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William Haverkamp Collection, 1927-1978

Collection Overview

Title: William Haverkamp Collection, 1927-1978

ID: COLL/098

Creator: William Haverkamp (1908-1983)

Extent: 4.0 Boxes. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Minister of the Christian Reformed Church and editor of the periodical De Wachter. The collection includes sermon outlines in English and Dutch; papers; speeches; and biographical booklet entitled "Footprints." [See also the Campus Titles Database.]

Biographical Note

Our collection came from Bill Haverkamp, son of Rev. William Haverkamp. In a letter attached to the four boxes, Bill wrote, "You’re free to keep anything but it was my father’s preference that only samples of his sermons or sermon outlines be kept." We have kept samples of William Haverkamp’s Heidelberg Catechism sermons, general sermons based on Bible passages from Genesis to Revelation, and sermons for special occasions. There were no complete manuscripts. Most of the sermonic material is in outline form either in the Dutch or English language. There are notes of interest on some of the outlines.

William Haverkamp was born in Zuidbroek, the Netherlands, on February 12, 1908. When the family moved to the United States William attended Calvin College and Seminary, graduating in 1933. Also in 1933, he married Jeanne Larooy. Late in life, at age seventy, he completed requirements for a master of divinity.

Pastor Bill served De Motte, Indiana (1933-1937); Second Roseland, Illinois (1937-1943); Bethel, Paterson, New Jersey (1943-1949); Central Avenue, Holland, Michigan (1949-1955); Eastern Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan (1955-1960); Second Kalamazoo, Michigan (1960-1966); and East Leonard, Grand Rapids, Michigan (1966-1973). Although he was declared emeritus in 1973, he continued to serve as editor of De Wachter until his death from cancer on August 22, 1985.

Editor Haverkamp kept himself alert on current events in the church and in the ecclesiastical world. His editorials revealed keen analysis. Readers were made aware of his position on various issues.

Churchman Haverkamp was a frequent delegate to synod and served four times as president. He served on the Calvin College Board of Trustees. Haverkamp attended events and conventions of significance to the denomination and informed the church of the movements in the wider Reformed fellowship. His dedication to the church and to Calvin led him to receive the Distinguished Service Award from the Calvin Alumni Association in 1970.

The many activities of William Haverkamp prevented him from spending sufficient time to produce finished sermonic material. The sermons he preached, however, were based on Scripture, expository, and congregations grew in grace and knowledge under William Haverkamp’s ministry.

Administrative Information

Alternate Extent Statement: 2.0 cubic ft.

Acquisition Source: Gift of B. Haverkamp

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Biographical Material, Heidelberg Catechism Sermons --- 1927-1978
Box 1
Folder 1: The Banner, centennial issue, Calvin College and Seminary, with editorial --- 1976
Folder 2: Bulletins of East Leonard CRC --- 1967-1973
[selected issues]
Folder 3: Classical diploma, Illinois --- 19-Sep-33
Folder 4: Correspondence to family from the Netherlands --- 1949
Folder 5: Farewell program of Second CRC of Roseland --- 5-May-43
Folder 6: Income tax reports --- 1970-1975
Folder 7: The Memoir of Calvin, signed by classmates --- 1927
Folder 8: Now and Then, an account of a trip on Veendam as chaplain
Folder 9: Press clippings and other items on Central Avenue CRC
Folder 10: Travel notes on Holy Land trip --- 1962
Folder 11: Service of Benediction, 25th anniversary of Central Avenue CRC, Holland, Michigan --- 1978
Folder 12: Schedule of meditations for De Wachter --- 1963
Folder 13: Copy of De Spiegel,  no. 10 “In Memoriam of Princess Wilhelmina” --- December 8, 1962
Folder 14: Heidelberg Catechism sermons, Lord's Day 1
Folder 15: Heidelberg Catechism sermons, Lord's Day 2-7
Folder 16: Heidelberg Catechism sermons, Lord's Day 8-13
Series 2: Sermons: Heidelberg Catechism and Genesis - John
Box 2
Folder 1: Heidelberg Catechism sermons, Lord's Day 14-20
Folder 2: Heidelberg Catechism sermons, Lord's Day 21-28
Folder 3: Heidelberg Catechism sermons, Lord's Day 29-38
Folder 4: Heidelberg Catechism sermons, Lord's Day 39-52
Folder 5: Sermons (outlined), Pentateuch
Folder 6: Sermons, Joshua - Job
Folder 7: Sermons, Psalms and wisdom literature
Folder 8: Sermons, prophets, major
Folder 9: Sermons, prophets, minor
Folder 10: Sermons, Matthew - Mark
Folder 11: Sermons, Luke
Folder 12: Sermons, John
Series 3: Sermons: Acts - Revelation, and Special Days
Box 3
Folder 1: Sermons, Pentecost, Ascension
Folder 2: Sermons, I and II Corinthians
Folder 3: Sermons, Galatians - Ephesians
Folder 4: Sermons, Philippians - Colossians
Folder 5: Sermons, Thessalonians - Philemon
Folder 6: Sermons, Hebrews - James
Folder 7: Sermons, I Peter - Jude
Folder 8: Sermons, Revelation
Folder 9: Sermons, Advent - Christmas
Folder 10: Sermons, Easter
Folder 11: Sermons, funeral address
Folder 12: Sermons, Old and New Year
Folder 13: Sermons, Passion
Series 4: Sermons, Papers, Speeches --- 1944-1976
Box 4
Folder 1: Sermons, Pentecost, Ascension
Folder 2: Sermons, Prayer Day, Thanksgiving
Folder 3: Sermons, radio messages --- undated
Folder 4: Sermons, text registry
Folder 5: Paper: "Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, 1923-1975"
Folder 6: Paper: "Premillennialism, Reformation, Mysticism"
Folder 7: Speaking engagements on Christian Education --- 1944-1956
Folder 8: Speaking engagements for Men's Meetings and Conventions --- 1953, 1968
Folder 9: Speaking engagements on mission subjects
Folder 10: Speaking engagements on special occasions: burning mortgage, cornerstone laying
Folder 11: Footprints, 153 page mimeographed book of bibliographies submitted by students of Eastern Christian High School --- 1976
Folder 12: Artifact: ceramic piece of World Ecumenical Conference in Uppsala, Sweden --- 1968