
Folder 8: Faculty Bulletin of Wheaton College --- June 1953
Folder 9: God's People are Holy.  Paper outline
Folder 10: Mystery of the School of the Ref. Prot. Dutch, H.W. Dunshee, New York, Gray --- 1953
Folder 11: The Philosophy of Religion, by H.B. Kuhn.  A Syllabus.  Notes by MJW
Folder 12: Political and Economic Life in the Netherlands --- 1951
Folder 13: Vrij Universiteits Blad.  Verslag over 1937 en programma 13 en 14 Juli 1938 --- (13-14 July 1938)
Series 7: Papers
Box 10
Folder 1: Social Science Papers
Folder 2: Social Science Papers
Folder 3: Social Science Papers
Folder 4: Didereks, Herman "A Jewish Ghetto in Amsterdam around 1800"
Folder 5: Social Science Papers
Folder 6: Mostov, Stephen G. "Jewish Component in Mid-19th Century Cities: Cincinnati, 1840-75"
Folder 7: Social Science Papers
Folder 8: Chammas, Carole "Consumer Demand in Colonial America"
Folder 9: Social Science Papers
Folder 10: "Religion, Society and Politics: A Classification"
Folder 11: Masters Thesis, Seminar Paper
Folder 12: "The Meaning of the Midwest from an Historian's Perspective" by Robert P. Swierenga
Box 11
Folder 1: Lyon, D. Secretary Reflections
Folder 2: Easley and Willington Journal Article
Folder 3: AG Hist - AHA Paper
Folder 4: Land Speculation Article
Folder 5: Correspondence
Folder 6: Correspondence
Folder 7: Fogel Paper, MSSB Conf --- 1969
Folder 8: Tax Assessment Study
Folder 9: Ethnicity and American Agriculture Article
Folder 10: Rural Life and Agriculture (author unknown)
Folder 11: Rate of Return Study
Series 8: Miscellaneous
Box 12: Lantern Slides on South America
Box 13
Folder 1: Goals of the Calvinistic Culture Association, undated
Folder 2: Principles:  Pubilication of the Calvinistic Culture Association, No. 3 (May 1954); No. 6 (Dec. 1954) --- 1954
Folder 3: Principles:  Pubilication of the Calvinistic Culture Association, No. 7 (April 1955); No. [ ] (May 1956); No. 8 (Aug. 1956) --- 1955-1956
Series 9: Photographs
Box 1
Folder 10: Photograph of Committee members of Synodical Committee for South America: J. Wyngaarden, W. Heyns, Martin J. Wyngaarden, H. Beets, Rev and Mrs Bruxvoort of Argentina
Box 4
Folder 5: Photograph of Dr. M.J. Wyngaarden presenting copy of Berkeley Version of the Bible to B. Zondervan, with Leon Wood, Leonard Greenway, Pat Zondervan and Peter De Visser; Group photo with M.J. Wyngaarden

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[Series 2: Articles and Papers],
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[Series 4: Class Material.  Manuscripts],
[Series 5: General Material],
[Series 6: Manuscripts, Booklets, Books],
[Series 7: Papers],
[Series 8: Miscellaneous],
[Series 9: Photographs],

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