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Anthony Andrew Hoekema Collection



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Anthony Andrew Hoekema Collection, 1932-1988 | Heritage Hall, Hekman Library

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Collection Overview

Title: Anthony Andrew Hoekema Collection, 1932-1988

ID: COLL/107

Primary Creator: Anthony Andrew Hoekema (1913-1988)

Extent: 25.0 Boxes. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description

Subjects: Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Bavinck, Herman, 1854-1921 - Theology, Calvin Theological Seminary - Study and teaching, Christian Science, Eschatology, Glossolalia, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Salvation, Sects - United States, Seventh-Day Adventists, Theology, Doctrinal - Study and teaching (Higher)


Minister of the Christian Reformed Church; and professor of systematic theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. The collection includes class notes; lectures; speeches; addresses; sermons; chapel talks; papers; articles; correspondence; book reviews; subject files; a thesis entitled "Herman Bavinck's Doctrine of the Covenant"; a bound manuscript entitled "The Centrality of the Heart"; and revisions, corrections, and correspondence regarding the published books and articles. [See also the Campus Titles Database.]

Biographical Note

Our Anthony Andrew Hoekema collection includes his papers on various topics as they were alphabetically arranged in his files: lectures, notes, articles; coursed he taught in both Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary; addresses given on many occasions; articles published in a variety of magazines; and sermons preached in the churches he served. One folder (see Box 21) contained “Preaching Sermons.” These are sermons, some in outline form, he repeatedly preached during his seminary and retirement years.

“Tony,” as friends and Seminary colleagues knew him, was born in Drachten, the Netherlands, July 26, 1913. Ten years later the Peter Hoekema family moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where Tony attended Creston Christian School from 1923-1925. The family moved to the Eastern Avenue area. Here Tony attended the Baxter Street Christian School. From Christian High (1919-1932) on Franklin and Madison, Hoekema went on to Calvin College (1932-1936) and Calvin Theological Seminary (1937-1939, 1941-1942). He attended the University of Michigan (1936-1937). Before graduating from the Seminary, he was instructor at Calvin College from 1939-1941. After graduation, he went to Princeton Seminary where he received his Th.D. in 1944. His dissertation was entitled: “Herman’s Bavinck’s doctrine of the Covenant.”

Tony married Ruth Brink on August 4, 1942. They had four children: Dorothy R., James A., David A., and Helen J.

The pastoral phase of his life involved service in three Christian Reformed Churches: Twelfth Street, Grand Rapids (1944-1954); and Alger Park, Grand Rapids (1954-1956).

In 1956, Anthony Hoekema began a two-year ministry as Associate Professor of Bible at Calvin College. His service to the church until his retirement in 1978 continues in the Calvin Theological Seminary in the Systematic Theology Department.

John H. Kromminga, president emeritus of Calvin Seminary, wrote about Tony: “I knew Tony more by reputation than in person when he was the high school and college whiz kid, the man most likely to succeed, the bright star of the intellectual community. I am glad that this promise was fulfilled in his worldwide reputation as a teacher and writer. However, this was not the Tony we lived with and enjoyed throughout his Seminary years. That person was Tony, the apostle of love.”

His loves were family, work, music, travel, to be hospitable, and the God who spoke the Word. “His piety was neither ostentatious nor maudlin, but it was genuine.”

During his retirement years, he continued writing and publishing books. Shortly before his sudden death, he completed a manuscript on systematic theology. He died October 17, 1988, two days after a heart attack in Frederick, Maryland. We lost a dear friend and colleague.

Subject/Index Terms

Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Bavinck, Herman, 1854-1921 - Theology
Calvin Theological Seminary - Study and teaching
Christian Science
Jehovah's Witnesses
Sects - United States
Seventh-Day Adventists
Theology, Doctrinal - Study and teaching (Higher)

Administrative Information

Repository: Heritage Hall, Hekman Library

Alternate Extent Statement: 11.67 cubic ft.

Acquisition Source: Gift of A.A. Hoekema

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Material Arranged Topically, 1932-1988],
[Series 2: Addresses Given, 1952-1986],
[Series 3: Articles published or unpublished, 1932-1988],
[Series 4: Seminary Courses, 1939-1981],
[Series 5: Sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism, 1944-1956],
[Series 6: Sermons: Dutch, Old Testament, New Testament, and Special Occasions, 1943-1988],
[Series 7: Addenda, 1940-1981],
[Series 8: Correspondence, 1956-1988],
[Series 9: Thesis (Doctor of Theology)],
[Series 10: Diplomas],

Series 1: Material Arranged Topically --- 1932-1988
Box 1
Folder 1: AACS, Papers of and additional material
Folder 2: Alcoholism: Correspondence with Alexander De Jong on Synodical report --- 1986
Folder 3: Anthropology: Articles from various sources and items on book: In His Image --- 1980's
Folder 4: Anthropology: Articles from various sources for the book, In His Image
Folder 5: Apologetics: Comparative religion class notes when a student in seminary
Folder 6: Apologetics: Notes and digests on subject
Folder 7: Aquinas, Thomas: Princeton class notes --- 1973
Folder 8: Archeology: Princeton class notes --- 1943
Folder 9: Arminianism: observations
Folder 10: Atonement: Select evangelical books outlines.  Letter to L. Smedes and response --- 1977
Box 2
Folder 1
Item 1: Augustine: Articles published and notes --- 1945
Item 2: Augustine: Student paper --- 1934
Folder 2: Baptism: Papers on baptism (infant) and correspondence --- 1971
Folder 3
Item 1: Barth: Inaugural address on Karl Barth's Doctrine of Sanctification --- 1963
Item 2: Barth: Additional background material
Item 3: Barth: Karl Barth's Doctrine of Sanctification --- 1965
[HERH BT78.15 .H643]
Folder 4: Bavinck, Herman.  Book review, notes, and articles on Bavinck for background material
Folder 5: Beza: P. Holtrop's prospectus for a dissertation on The Balsec Controversy.  Notes --- 1984
Folder 6: Bible: The Bible and the Future.  Revisions, Correspondence --- 1980's
Folder 7: Bible: Method of Bible Teaching, Banner article.  And Feed on His Word.  Background material --- 1942
Folder 8: Bible: New Testament History, Notes on half-sheets
Folder 9: Bible: Theology of the Old Testament.  Notes on seminary course under Wyngaarden, senior year
Box 3
Folder 1: Bibliography: John Calvin
Folder 2: Bibliography: Eschatology
Folder 3: Bibliography: Th.D. candidates, for Systematic Theology and Soteriology
Folder 4: Book Reviews in The Banner, Calvin Theological Journal, and Christianity Today
Folder 5: Book: Christian's Self Image.  Articles on book for magazines
Folder 6: Book: Christian looks at himself.  Bibliography and questions
Folder 7: Book: The Christian looks at himself.  Correspondence
Folder 8: Book: The Christian looks at himself.  Speeches on book
Folder 9: Book: Creation in God's Image.  Reviews on book
Folder 10: Book: Creation in God's Image.  Revisions and questions
Folder 11: Book: What about tongue speaking? Reviews, Correspondence on revised edition and on Holy Spirit Baptism --- 1980's
Box 4
Folder 1: Bullinger, H. Bibliography and correspondence on Bullinger
Folder 2: Calvin's Institutes.  Notes by A.A.H.
Folder 3: Calvin research material, papers, articles, notes of A.A.H.
Folder 4: Calvin Seminary issues.  Reports, minutes of faculty board meeting, Memorandum --- November 12, 1984
Folder 5: Calvinism: Notes and lecture on Sovereignty of God Principle --- 1958
Folder 6: Canons of Dort.  New Translation Committee.  Comments and correspondence, notes, background material --- 1968, 1986
Folder 7: Chronological charts of OT/NT period
Folder 8: Church History.  Seminary student days notes and later communication
Folder 9: Church Visitor reports for Classis GR East --- 1985-1987
Folder 10: Correspondence on tongue speaking --- 1966-1967
Folder 11: Correspondence: General --- 1963-1970
Folder 12: A New English Translation of the Canons of Dort --- 1968
[HERH 9478.A4 1968]
Box 5
Folder 1: Covenant: Brief notes, articles from various sources
Folder 2: Covenant: Articles from various sources (cont.)
Folder 3: Covenant of Grace: Articles on covenant and reference material
Folder 4: Covenant of Grace: Reference material (cont.)
Folder 5: Dekker issue.  References, Correspondence, Tract by A.A.H. --- 1966-1967
Folder 6: Demon possession: The believer's encounter with Satan.  Paper by Paul A. Beals
Folder 7: Dispensationalism: Articles from journals
Folder 8: Divorce: Notes, Observations, Minority report evaluation --- 1947
Folder 9: Doctrinal questions. Press clippings --- 1950s
Folder 10: Dogmatics: Calvin Seminary and Princeton Seminary class notes, papers --- 1942
Folder 11: Dutch poems, songs, and art
Folder 12: Ecclesiology: Notes.  Problem of denominations, Press clippings
Box 6
Folder 1: Ecumenicity: Key Bridge meeting.  Background articles --- Dec. 8, 1967
Folder 2: Eschatology: Articles and background material
Folder 3: Eschatology: Chart with eschatological viewpoints
Folder 4: Eschatology: Correspondence on articles and on The Bible and the Future --- 1986
Folder 5: Eschatology: Notes and articles
Folder 6: Eschatology: Notes and questions
Folder 7: Eschatology: Notes and questions on The Bible and the Future
Folder 8: Ethics: "The Greatest of these is Love."  Banner Article.  Class notes of C. Bouma, senior year in Seminary.  Articles by H. Stob and L. Smedes --- Jan-47
Folder 9: Evangelism: Texts to use in witnessing.  Suggestions for counseling the inquirer. Notes
Folder 10: Exegetical notes of Calvin Seminary and at Princeton Seminary --- 1943
Box 7
Folder 1: Four Major Cults.  Revisions and corrections --- 1986-1987
Folder 2: Genesis 1-11.  Notes on articles for discussion at seminary retreat --- 1968
Folder 3: "God is not dead" issue.  Press articles and notes --- 1965
Folder 4: Great Books list presented to Zondervan --- July 14, 1986
Folder 5: Healing.  Notes, correspondence, articles from various sources
Folder 6: Heart.  Meaning of the term "heart" in Scripture for course 411.  Intro to Dogmatics.  Hearts Aflame, Article in Calvin Forum --- Oct-49
Folder 7: Heidelberg Catechism.  Photostatic copy of first edition.  Correspondence on H.C. Special Synodical Committee report
Folder 8: History of Doctrine.  Princeton Seminary notes and additional background material
Folder 9: Holy Spirit Baptism.  Reviews of book.  Correspondence and additional material --- 1970's
Folder 10: Holy Spirit: Bibliography
Folder 11: Humor.  Collection of anecdotes and puns
Box 8
Folder 1: Image of God.  Two chapters from the book in a special folder
Folder 2: Infant baptism.  Answer to question on infant baptism --- 1984
Folder 3: Israel: Book Review.  Notes and press clippings
Folder 4: Jargon.  Article on jargon from On the Art of Writing.  By: Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
Folder 5: Kuitert, H.M. Paper on "Kuiter, Paul, and Adam."  Response by L. Smedes; Press clippings
Folder 6: Library books ordered --- 1959-1964
Folder 7: Liberation Theology.  Brief notes, material on liberation theology
Folder 8: Lord's Day.  Notes and book review
Folder 9: Lord's Supper.  Notes, Scripture passages on the Church and the sacraments
Folder 10: Luther, Martin.  Notes on book, Here I Stand, by Bainton, R.H. --- 1950
Folder 11: Man, Doctrine of.  Footnotes in notebook for the book: Doctrine of Man
Folder 12: Millennialism: Reviews on The Meaning of Millennialism: Four Views.  A.A.H. wrote on A-Millennialism --- 1977
Folder 13: Missions. Handwritten notes and background articles on Mc Ilwaine, On the Great Commission
Folder 14: Mental Hygiene.  Book reviews and paper Mental Health and Religion for Ed. C 120
Folder 15: Neo-Pentecostalism.  Articles from various sources.  Correspondence.  Ad for book, What about tongue Speaking --- 1971
Folder 16: New Testament hermeneutics.  Collection of articles
Box 9
Folder 1: New Testament Introduction and Interpretation of History.  Princeton course notes.  Additional papers --- 1943
Folder 2: Paradox, Two articles with notes
Folder 3: Pastoral psychology.  Notes on Princeton course and correspondence --- 1984
Folder 4: Perseverance of saints.  Correspondence with Phil Hardwick --- 1984-1985
Folder 5: Person.  Notes on two papers on Person --- 1985
Folder 6: Philosophy.  Class notes, blue book, and class papers while at University of Michigan --- 1937
Folder 7: Practical theology.  Class notes and paper when in senior class in seminary
Folder 8: Prayers --- 1952
Folder 9: Primacy of the heart.  Dissertation material and correspondence --- 1949
Folder 10: Primacy of the heart.  Revisions
Folder 11: Princeton experience --- 1942-1944
Folder 12: Psychology.  Notes on studies in psychology and history of psychology.  Princeton courses
Folder 13: Psychology of Faith.  Class notes and varieties of Christian experience Psychology of religion.  Class notes for course at U. of Michigan.  Blue books --- 1936-1937
Box 10
Folder 1: Punt, Neal.  Correspondence on book, What's good about the Good News.  Background material --- 1988
Folder 2: Reprobation.  Notes in connection with H. Boer's gravamen.  Additional material --- 1977
Folder 3: Revelation.  Notes on Book and outline
Folder 4: Sanctification.  Correspondence on Five Views of Sanctification --- 1985-1986
Folder 5: Schuller.  Review of Self-Esteem.  Correspondence and clippings
Folder 6: Theological reflection schedule --- 1984-1985
Folder 7: Times of Nero.  Two English papers --- 1932, 1933
Folder 8: Trinity.  Letter answering question on the Trinity --- 1985
Folder 9: Women in office.  Notes and articles collected
Folder 10: University of Michigan.  Paper on nervous system for Psychology course 331 --- 1937
Series 2: Addresses Given --- 1952-1986
Box 11
Folder 1: Barth's doctrine of sanctification.  Inaugural address --- 1965
Folder 2: Catechetics.  Address at Rally Committee on Christian Education of the O. P. Church --- March 19, 1952
Folder 3: Christian Optimism.  Address given at Home Mission Conference --- Jul-73
Folder 4: Christian Self-Image.  Lectures and correspondence --- 1985
Folder 5: Christian teachers' approach to the learning process.  Northwest Teachers' Convention.  Additional addresses --- 1954
Folder 6: Cults.  At workshop on Calling the Cultists to Christ --- 1977
Folder 7: Cults.  Lectures on the cults
Folder 8: Evaluation of Neo-Pentecostalism.  Notes and overhead slides
Folder 9: Image of God: Perverted, Renewed, and Perfected.  Additional articles. --- April 11, 12, 1986
Folder 10: In Christ Together.  Ministers' Institute.  Also in Reformed Journal --- 1972
Folder 11: New Great Planet Earth.  Convocation address --- September 7, 1977
Folder 12: Principles of Teaching, S.S. Convention --- 1953, 1954, 1957, 1958
Folder 13: Two poles and one goal.  Convocation address --- 1970
Folder 14: Union with Christ.  Address at Winter Theological Institute at Reformed Theological Seminary --- Feb. 1969
Folder 15: Work of the Holy Spirit and spiritual Gifts, at Oak Brook Conference on Ministry --- October 1986
Series 3: Articles published or unpublished --- 1932-1988
Box 12
Folder 1: Adventists the sect of Sabbatarians. Also correspondence and other material on cults --- 1988
Folder 2: Arguments against Infant Baptism
Folder 3: Calvinism and music.  Calvinism 301A --- Dec. 1935
Folder 4: Calvin's Doctrine of the Covenant of Grace.  Lecture, Reformed Review --- May-62
Folder 5
Item 1: Changing emphasis in the Social Gospel, Calvin Forum --- January 1947
Item 2: Papers from course at Princeton --- 1944
Folder 6: Common Grace.  Notes and related material
Folder 7: Created Persons, In Reformed Journal --- Mar-86
Folder 8: Eschatology.  Articles and background material
Folder 9: Forms of communication
Folder 10: Gifts of the Spirit.  For National Presbyterian and Reformed Congress.  Notes --- Jul-79
Folder 11: Herman Bavinck's doctrine of the covenant.  An abstract.  Correspondence
Folder 12: How we see ourselves.  In Christianity Today --- November 8, 1985
Folder 13: Human beings as created persons.  Reformed Journal --- Jan-86
Folder 14: Inspiration of Scripture.  Notes and articles from various authors --- 1957, 1961, 1970
Folder 15: ISBE articles: Seventy weeks; Time, Last, and Time, Times, and half a time --- 1986
Folder 16: Jehovah's witnesses: Article for Eerdman's Handbook to the History of Christianity Today.  Book review
Box 13
Folder 1: Millennialism.  What about the millennium?  Article for Christian Board of Publications.  Correspondence --- 1985
Folder 2: The missionary focus of the Canons of Dort
Folder 3
Item 1: New Testament teaching on the historicity of Adam.  The Banner --- January, 1971
Item 2: "Adam Only a Symbol?" in The Banner --- May 10, 1982
Folder 4: Die Naturwissenschaften in Achtzehnten Jahrhundert.  Paper for German 304 --- December 30, 1932
Folder 5: Neo-Pentecostalism.  Articles in The Banner and in Federation Messenger --- 1971
Folder 6: "Predestination and Evangelism," in The Banner. Also articles in Reformed Journal, The Doctrine of Election.  Background material --- March 30, 1953
Folder 7: Public Worship.  Princeton paper and class notes --- 1943
Folder 8: "Sanctification: The Reformed perspective."  Article in Five Views on Sanctification --- 1987
Folder 9: Struggle between Old and New Natures in the converted men.  Bulletin of Evangelical Society --- Spring 1982
Folder 10: Summary of a millennial position, Christianity Today Institute.  Additional material --- September 11, 1986
Folder 11: "Ten Questions to Ask Christian Scientists.'  Christianity Today; Is Christian Science a cult? --- May 1966
Folder 12: "Ten questions to ask the Mormons."  Christianity Today, additional articles on Mormonism
Folder 13: "There's a new earth coming."  Christianity Today. Correspondence and revisions --- September 20, 1985
Folder 14: Too dim for a dark world.  Series for youth leaders.  Youth Calvinist
Folder 15: Two types of preaching.  Background material --- 1955
Folder 16: "What we can learn from the Cults."  The Banner.  Correspondence on cults --- 1968
Series 4: Seminary Courses --- 1939-1981
Box 14
Folder 1: Canons of Dort course --- 1965.  Notes
Folder 2: Contemporary Theology, College Course 308 Notes
Folder 3: Covenant of Grace course.  Lectures and notes
Folder 4: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.  Articles and Notes
Folder 5: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.  Plan for the course, questions on chapters in the course
Folder 6
Item 1: Doctrine of the Last things (433) --- 1980-1981
Item 2: Plan for course, exam questions --- 1969-1981
Folder 7: Doctrine of man (421).  Syllabus hand out
Box 15
Folder 1: Doctrine of Salvation.  Syllabus for course 431
Folder 2: Doctrine of Sanctification.  Notes and exam questions for course 471 --- 1962-1964
Folder 3: Eschatology.  Bibliography and class notes
Folder 4: Eschatology.  Lectures and full and half-sheet notes
Folder 5: Eschatology.  Notes.  Dogmatics 432 --- 1959
Folder 6: Eschatology.  Notes and half-sheet notes
Folder 7: History of Doctrine.  Notes --- 1955-1956
Folder 8: Introduction to Dogmatics.  Dogmatics 411, Notes --- 1961
Box 16
Folder 1: Introduction to Dogmatics.  Notes and background material
Folder 2: Modern Religious Cults.  Notes --- 1960-1961
Folder 3: New Testament History.  College course Bible 106 --- 1957
Folder 4: Old Testament History.  College course Bible 105 --- 1957
Folder 5: Reformed Doctrine.  Calvin College course Bible 201
Folder 6: Psychology.  Taught at Calvin College.  Notes --- 1939-1940
Folder 7: Romans.  Elective course.  Notes and articles --- 1971
Folder 8: Doctrine of Sanctification notes
Folder 9: Soteriology.  Reading assignments for course and notes.  Bibliography --- 1958-1959
Box 17
Folder 1: Soteriology.  Course notes
Folder 2: Soteriology.  Collection of articles on Soteriology
Folder 3: Soteriology.  Unpublished manuscript
Folder 4: Theology and Contemporary Literature.  Plan of course for 1970.  Booklist and Correspondence with Peter De Vries
Folder 5: Storms, C. Samuel.  Manuscript of book: Kingdom without End.  Biblical response to Pre-Millennialism
Series 5: Sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism --- 1944-1956
Box 18
Folder 1: Lord's Day 1-10 --- 1944-1954
Folder 2: Lord's Day 11-20 --- 1945-1955
Folder 3: Lord's Day 21-30 --- 1944-1955
Folder 4: Lord's Day 31-40 --- 1944-1955
Folder 5: Lord's Day 41-52 --- 1945-1956
Series 6: Sermons: Dutch, Old Testament, New Testament, and Special Occasions --- 1943-1988
Box 19
Folder 1: Dutch --- 1944-1950
Folder 2: Genesis to Job --- 1943-1948
Folder 3: Psalms to Malachi --- 1943-1953
Folder 4: Matthew --- 1943-1955
Folder 5: Luke to Acts --- 1943-1952
Folder 6: Romans --- 1944-1956
Folder 7: I and II Corinthians --- 1943-1954
Box 20
Folder 1: Galatians to Ephesians --- 1943-1951
Folder 2: Philippians to Colossians --- 1943-1954
Folder 3: I Thessalonians to Revelation
Folder 4: Advent Sermons --- 1945-1948
Folder 5: Affliction Sermons --- 1947
Folder 6: Ascension Day Sermons --- 1946-1951
Folder 7: Christmas Day Sermons --- 1943-1954
Folder 8: Communion Sermons --- 1945-1954
Folder 9: Confession of Faith Sermons --- 1946-1948
Folder 10: Day of Prayer Sermons --- 1946-1954
Folder 11: Easter Sermons --- 1946-1955
Folder 12: Good Friday Sermons --- 1946-1955
Folder 13: Installation Sermons --- 1945-1954
Box 21
Folder 1: Modern Sermons, mimeographed notes
Folder 2: New Year's Day Sermons --- 1943-1956
Folder 3: Passion Sermons --- 1947-1955
Folder 4: "Preaching Sermons" --- 1960-1988
Folder 5: Pentecost Sermons --- 1946-1953
Folder 6: Preparatory Sermons --- 1943-1953
Folder 7: Old Years Evening Sermons --- 1944-1949
Folder 8: Parable Sermons --- 1943-1947
Folder 9: Post-Communion Sermons --- 1945-1950
Folder 10: Inaugural VE Day Sermons --- 1945-1957
Folder 11: Thanksgiving Day Sermons --- 1944-1952
Folder 12: Victory Sermons --- 1951
Folder 13: Youth Sermons --- 1947-1948
Series 7: Addenda --- 1940-1981
Box 22
Folder 1: Book Reviews and articles
Folder 2: Chapel talks and other speeches --- 1942-1962
Folder 3: Headship issue.  P. Payne's research on "Paul and women in church leadership."  Correspondence
Folder 4: Sermons: Funeral --- 1943-1981
Folder 5: Soteriology: Articles from magazines.  Tentative outline of book on the Doctrine of Salvation
Folder 6: Soteriology: Bibliography
Folder 7: Soteriology: Class handouts
Folder 8: Speech class: Notes.  Material on psychology of language --- 1940-1942
Item 1: Bound copy of dissertation not accepted: The Centrality of the Heart --- 1948
Series 8: Correspondence --- 1956-1988
Box 23
Folder 1: Correspondence on books and articles --- 1956-1981
Folder 2: Correspondence on books and articles --- 1982-1987
Folder 3: Correspondence on books and articles --- 1987-1988
Folder 4: Santo's Correspondence --- 1970-1984
Folder 5: Miscellaneous Correspondence
Series 9: Thesis (Doctor of Theology)
Box 24
Item 1: Herman Bavinck's Doctrine of the Covenant --- 1953
Series 10: Diplomas
Box 25
Folder 1: Diploma, Bachelor of Theology --- 1942
Folder 2: Diploma, Theologiae Doctorem --- 1953

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Material Arranged Topically, 1932-1988],
[Series 2: Addresses Given, 1952-1986],
[Series 3: Articles published or unpublished, 1932-1988],
[Series 4: Seminary Courses, 1939-1981],
[Series 5: Sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism, 1944-1956],
[Series 6: Sermons: Dutch, Old Testament, New Testament, and Special Occasions, 1943-1988],
[Series 7: Addenda, 1940-1981],
[Series 8: Correspondence, 1956-1988],
[Series 9: Thesis (Doctor of Theology)],
[Series 10: Diplomas],

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