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Henricus Beuker Collection, 1860-1900

Collection Overview

Title: Henricus Beuker Collection, 1860-1900

ID: COLL/013

Creator: Beuker, Henricus (1834-1900)

Extent: 5.0 Boxes. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Minister of the Christian Reformed Church and professor at Calvin Theological Seminary. The duplicated holograph volumes written in the Dutch language contain class lectures and textbooks on church polity, liturgics, and theology. The papers also contain letters of M. Borduin, 1895, and Beuker's children, 1900. Translations: Tubantiana, and 'A Trip West' published in 'De Gereformeerde Amerikaan,' Volume I, Number 8, 1897.

Biographical Note

Henricus Beuker was born in Volzel, Graafschap Bentheim, 04 June 1834. He was one of nine children in a farm home where life was lived according to accepted moral standards. It was, however, through the witness of Gerrit Jan Bouws, who worked on the farm, that the Beuker family became Christian in conviction and practice.

Gerrit Bouws also led Henricus to consider the ministry of the Word as his task in life. At first he did not openly declare himself. In fact, he attempted to stifle the inner prompting of his heart. When he was twenty years old, however, he went to study in Uelzen, in Graafschap Bentheim. Finally, being assured that he must enter the ministry, he studied in Kampen under Brummelkamp, Van Velzen, and De Cock.

When he was a candidate for the ministry he accepted a call to Zwolle. Later he served in Rotterdam, 1864; Giesendam, 1867; Harlingen, 1869; and in Amsterdam, 1873. In 1881 he was called to the church in the place where he was born and served in Volzel for three years. He left Volzel for Leiden in 1884. While he had been ministering in the Netherlands, he received calls from churches in America. He finally accepted a call from the Third Christian Reformed Church in Muskegon, Michigan (Allen Avenue), which he served for one year when he was appointed by the Synod of the CRC to the Chair of Systematic and Practical Theology. After teaching for six years he passed away unexpectedly on 18 May 1900. His burial place is Graafschap, Michigan.

He was described as a man who labored well and had a strong influence for good. “He loved his work and also loved his students. . . . He had a pleasing personality and labored joyfully.”

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1
Box 1
Folder 1: Article, "A Trip West," published in Gereformeerde Amerikan, translated --- October 1897
Folder 2: Articles on Bethesda in De Wachter --- 1899
Folder 3: Bijbeloefeningen over 1st Brief van Petrus; photocopy
Folder 4: Letters of M. Borduin in which he questions Henricus Beuker on regeneration
Folder 5: Letters to Jan and Coos Robberts --- 1900
Folder 6: Letters to relatives --- 1899
Folder 7: Examination sermons --- 1860-1862
Folder 8: Tubantiana: Iets Over de Regeering in Staat en Kerk van het Graafschap Bentheim [HERH BR907.B4 B4] --- 1897
Folder 9: De Vrije Kerk. Redactie van J. Van Andel, H. Beuker en W. H. Gispen --- March - December 1884
Folder 10: De Heere is Mijn Herder  [HERH BS1450 23d .B485 1893] --- 1893
Folder 11: Leerredenen van Wijlen Prof. H. Beuker, D.D.
Box 2
Folder 1: Bijbelsche Archeologie, H.B. Amsterdam, P. Van der Sluis [HERH BS620.B47 1879]
Folder 2: De Formulieren van Eenigheid; notebook
Folder 3: Gereformeerde Dogmatiek; notebooks --- 1896-1897
Folder 4: Poimeniek.  Eene Schets voor Zijne Studenten; notebook --- 1898
Folder 5: Praktische Theologie; notebook
Folder 6: Variety of notes:  extract, student preaching schedule
Folder 7: Wenken over Kerkrecht en Kerkregeering; hardcover notebook --- 1894
Folder 8: Wetenschap der Godgeleertheid, H. Bavick; notebook --- 1883
Folder 9: Kerkeraadsboekje van de Gereformeerde Kerk van Amsterdam --- 1898-1899
Box 3
Folder 1: Gereformeerde Dogmatiek, Part 1 Theology
Folder 2: Isagogiache Schets der Systematische Theologie in het Algemeen
Folder 3: Isagogiache Schets der Systematische Theologie in het Algemeen and Gereformeerde Dogmatiek
Folder 4: Isagogiache Schets der Systematische Theologie in het Agemeen and Christelijke Ethiek
Folder 5: Kort overzicht van de Homiletiek
Folder 6: Besluiten in't Algemeen: Praedestinatie, Schepping, Voorzienigheid
Folder 7: Excerpt Dogmatiek
Box 4
Folder 1: Textkritiek
Folder 2: Wenken over Kerkrecht en Kerkregeering
Folder 3: Liturgiek
Folder 4: Bound Manuscript: Kort Overgicht van de Homiletiek
Box 5
Folder 1: Bound Manuscript: Isagogische Schets der Systematische Theologie in het Algemeen ter Inleiding tot de Gereformeerde Dogmatiek in't Bgzonder
Folder 2: Memorial Plate, Obituary Newspaper Clipping