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Civil War Collection, 1858-2007

Collection Overview

Title: Civil War Collection, 1858-2007

ID: COLL/455

Extent: 1.0 Box

Arrangement: Folder level description


Subject collection of works on the Civil War. The collection includes letters, i.e. Stillwell, Roorda, Weener, Roon, Slotman, Van Bree, Holland, Todd, Bouma, Ledeboer; a booklet, in Dutch, about the responses of the Dutch immigrant community in Michigan regarding  this war by Willemien M. Schenkeveld, 1989; a diary, 1863, by Cephas Andrus, a Union Soldier from Canton, Pennsylvania; a tract, 1861, written for the armed forces by G. Duffield of Detroit, Michigan entitled “Friendly Council”; “Daily Diary of Andrew McDonald”; and references. [See also Coll. 456 Driscoll and the Campus Titles Database.]

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1
Box 1
Folder 1: Andrus, Cephas:  Diary --- 1862
(with transcription, [undated])
Folder 2: Bouma, Douwe R.:  Letter --- 1863
(photocopy, transcription, translation, [undated])
Folder 3: Holland, Joseph:  Correspondence re: Civil War and the use of the term "Dutch" --- 1984
Folder 4
Item 1: Ledeboer, William G.:  Correspondence --- 1862-1863
(with summary notes, [undated])
Item 2: Tract, "Friendly Counsel,"G. Duffield --- 1861
Folder 5: Roon, Jacob:  Correspondence --- 1863
(photocopy, transcription, translation, [undated])
Folder 6: Roon, Willem:  Correspondence --- 1863
(photocopy, transcription, translation, [undated])
Folder 7: Roorda, Henry Epke:  Correspondence --- 1862
(transcribed photocopy, [undated])
Folder 8: Slotman, Gerrit H.:  Correspondence --- 1863
(photocopy, transcription, translation1966)
Folder 9-13: Stillwell:  Correspondence --- 1858-1864
Folder 14: Todd, Andrew:  Correspondence --- [undated]
Folder 15: Van Bree, Gerrit:  Correspondence --- 1863
Folder 16
Item 1: Weener, Wolter:  Correspondence --- 1862;
(photocopy, transcription, translation, M. Douma, 2007)
Item 2: Paper, "Walter Weener: Young Civil War Soldier" --- Undated
Folder 17: Schenkeveld, Willemien M., En Er Werd een Groote Storm van Wind: Reacties uit de Nederlandse Immigrantenkolonie in Michigan op de Amerikaanse Burgeroorlog (1861-1865) --- 1989
(in Dutch about the responses of the Dutch immigrant community in Michigan concerning the Civil War) [HERH E514 .S454 1989]
Folder 18: Daily Diary of Andrew McDonald during Civil War Years, Niels T. Andersen, editor --- 1987
Folder 19: References