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William Hendriksen Collection, 1925-1975

Collection Overview

Title: William Hendriksen Collection, 1925-1975

ID: COLL/100

Creator: William Hendriksen (1900-1982)

Extent: 2.0 Boxes. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Professor of New Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary. The collection includes course notes, book reviews, articles, petitions, thesis, pamphlets, and a biographical sketch on the seminary situation. [See also the Campus Titles Database.]

Biographical Note

William Hendriksen (18 Nov 1900, Tiel, Netherlands-12 Jan 1982, Grand Rapids, Mich.) was the son of Bernardus (Bernard) Antonie Hendriksen, a carpenter, and Jannetje (Jeanette) Van Ravesteijn. The family immigrated to Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1912.  A prolific reader, scholar, and writer, he graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary 22 Sep 1927 and earned a ThD from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1942.  He was ordained as a minister in the Christian Reformed Church in 1927 and pastored churches in Zeeland, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, and Byron center, Michigan. In 1942, he was appointed Professor of New Testament at Calvin Seminary, and held that position until 1952.

Among his, numerous publications are More Than Conquerors (reprinted numerous times) and nine volume of commentary on thirteen book of the New Testament.  He commentary work was end when he died, as he was work on the letters to the Corinthians.

Prof. Hendriksen was married to Ren Baker (1892-1960) and then Reta DeBoer.  He and his first wife had three children Bernard (married to Arlene), Dr, Daniel P. (married to Shirley) and Geraldine (married to Rev. Louis Kerkstra).

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Papers --- 1925-1975
Box 1
Folder 1: Apocalypse: "The Various Interpretations of the Apocalypse"
Folder 2: Baptism: "The Mode of Baptism"
Folder 3: Letter re: biographical sketch, seminary situation
Folder 4: Book reviews
Folder 5: "Exegesis of Ephesians 1:1-11"
Folder 6: Genesis: Bible Study Outlines in The Federation Messenger --- 1935-1936
Folder 7: Paper, "Josiah Royce"
Folder 8: "Millennialism"series of articles in The Banner --- October 19-December 21, 1973
Folder 9: "New Testament Introduction"mimeographed notes --- 1943
Folder 10: Outline of Modern Church History
Folder 11: "A Series of Lessons on Premillennialism"
Folder 12: Revelation 1-11, lessons in Torch and Trumpet --- 1962-1963
Folder 13: Revelation 12-20, lessons in Torch and Trumpet --- 1963-1964
Folder 14: Revelation:  "Question Manual for the Course on the Book of Revelation"
Folder 15: Textual criticism: "New Testament Textual Criticism"
Folder 16
Item 1: "The Theory of Good and Evil"by Rashdall, stated and criticized
Item 2: "Calvin's Ethics"
Item 3: "The Ethics of Augustine"
Item 4: "Notes on Hermeneutics"
Box 2
Folder 1: And So All Israel Shall Be Saved --- 1945
[HERH BS2665.H4]
Folder 2: Faith of Our Fathers, Volumes 1-3 --- 1936
[HERH BX6824.H6]
Folder 3: Preaching Prophecy in a World of War --- 1940
[HERH BX6827.H4 P7]
Folder 4: Petitions from: N. J. Monsma, E. B. Pekelder, H. Vander Kam, F. W. Van Houten, M. Monsma, G. den Dulk, M. J. Wyngaarden, J. A. Van Bruggen, Geels, H. J. Triezenberg, P. Wobbema, A. A. Koning, D. D. Zondervan, W. Kok --- 1951
Folder 5: ThM thesis, The Pre-millennialistic Conception Concerning Israel and the Church --- [1934]
Folder 6: The Bible on the Life Hereafter --- 1959, 1975
Folder 7: Berkhof's lectures on "Hermeneutics and Isagogics" --- 1925