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Dick H. Walters Collection, 1931-1968

Collection Overview

Title: Dick H. Walters Collection, 1931-1968

ID: COLL/323

Creator: Walters, Dick H. (1907-1967)

Extent: 8.5 Cubic Feet. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Minister of the Christian Reformed Church and president of the Reformed Bible Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan (1943-1966). Papers consisting of sermon outlines, chapel talks, radio messages, addresses, 'Daily Manna' meditations, class notes, course notes and outlines, correspondence, pamphlets, Reformed Bible Institute minutes from 10/7/1948 - 12/31/1956, travel accounts, photo albums of the Seminary Quartet trips, a WFUR Radio program in memory of D.H. Walters, and reel-to-reel tapes from the RBI Bible School of the Air.

Biographical Note

For an entire generation the name of Dick Walters was associated with the Reformed Bible Institute (later known as the Reformed Bible College).  Rev. Dick H. Walters served as president during the crucial formative years when the Institute grew from a small struggling school meeting in an empty store on Wealthy Street to the established and recognized educational center on a beautiful campus on Robinson Road.

Dick Walters made the Institute a viable school when he promoted it as the place to prepare mission workers for the many mission chapels established in the neighborhood of Christian Reformed Churches.  And unordained workers, graduates from the Bible Institute, were also used in home and world mission stations.  The Institute became an important unit in the educational program of the Church and received moral and financial support.

After serving the Reformed Bible Institute for twenty-three years it became necessary to restrict his activities because of failing health.  He continued to serve as president-emeritus for another year and a half.  On his sixtieth birthday, as he left his home to work at the Institute, he was suddenly stricken with a heart attack and passed away.

Dick Walters was born in the vicinity of Borculo, MI, December 11, 1907.  He began his studies at Calvin College with the intention of becoming a teacher, but an inner urge to enter the ministry prompted him to continue in theological studies and he graduated from the Seminary in 1933.  All through his ministry he revealed himself to be an effective preacher and teacher.

After serving a congregation in Prairie City, Iowa (1933-1938), he went to Central Avenue Christian Reformed Church in Holland, MI, then one of the largest congregations.  Five years later, in 1943, he became president of the Reformed Bible Institute in Grand Rapids.

During his ministry he wrote a number of catechism books which were used extensively in Reformed and Christian Reformed Churches.  He was one of the founders of the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds located on the shores of Lake Michigan near Grand Haven.  His radio ministry included prayer time and preaching on local stations as well as being an occasional speaker in the early days of the Back-to-God Hour radio ministry of the Christian Reformed Church.

Rev. and Mrs. D.H. Walters were the parents of three children.  Mrs. Walters (Susan De Groot) passed away January 1967.

Our collection includes many of Dick Walters sermon outlines.  It will be observed that he seldom wrote his sermons.  This was also true of his many addresses.  The Reformed Bible Institute has many of his messages on tape.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: General Papers
Box 1
Folder 1: Seminary Quartette memorabilia --- 1931-32
Folder 2: Call letters and correspondence
Folder 3: Classical Sermon --- 1933
Folder 4: Inauguration address, R.B.I. --- 1943
Folder 5: History of our Holland Christian Schools on 40th Anniversary --- 1942
Folder 6: Minutes of Prayer on WOOD --- 1944-1957
Folder 7: Preaching record books --- 1931-1938; 1943-1968
Folder 8: Press clippings, on D.H.W. and R.B.I.
Folder 9: Propagation of Calvinism.  Association for, correspondence and address
Folder 10: Proof for infant baptism: L. Berkhof and J.R. Weener.  Other material
Folder 11: Questions on the Scripture: Language, translations, inspirations, etc.
Folder 12: Programs of mission rallies and conventions, etc.
Folder 13: R.B.I. dormitory rules
Folder 14: Travel accounts
Folder 15: Verses written by Mrs. H. De Ridder when DHW was her pastor at Central Ave. --- 1940
Folder 16: Weddings notes and messages
Box 2
Folder 1: Archaeological notes mimeographed
Folder 2: Bible Introduction notes. Mimeographed material
Folder 3: Bible: Questions and answers about the Bible. R.B.I. bd. Ms. Mimeo
Folder 4
Item 1: Books of the Bible, O.T. mimeographed notes (incomplete)
Item 2: Poetical Books, mimeographed copy
Item 3: Historical Books, mimeographed copy
Folder 5: Books of the Bible, N.T. mimeographed notes (incomplete)
Folder 6: Christian Doctrine course.  Mimeographed material (incomplete)
Folder 7: Christian leadership course.  Incomplete outlines
Folder 8: Christian Psychology course.  Mimeographed notes
Folder 9
Item 1: Christian Self Study.  Bd. mimeographed copy
Item 2: Evangelism, mimeographed copy
Folder 10: Gospel portraits of Christ.  Mimeographed material
Folder 11: Homiletics course.  Mimeographed notes
Folder 12: "In These steps," published book for young people.  Zondervan --- 1961
Folder 13
Item 1: Introduction to and contents of the Bible.  Class notes
Item 2: Orientation and Bible Survey, mimeographed copy
Folder 14: Premarriage counseling.  Mimeographed Ed material
Folder 15: Revelation: Notes on Revelation.  Bd. Mimeographed copy
Folder 16: Revelation: Material on Book of Revelation.  Some written by DHW
Folder 17: Revelation: Class notes, outlines
Folder 18: Sunday School lessons (incomplete) --- 1944-1964
Folder 19: Concept Studies on the Pentateuch, RBI
Folder 20: Bible book by book, RBI Bible course
Box 3
Folder 1: "Daily Manna" Meditations printed copies
Folder 2: "Daily Manna" Meditations mss. I
Folder 3: "Daily Manna" Meditations mss. II
Folder 4: "Daily Manna" Meditations mss. III
Folder 5: "Daily Manna" Meditations mss. IV
Folder 6: Anniversary addresses.  Outlines
Folder 7: Chapel Talks.  Outlines
Folder 8: Education addresses.  Outlined notes
Folder 9: Farewell addresses.  Central Ave, Holland --- March, 1943
Folder 10: Graduation talks.  Outlines
Folder 11: Mimeographed material on various subjects
Folder 12: Mission messages, outlines, notes
Folder 13: Radio messages, notes
Folder 14: Special messages, outlines, notes
Series 2: Sermon Outlines
Box 4
Folder 1: Introduction to the Catechism
Folder 2-6: Lord's Day 1-52
Folder 7: "Old Sermons" O. T.
Folder 8: "Old Sermons" N. T. Gospels
Folder 9: "Old Sermons" N. T. Romans - Revelation
Box 5
Folder 1: O.T., Dutch
Folder 2: N. T. Matthew - Acts, Dutch
Folder 3: N. T. Romans - Revelation, Dutch
Folder 4: O. T. Genesis - Esther
Folder 5: O. T. Psalms - Malachi
Folder 6: N. T. Gospels
Folder 7: N. T. Acts - II Timothy
Folder 8: N. T. Hebrews - Revelation
Folder 9: Sermon Synopses
Folder 10: Ascension
Folder 11: Canon of Dort
Folder 12: Christmas I
Folder 13: Christmas II
Folder 14: Christmas III
Box 6
Folder 1: Patriotic
Folder 2: Funerals --- undated
Folder 3: Funerals --- 1935-39
Folder 4: Good Friday
Folder 5: Old and New Years
Folder 6: Good Friday, Passion
Folder 7: Pentecost
Folder 8: Prayer Day
Folder 9: Preparatory and Communion
Folder 10: Resurrection
Folder 11: Thanksgiving Day
Folder 12: God's Self Revelation Series, 1-22
Folder 13: God's Self Revelation Series, 23-33
Folder 14: "Why I Am Not A…" Series
Box 7
Folder 1-2: Reformed Bible Institute Minutes --- June 6, 1947 - December 31, 1956
Folder 3: Summarizing Scriptures
Series 3: Reel-to-Reel Tapes
Box 9: RBI School of the Air:  Genesis - Haggai
Box 10: RBI School of the Air:  Zechariah - Revelation (Church-Sardis)
Box 11: RBI School of the Air:  Conclusion - Call to Worship 1-30
Box 12: RBI School of the Air: Call to Worship 31-56, Special Days, Ministers' Quartet
Series 4: Miscellaneous
Box 13
Folder 1: First Steps in Bible History --- 1938, 1939
Folder 2: First Steps in Bible History --- 1944, 1946
Folder 3: First Steps in Bible History --- 1950
Folder 4: First Steps in Bible History --- 1962
Folder 5: Our Bible Doctrine Course --- 1941, 1959
Folder 6: Our Bible Doctrine Course --- 1960
Folder 7: Our Bible Doctrine Course --- 1961
Folder 8: Our Compendium - Catechism Course:  A Bible Doctrine Manual --- 1940
Folder 9: Our Compendium - Catechism Course:  A Study Manual for Young People --- 1940
Folder 10: Our Compendium - Catechism Course, ed. 3
Folder 11: Our Compendium - Catechism Course, ed. 4
Folder 12: Our Compendium - Catechism Course, ed. 6
Folder 13: Our Compendium - Catechism Course Work Book, ed. 4
Box 14
Folder 1: Our Junior Bible Course - Book 1 - Old Testament --- 1938
Folder 2: Our Junior Bible Course - Book 1 - Old Testament --- 1964
Folder 3: Our Junior Bible Course - Book 1 - Old Testament, ed. 10
Folder 4: Our Junior Bible Course - Book 2 - New Testament --- 1938
Folder 5: Our Junior Bible Course - Book 2 - New Testament --- 1963
Folder 6: Our Junior Bible Course - Book 2 - New Testament, ed. 10
Folder 7: Our Junior Bible Course - Book 2 - New Testament, ed. 14
Folder 8: A Study Manual Based on Exposition of Reformed Doctrine… --- 1938
Folder 9: In These Words . . . --- 1961
Series 5: Photographs
Box 8: Photo Albums - family, family trips, Calvin Seminary Quartet trips