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Sociology 320 Projects

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Title: Sociology 320 Projects

ID: CU/C9/C9.24/C9.24.1

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Box 707
Folder 1
Item 1: A Sociological Research Dealing with Incapacitated Cases on the Rolls as administered by the Bureau of Social Aid in the following Counties: Allegan, Barry, Kent, Lake, Mason, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana, and Ottawa --- undated
By: James V. Soldin, Ronald J. Nagelkirk
Item 2: Analysis of Cost of Fire Department Services in Grand Rapids Comparing Blighted Areas with "Normal" Areas --- undated
By: Marcia Zwier
Item 3: Difference in Tax Income Realized by City of Grand Rapids --- 1950
By: Paul Gezon
Item 4: Results of Questionnaire on Counseling at Calvin College --- undated
By: Helen Zandstra, Marcia Zwier
Folder 2
Item 1: Comparison of Racial Distance in High School Students and Adults --- 1950
By: Nick Van andel
Item 2: Social Distance to Negros and Others in Eight Christian Reformed Churches --- 1951
By: Madeline Haveman
Item 3: Ethnic Groups in Grand Rapids --- 1951
By: Art Blackport
Item 4: Occupational Composition of School Boards --- 1951
By: Martie Hoekstra
Folder 3
Item 1: Findings of the Urban League’s Housing Survey --- 1951
By: Paul Gezon
Item 2: A Study of Juvenile Delinquency in Holland, Michigan --- undated
By: Howard D. Schipper
Item 3: Trends in Church Life --- 1950
By: Doris Van Mouwerik
Item 4: Comparison of Social Distance Test Given to 8-2 Christian School Students in four Different Schools --- 1952
By: David Malefyt
Folder 4
Item 1: Divorce and Family Life in Kent County --- 1953
Class Project
Item 2: The Juvenile Court and the Type of Service to Juveniles from 1950 to 1954 in Ottawa County --- undated
By: Kenneth Bosman
Item 3: Content Analysis of the Subject Matter of Banner Editorials During the Years, 1944-1955 --- undated
By: James R. Kok
Folder 5
Item 1: Background of Calvin Seminary Graduates from 1941 to 1950 --- 1955
By: Gertrude Kamps
Item 2: Covell Community Sociological Research --- 1955
By: Irving Barker
Item 3: Race and Prejudice in Three High Schools --- 1955
By: Robert Brink
Item 4: Divorce and Nationality in Grand Rapids --- 1955
By: Shirley Lubbers, Don Holwerda
Item 5: Birth Rate Trends of College Students --- 1955
By: Paul Vaughan
Folder 6
Item 1: How Did they Vote? --- 1956
By: James Blashower, Ronald Boss
Item 2: Trailer Park Research Project of Kent County --- 1956
By: Garret Ten Brink, Paul J. Sullivan
Item 3: Study of Occupational Prestige --- 1956
By: Tony Diekema
Item 4: Content Analysis, Letters to the Editor: The Banner, 1931-1932; 1941-1942; 1951-1952 --- 1957
By: Ed VanderVeen, John DeHaan
Folder 7
Item 1: Do Trading Stamps Increase Food Prices? --- 1957
Item 2: Child Guidance Clinic - A Comparative Study of Catholic, Public, and Christian School Children at the Grand Rapids Child Guidance --- 1957
By: Vernon J. Laninga, J. William Smit
Item 3: A Comparative Study of In-patients and Out-patients Under Treatment of the Alcoholism Rehabilitation Grand Rapids, MI --- undated
By: Roger Likkel
Item 4: Negro and White Student Attitudes Toward Police --- undated
By: Pete Feddema
Folder 8
Item 1: The Practices and Attitudes Concerning Movie Attendance of Calvin College Students --- 1957
By: Beverly DeVries, Ann Smith
Item 2: A Comparative Study of Two Groups of Mentally Retarded Children --- 1957
By: Ruth C. Beukema
Item 3: Assimilation --- 1957
By: Thomas Bakker
Item 4: The Christian Reformed in Grand Rapids and Kent County with Reference to City and County Capital Improvements --- 1958
By: Jim Voetberg
Item 5: Analysis of Student Attitudes Toward Work --- undated
By: Verne H. Robbert
Folder 9
Item 1: Southkent Research Project --- 1958
By: Dale Verways, Phil Van Heest Content Analysis Survey of the Banner articles Listed Under "Comments and Correspondence" and "The Readerasks" 1930-1955. By: Edward S. Smith
Item 2: Student Attitudes Toward Chimes. By: Don Clell and Calvin College Student Attitude Toward Artificial Insemination --- 1958
By: Jean Sybesma, Cornelus Molenaar
Box 708
Folder 1
Item 1: Study of Political Atmosphere of Neland Avenue Christian Reformed --- undated
By: Sally Snider
Item 2: A Study of Arrested Persons in Selected Crime Categories, Grand Rapids --- 1958
By: Theodore Faber, Gordon Nynehuis
Item 3: 100 Multiple Problem Families in and around 707 Grand Rapids: A Sociological Analysis --- undated
By: Ilga Svechs, Kenneth Hoving, Henry Velzen
Item 4: Freshman Impression Study --- undated
By: Winfred DeKryger
Item 5: Characteristics of Unemployed Persons in the Grand Rapids Area --- 1959
By: Maryanne Vandervelde
Folder 2
Item 1: Attitude of Christian Reformed Men Toward Labor Unions --- 1959
By: James Plaatsman
Item 2: A Dynamics of Social Change Study - Urban Renewal on a Limited Scale by Associated Truck Lines --- 1959
By: Case De Kryger, Earl Steenstra
Item 3: Mobile Home Park Study, Kent County --- 1959
By: John E. Top
Item 4: Backgrounds of Calvin Seminary Graduates --- 1951-1960
By: Richard Housekamp
Folder 3
Item 1: Church or Chapel Preferences - Calvin College Students --- undated
By: Richard Kingler, Joyce Rylaarsdam
Item 2: Urban Renewal - West Side Study --- 1959
By: Rodger Rice, Harold Wiersma
Item 3: A Study of the Out-Patients Compared with the In-Patients of the Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center of Grand Rapids, MI --- undated
By: Norman Rosema
Item 4: Non-White Housing - Grandville Avenue Area Growth of the Negro Ghetto in Grand Rapids --- 1959
By: Richard Visser
Item 5: Juvenile Traffic Offenses in Kent County --- 1954-1955
By: Evert VerMeer
Folder 4
Item 1: White House Conferences on Trends Among Youth of our Country --- undated
By: Georgene Ludemann
Item 2: Stereotypes about the Dutch in Grand Rapids --- undated
By: Lyle DeBoer, John Roiser
Item 3: Mission Chapel Survey --- 1959-1960
By: Marcie Hertle
Item 4: A Follow-up Study of Discharge Patients - Maple Grove Medical Care Facility, Kent County --- undated
By: David DeMol
Item 5: Percentage of Dutch People in the Grand Rapids Population --- undated
By: John Stegink
Item 6: Mixed Marriage in the Christian Reformed Church --- 1957-1958
By: Norman Drenth, David Van Zytveld
Folder 5
Item 1: A Study of Religious Attitudes in Selected High School and College Age Groups --- 1960
By: Wendell Verduin
Item 2: Influence of Christian High School in Choosing a Teaching Career --- undated
By: Earl VandeKieft, Tom Sybersma
Item 3: Child Study Project of the Grand Rapids Child Guidance Clinic-Characteristics of Parents --- 1960
By: Karen Ditmar
Item 4: Child Study Project - An Evaluation by Teachers, Doctors, and Mothers --- 1960
By: Helen K. Liu, Cornelius Feenstra
Item 5: A Study of Protestant Churches in the Grandville-Franklin Area --- 1960
By: Jun Wiersma, Gordon DeBlaey
Folder 6
Item 1: A Study of Scripture Texts Used as Basics for Sermons by Ministers of the CRC --- 1960
By: Ron Bielema
Item 2: Attitudes Toward Religion and Politics - Evangelical Ministers Union, Grand Rapids --- 1960
By: Mary Westra
Item 3: Study of Suicides in Kent County --- 1960
By: Vic DeJonge
Item 4: A Study Concerning the Shortage of Ministers --- 1961
By: Henry Van Veldhuizen
Item 5: An Analysis of Banner Readership in the Christian Reformed Church --- 1961
By: Herman Bordewyk, Duane Kuizema
Folder 7
Item 1: A Comparison of Attitudes of Christian High School Graduates and Public High School Graduates --- undated
Item 2: Analysis of Classification Data on the Hobbycraft Program at Michigan Reformatory at Ionia --- undated
By: John C. Gritter, William Postmus
Item 3: A Study of the Attitude of the Calvinist Cadet Leaders --- undated
By: David Kragt, Laverne Shoemaker
Item 4: Research Paper on Race and Property Value --- 1962
By: James R. Meuer
Box 709
Folder 1
Item 1: A Background Study on the Local Vagrant Situation --- 1961
By: Donald Roberts, James Ritsema
Item 2: Types of Juvenile Crime by Socio-Economic Background. By: Wayne Anderson --- undated
Item 3: Replication Study: Research Report on Integrated Housing --- 1965
By: James J. Achterhof
Item 4: Replication Study: Do Trading Stamps Increase Food Prices? --- undated
By: Sharon Lyzenga, Jean Niemayer
Item 5: The Pine Rest Short Form on the Group MMPI --- undated
By: Henry Bosma, Glenn Van andel
Item 6: The Pre-School Child Development Center Study --- 1965
By: Norma Van Dellen, Mary Van Vels
Folder 2
Item 1: Negro and White Students Attitudes Toward the Police --- 1965
By: Jeanette Veen
Item 2: A Drop-out Report --- 1965
By: Glen Bouwkamp, Charles Zimmer
Item 3: Contact and Its Influence on Attitudes Towards Negroes --- 1966
By: David J. Ditmar, James K. Haveman Jr
Item 4: A Study on the Effects of Social Work and Sociology (On the Under-Graduate Level) Upon the Severity of Moral Judgments --- undated
By: Gary Nederveld
Item 5: Comparing the Response of Christian High Graduates to Public High Graduates in Reporting an Inaccuracy of Test Grade --- 1966
By: Sue Wierda, Mary Bloemendall
Item 6: The Public Image of Family Service Association --- undated
By: John H. Doll
Folder 3
Item 1: Juvenile Delinquency-Recidivism (Kent County Juvenile Court Center) --- undated
By: Alfred Stremler
Item 2: Relationship Between Juvenile Delinquency and Christian School Attendance --- 1966
By: Marie Anema
Item 3: Evaluation of the Probational Process in Kent County --- 1965-1966
By: Jake Ippma, Ron Calsbeek
Item 4: The Influence of the KIDS Program on the Self-Concept --- 1966
By: Sue Braal
Item 5: Involvement in Civil Rights Groups by Non-Ghetto Negroes --- 1966
By: Marilyn Goldsword, Kenneth Venhuizen
Item 6: A Study on the Attitude Towards Birth Control as a Means of Family Planning Among Female Calvin Students --- 1966
By: Henry Somsen
Folder 4
Item 1: Middle-Class Prejudice—A Study of the Degree of Prejudice Among Calvin Students --- undated
Item 2: A Social Distance Study of Calvin Students Toward the Negro Race --- undated
By: Joan Bailey, Dianne Mallman
Item 3: Misanthropy and Attitudes Toward Political Ideology and Public Welfare --- 1966
By: John B. Hofman, Dave Dykstra
Item 4: The Church and Movies --- undated
By: John E. Fennema
Item 5: Human Relations Commission Study, Part 1 --- undated
By: Steve Bellin
Folder 5
Item 1: Human Relations Commission Study, Part 2 --- undated
By: Steve Bellin
Item 2: Fertility Patterns Within the Christian Reformed Church --- 1967
By: Bredt Bierma, Marvin Vander Vliet
Item 3: Frequency of TV Watching and Movie Attendance --- 1967
By: Virginia Rozema
Item 4: Planned Parenthood Project --- undated
By: Frances Boelens
Folder 6
Item 1: Poverty Analysis: Sheldon Complex Labor Unions and the Poor --- 1967
By: Gord Ellens, Ken Brinks
Item 2: Mobility Study --- 1967
By: Larry Grinwis
Item 3: A Study of Adaptation to Old Age --- 1967
By: Robert J. Battjes, Keith J. Tuls
Item 4: Urban Parish Analysis --- undated
By: Thea Schravendeel, Ruth Mokma
Box 710
Folder 1
Item 1: Film Arts Study --- undated
By: Edna Kamps, Carol Teusink
Item 2: The Attrition Rate of Christian School Teachers --- 1967
By: Dave Gabrielse, Fran Faber, Lou Okma
Folder 2
Item 1: The Effect of Sunday School Attendance on the Self-Concept of Inner-City Children --- 1968
By: Lois Baker, Paula Fritsma, Ann Mary Heerspink
Item 2: The Frequency of Teenage Movie Attendance Compiled for 1966 Synod Report, "The Church and The Film Arts." --- 1966
By: Pat Kobes, Jana Roose, Tina Sysling
Item 3: Planned Parenthood Project II --- 1968
By: Arthur DeVries, Willard Dekkers
Item 4: Dating Patterns and Behavior of Calvin College Students --- 1968
By: Ron Bode, Ken Steensma, Harold VanderVelde
Item 5: Differences in Attitudes of Professional and Non-professional members of Task Force Toward the Force --- 1968
By: G. Can Arragon
Folder 3
Item 1: Attitudes Toward the Police in the Sheldon Complex --- 1967
By: Peggy Busker
Item 2: Study on Housing Conditions in Grand Rapids Inner City --- 1968
By: Beverly Mast, Mary Jo Stone House
Item 3: A Study of the Backgrounds of Pine Rest Hospital Staff --- 1968
By: Al Negen
Item 4: Some Causes of Grand Rapids Riots --- 1968
By: William DeMaagd
Item 5: Negro Residential Patterns in Grand Rapids, MI --- undated
By: Barbara Feenstra, Jan Koining
Folder 4
Item 1: Evaluation of the Calvin College Counseling Program --- 1968
By: Judy Mulder, Jane Berens
Item 2: The Church’s Stance on the Inner City --- undated
By: Donna Doexema, Arlene Warsen
Item 3: Sociological Factors which might have a Bearing on the Calvin Teachers Education Student’s Choice Between Teaching in a Public or Non-Public School --- 1968
By: Barbara Steensma, Joan Workman
Folder 5
Item 1: A Study of the Impact of the Grace Christian Reformed Church on the Surrounding Community --- undated
By: John Deckinga, Howard Vufgeveen
Item 2: The Impact of Coed Dorm Living on Campus Life --- 1969
By: Anne Danhoff, Sandy Green, Anne Meyer, Jim Nienhuis, Virgil Pablo, Mary Smedes, Paul Smith, Pat Vander Tuin, Nick Van Zyderveld
Item 3: Cultural Identification Among the Dutch Immigrants in Canada as it is related to: a) The Christian Reformed Church, b) The Association for the Advance of Christian Scholarship, c) The Christian Laborassociation of Canada --- 1969
By: John Kralt, George Vander Schaaf
Item 4: The Bearing of Occupationally Related Factors on the Attitudes and Behavior of Teacher Satisfaction in the Christian Schools --- undated
By: S andy Fredricks, William Grevengood, Paul Ippel, Glenn Koops, John Nielson, Tom Pettinga, Tom Wedeven
Folder 6
Item 1: A Geographical and Generational Study of Attitudes Toward Birth Control Between Michigan and Canada --- 1968
By: Carol Kuiken
Item 2: The Christian Reformed Youth Subculture --- 1970
By: Ken Bouman, Eileen Casemier, Mike DeBoom, Brian DeKraker, Larry Dieliman, Ron Roseman, Sharon Ruiter, Ben Wierenga
Item 3: Workeracceptance - Children’s Sociometric Ranking and Child’s Symptomatic Behaviorat Bethany Children’s Home --- 1970
By: Kenneth Van Woerkom
Box 711
Folder 1
Item 1: The Christian School "Dropout" in the CRC --- 1970
By: Grod Kuik
Item 2: The Professional and the Non-Professional: Who has the Better attitude --- 1970
By: Ellen Nienhuis
Item 3: Comparison of Unmarried to Married Calvin College Students in Regard to Grades, Goals, Participation in Extra-Curricularactivities, Outside Work Activity and Academic Satisfaction --- undated
By: Author unknown
Item 4: A Cross-sectional Study of Self-Esteem --- 1968
By: S. Rienks
Folder 2
Item 1: Juvenile Court Study --- 1968
By: Dale Laninga, Eunice Mossel, George Mossel
Item 2: Employee and Professional Orientation in Private Schools --- 1968
By: Mary Baron, Roberta Clousing
Item 3: A Study of the Attitudes of Female Students Towards Abortion --- 1969
By: Karen Zwiers
Folder 3
Item 1: A Study of the Image of Calvin College in the Canadian Constituency --- 1973
By: Ellie Geleynse
Item 2: Student Body Attitude and Knowledge of the Calvin College Student Senate: What Makes a Difference? --- 1970
By: William Prince, Wilma Verkerk
Item 3: Study of the Factors Influencing Unwed Mothers’ Decisions Concerning Their Babies --- undated
By: Sandy (Simerink) Negel
Folder 4
Item 1: Community Attitudes Toward the Elderly --- 1970
By: Nick VanderWal
Item 2: The Influence of Family Stability on the Relationship Between an Unwed Mother and the Alleged Father --- 1970
By: Phyllis Lesage, Jan Schregardus
Item 3: A Summary of the Ownership of Slum Housing in Grand Rapids, MI --- 1963
By: Leonard Isacson, Victor Matthews
Folder 5
Item 1: An Analysis of Suburban Migration --- 1970
By: Robert Ottenhoff
Item 2: Study of Variables Influencing Unmarried Mothers’ Decisions Concerning Disposition of Children --- 1971
By: Muriel Van Dyke, Claudia Brends
Item 3: Black Minority Representation in Law Enforcement --- undated
By: Herm Stallinga
Item 4: Attitudes of High School Students Toward Pre-Marital Sex: A Study of Factors Related to Attitudes Concerning Pre-Marital Sexual Intercourse Among High School Students --- 1970
By: Mary Broene, Sue Greenwood, Nancy Groggle, Dwan Huizinga
Folder 6
Item 1: Role and Attitude - Seminarians and Ministers --- 1970
By: Tony J. Ouweh and
Item 2: The Perceived Occupational Status - Role Image of the Grand Rapids, Michigan Police Officer: A Sociological Inquiry --- 1970
By: Marvin W. Ebbens, William A. Hagedorn, David C. Plaggemars
Item 3: A Study of Adjustment to Transitional Home Life at Pine Rest Christian Hospital in Cutlerville, MI --- 1970
By: Walter Horlings
Box 712
Folder 1
Item 1: A Study on the Child Protection System in Kent County --- 1971
By: Marvin Ebbens
Item 2: Sexual Behavior Patterns Among Calvin College Students --- 1971
By: Faith Hoogstrate, Linda Nakken, Donna Strikwerda
Item 3: Study in Adoption of "Hard to Place" Children --- 1970
By: Janice Bos, Joan DeJonge
Item 4: Homosexuality: An Analysis and Evaluation --- 1971
By: Kenneth DeHaan
Folder 2
Item 1: Minority Group Representation in Law Enforcement --- 1971
By: Barry Haven, Ido Nienhuis
Item 2: Educational Aspirations and Expectations of the Latin American High School Student in Grand Rapids --- 1971
By: Douglas VanderMeer
Item 3: A Study of the Transitional Organization --- undated
By: Gary Power
Item 4: What Automobiles Mean to America --- 1971
By: Ron Mejieu, Bernie Ten Cate
Folder 3
Item 1: A Content Analysis: Advertising Themes in Three Magazines --- 1972
By: Kolu Den Hargog
Item 5: The Effects of Patients’ Deaths on Nurses’ Attitudes Toward Death --- 1972
By: Bernard DeJonge
Folder 4
Item 1: Calvin Dorm Life; 1) Intra-dorm Relations, 2) Attitudes toward Dorm Life, 3) Attitudes toward Counseling Services --- 1972
By: Rick Bandstra
Item 2: A Pre-Primary Poll of Grand Rapids or Polling into Murky Waters --- 1972
By: Jim Gritter
Folder 5
Item 1: Women’s Neighborliness --- 1972
By: Katie Balder, Albert Karsten
Item 2: Small Group Communication: A Sociogram --- 1972
By: Sylvian Danning
Item 3: Friendship Choices --- 1972
By: Ron Kuiper
Item 4: Jenison Study of Power and Leadership --- 1972
By: Dick Berends
Item 5: A Study of Grass Roots Democracy in Jenison, MI --- 1972
By: Jerald Lion
Item 6: If You Wanted Something Done in Jenison Who Would you go to: A Study of Potential Suburban Grassroots Democracy --- 1972
By: Dick Berends, Doug Fauble, Jerry Lion
Folder 6
Item 1: Descriptive Study on Control, Motivation, and Rationalization of Male Moderate Drinkers at Calvin College --- 1973
By: Sally Miller, Jack Velzen
Item 2: Leadership Within the Calvin Community --- 1972
By: Bernie Memmelaar
Item 3: The Social Distance Study II of Calvin College Students (1973) Towards The Negro --- 1973
By: Eunice Spoelman
Item 4: So What...!!! (As Study of Attitudes Towards Sociological Empirical Research Among the Clergy of the Christian Reformed Church) --- 1973
By: Robert Bieringa, John Van Donk, Darlene Nagelkirk, Virginia Schierbeek
Item 5: Comparison of Attitudes Between Teenagers and Their Parents on Religiously Mixed Marriages --- 1973
By: Marla Slings, Martha V andeBerg
Box 713
Folder 1
Item 1: Adolescent Attitudes in a Grand Rapids Christian School: A Follow-up on James Coleman’s Study of the Adolescent Society --- 1973
By: Cal Schemper, Rog Wiegers
Item 2: Research Project: A Study of Attitudes toward Calvin College --- 1973
By: Sue Medema, Joyce Milkamp
Item 3: Evaluations of the Kent County Juvenile Court Detention Facility by Detained Youths --- 1973
By: Gloria Kallemyn, Chuck VanderWell
Item 4: Research Project --- 1973
By: Jim Decker, Beth Van Wylen
Item 5: A Study on the Funeral Director’s Attitude on Death --- 1973
By: Janice Doesburg, Tina Smit
Folder 2
Item 1: Public Opinion Toward Advertisements for X-rated Movies --- 1973
By: Nick Koster, Sandy Rosema, Frederick J. Sterenberg
Item 2: Helping a Caller --- 1973
By: Carol Buteyn
Item 3: Descriptive Survey: A General Study in black Attitudes --- 1973
By: Bill Scholtens, Denise Werkema
Item 4: Sociology 320 Research Project Report I and II --- 1973
By: Barb Rosema, Barb Workman
Item 5: Sampling of Calvin College Students --- undated
By: Mike Stob
Folder 3
Item 1: The Effect of the type of Leadership in Group Interactions: Small Group Interaction Process Analysis --- 1972
By: Edith Bentham
Item 2: Interview Survey of Community Services Directed at Adolescents and Young Adults --- 1972
By: Randall P. Kurg
Item 3: A Study of Small Group Interaction --- 1972
By: Randall P. Krug
Item 4: Sociometric Study of Groups in Detention --- 1972
By: Eloise Lubbinga Mackus
Item 5: A Comparison of Leaders and Leadership Patterns in Two Small Groups --- 1973
By: Jun Bootsma, Mary Van Houten, Debbie Woldring
Folder 4
Item 1: A Study of Behavior Modification --- 1973
By: Peter L. Bush
Item 2: Enlightened Intuition and Penetrating Thoughts --- 1973
By: William J. Aupperlee, Robert Vander Wende, William C. Van Woerkom
Folder 5
Item 1: The Role of the Christian High School Guidance Counselor: As Perceived By the Counselor and as Perceived by the Student --- undated
By: John Englehard Richard Pennings
Item 2: The Study of Membership Loss of the Christian Reformed Church --- 1973
By: John Booy
Item 3: Study in the Role Analysis: The Office of Dean of Men at Calvin College --- 1973
By: Robert Haven, David Jacobs
Folder 6
Item 1: A Study in the Administration of Bail in Kent County --- 1979
By: Ken Disselkoen, Harry Olthoff, Gary Weeber
Item 2: Working Class Wyoming --- 1974
By: David Bruinooge, Girtie Gietema, Timothy Huizenga, Richard Prince, William Veltkamp, Donald Zielstra
Item 3: Study on People and Marriage Counselors --- 1974
By: Debbie DeJong, Lois DeRitter, Joanne DeYoung, Marge Toeset, Lori Vis
Box 714
Folder 1
Item 1: Does the Philosophy of Education of a School Effect the Values of Its Students --- 1974
By: Todd Denton, Chuck Garehan, Chris Medendorp, Theda Post, Jim Veltman
Item 2: Transracial and Inracial Adoptions: A Comparative Study --- 1974
By: George Bazuin, Marci Boelema, David Eggeben, Ken Hekman, Vicki Kibben, Marianne Rosenwinkel
Item 3: Program Effectiveness: A Study of Two Work Activities Center --- 1974
By: Bill Liene, Mary Monsma, Tom Siewenga, Bill Lopik, Clare Vroom
Item 4: An Attitudinal Study of Altruism --- 1974
By: Ronald Bosch, Douglas Hoek, Therese V anden Akker
Item 5: Attitudinal Study of Child Placement in Kent County --- 1974
By: Norm Baker, Dave Deur, Tom Huyser, Mary Kamphuis, Janice Kwasteniet, Don Lappinga, Bruce Tuiner
Folder 2
Item 1: A Research Study on the Release on Recognizance Program in Grand Rapids, MI --- 1974
By: David Medema, William Rienstra
Item 2: Calvin Women Studies --- 1974
By: Adrian Dieleman, Annette Kooy, Bev Mulder, Mel Swets, Jan Van Hof
Item 3: Study of Variables Influencing Adjustment to Old Age --- 1975
By: Brenda L. Eenigenburg, Ellen J. Kuizema, David L. Vander Puy, Thomas A. Van Tongeren
Item 4: Shoplifting Among Teenagers --- 1975
By: Dennis Persenaire, Tim Teunis, Karen Former, Kay Heidinga, Linda Offeringa
Folder 3
Item 1: A Study of Mary Free Bed Hospital: The Effect of Rehabilitation on Self-Concept --- undated
By: Tim Abbring, Mark Deters, Linda Docter, Marlys Vander Linden, Rosemary Van Noord, Rosemary Zylstra
Item 2: An Attitudinal Study on Intentional Communities --- 1975
By: Ginger Bruinooge, Sheryce Brummel, Karen Wiers, Allen Van Wyk
Item 3: Religiosity and Attitudes Towards Race Relations and Homosexuality --- 1975
By: Brenda Groendyke, Dave Hesselink, Willie Hultink, Scott Robinson, John Valk, Gary Veurink
Item 4: Extent of Readership of Student Publications at Calvin College --- 1975
By: Dennis Meyer, Henry Schemper, Craig Vander Vlies, Paul Vander Zee
Folder 4
Item 1: The Effect of Personal Dissatisfaction on Residential Mobility --- 1975
By: Pete DeJong, Jack Harriff, Rick Posthuma, Marv Schouten
Item 2: Study of Urban and Suburban Church Membership in Grand Rapids Area Christian Reformed Churches --- undated
By: Dave Beelen, Sandy Geerdes, Jim Kouwe, Roger Oosterhouse, Mary Vander Veen, Sharon Vos
Item 3: Study of the Characteristics of Calvin College Student Volunteers --- 1975
By: Ron Baker Luci Bosch, Joyce DeVries, Tim Hibma, Kathy Hoekstra
Item 4: Study of Senior Citizens Attitude Towards Death --- 1975
By: Carl Bergman, Mari Kooiman, Irene Morris, Steve Van Noord
Folder 5
Item 1: A Study of Vocational Aspirations of Calvin Women --- 1976
By: Susan Holwerda, Jackie Marsh, Dave Oosterhouse, Susanne Vandyk, Barb Van Heukelem, Alex Wagenaar
Item 2: Evaluative Study of the diversion Program in the 61st District Court --- 1976
By: Stephanie Baker, Laura Hekman, Sylvia Tos
Item 3: The Influence of Age, Education, and Social Self-Concept on leisure Activity Selection Among the Aged in Institutions --- 1976
By: Pat Olson, Beth Swagman
Folder 6
Item 1: Foster Home License Termination Research --- undated
By: Randall L. Huizenga, Helen Parker, Kathy Van Volkinburg
Item 2: The 1976 Bicentennial and Grand Rapids Residents --- 1976
By: Ken Boonstra, Ruth Minnema, Doug Nienhuis, Harvey Scott, Sheryl Veenstra
Item 3: Church Membership Change and its Relationship in the Search for Community --- 1976
By: Becky Frevert, Pat Triemstra, Linda Veldman, Jenny Zomer
Box 715
Folder 1
Item 1: Children Who Run Away --- 1976
By: Pat Folkerts, Jo Haarsma, Barb Haringa, Sue Koining, Marina VanRy, Sue Venema
Item 2: Tit-For-Tat - Enough of That --- 1976
By: Devi Daining, Doreen Townes, Mike Van Hofwegen
Item 3: Attitude Survey: Calvin Students From Divorced Homes --- 1976
By: Gary Ellens, Jay VanLenten
Folder 2
Item 1: Study of the Shoplifting Diversion Program Participants of 1974 --- 1977
By: Jim De Groot, Jack Dozema, Tom Heyboer, Mary Luidens, Joan VanderVeen, Wendy Vreugdenhil
Item 2: Roommate Satisfaction --- 1977
By: Sue Bosch, Judy DeJong, Henry Eising, Herm Westerik, Denise Zoeterman
Item 3: Influencing Factors of the Social Work Career Choice --- 1977
By: Marian Booy, Dawn DeYoung, Steve Groen, Bill Keller, Tim Sikkema, Ruth White
Item 4: Church Growth --- 1977
By: Deb Boersma, Mark Elderkamp, W anda Henderickson, Pat Jansma, Dale Mentink
Folder 3
Item 1: Career Orientations of Calvin Freshman Women --- 1977
By: Esther Byle, Dan Proctor, Alice Valk, Marianne Zuiderveen
Item 2: Religious Family Background and Student Movie Attendance --- 1977
By: Fran Gunnink, Adrienne Krol, Carmen Sankey, Betsy Shooks
Item 3: An Exploration of Calvin College Student’s Film Attendance and the Influences on their Film Choice --- undated
By: Jane DeJong, S andy Gruppen, Alice Riepma, John Roeda, Bill Bis
Folder 4
Item 1: A Study of TV Cereal Ads and their affect on the Consumer --- 1977
By: andeyatso A. Addi, Cindi DeKoning, Linda Ensing, Brenda Hoekenga, Nona Van Lonkhuyzen
Item 2: Social Research A Study on Political Awareness --- 1977
By: Bert Adema, Barbara Kamps, andy Kesteloo
Folder 5
Item 1: Secondary Research on Membership Lost Study of the CRC --- 1976
By: Theo de Boer
Item 2: The Effects of Religious Orientation on Attitudes Toward the Church as an Agent of Social Change --- 1978
By: Samuel A. Beals, andrew Wikholm, Lynnae Wikholm
Item 3: Psychological and Social Correlates of Life Satisfaction as a Function of Residential constraint in the Holland Home --- 1978
By: Amy Alsum, Patti Galien, Mary Kole, Mia Welscott
Folder 6
Item 1: Sex Role Orientations of the Christian Reformed Church --- 1978
By: Ronda Bos, Shirley Cady, Barb De Vries, Steven Haringa, Ellen VanSomersen
Item 2: Johnston Flood - Disasteranalysis --- 1978
By: Greg Hofman, Nelly Hotke, Roberta Kamphuis, Judy Kamstra, Andy Ryskamp
Item 3: Students Attitude Formation Towards Social Dance at Calvin College: Parents vs. Peers Influence --- 1978
By: Sara Buchholz, Rick Eisen, Truidi Postma, Julie Van Der Puy
Folder 7
Item 1: Shoplifting Recidivism --- 1978
By: Sara Cooper, Laurie Ruiter, Janie Schaafsma, David Zwiep, Lois Zylstra
Item 2: Evaluation of the Parent and Child Living Center --- 1978
By: Cathy Johnson, Cheri Kreykes, Julie Vanderzee, Ron Willet
Item 3: Marital Happiness in the Christian Reformed Church --- 1978
By: Vicki DeBoer, Sharon Frens, Marilee Huitsing, Margaret Vander Zwaag, Vance Talsma
Box 716
Folder 1
Item 1: Who Adopts the Percentage Giving Plan? --- 1979
By: Stan DeVoogd, Dita Hovingh, Dave Kool, Liz Swanson, Dorothy VanHarten
Item 2: Contrast Between Christian Reformed and Non-Christian Reformed Students’ Views of Calvin (If You’re Not Dutch, You’re Not Much) --- 1979
By: Trudy Heule, Gayle Rooy, Diann Ver Schure, Cindy Walker
Item 3: Christian vs. Public High Schools: Is there a Difference in Academic Achievement? --- 1979
By: Larry Baur, Susan Dykema, Susan Genzink, Harvey Konynenbelt, Cal Pelon
Item 4: A Comparative Study Between Abusive and Neglectful Parents --- 1979
By: Jan Boelkins, Nan Casemier, Deb Comber, Yvonne Riemersma, Kris Ryskamp, Vicki Schreur
Folder 2
Item 1: A Study of Cosmopolitanism Among High School Students --- 1979
By: Lisa Brink, Leslie Calsbeek, Laurie Dykstra, Ken Fredericks, Joel Konyndyk, Laurel Kuik, Lori Parker
Item 2: Graduate, Are you Ready? --- 1979
By: Jennifer Langedoen, Valerie Rubingh, Ted Stelpstra, Joann Vandersteen
Item 3: The Plight of the Victim: What is Being Done? --- undated
By: Lynn Durkker, Mary Gesink, Lorraine Knop, Sue Los, Emily Talen
Folder 3
Item 1: The Skid Row Trap --- undated
By: Dick andzenge, Deb DeHaan, Janne Ritskes, Ellen Vandyke, John Wassink
Item 2: Walbridge Academy: A Study of Attendance Problems --- 1979
By: Dave Buechner, Brenda Bush, Tricia Fuller, Gary Gells, Shari Kennedy, Kathy Krikke, Ken Van Bek
Item 3: Job Satisfaction and Support in the Ministry --- 1979
By: Herb Advocaat, Karen Baker, Dave Hoolsema, Bob Negen, Loren Swier, Marcia Van Poolen
Folder 4
Item 1: Alcohol Consumption at Calvin College --- 1980
By: Eileen Boonstra, Nick DeBoer, Laurie Hageman, Shelley Schuuman
Item 2: Alcohol Consumption at Calvin College --- 1992
By: Kathy De Vries, Mary Holkeboer, Anne Stanton, Wade Taatjes, Debby Vander Kamp, Willemina Zwart
Item 3: A Study of Juvenile Criminal Behavior --- 1980
By: Pamela Cook, Chuck  Cornelisse,Corky DeBoer, Larry Doornbos, Mark Recker
Item 4: The Equal Rights Amendment and the Drafting of Women --- 1980
By: Dawn Baker, Rhonda L. Brink, Debra DeVries, Kathy Van Wynen
Item 5: Sociological Factors Involved in the Mate Selection Process --- 1980
By: Richard Magsby, William VanWyngaarden, Deb VerWolf
Folder 5
Item 1: The Marital Satisfaction of Members of the Christian Reformed Church --- 1980
By: Sue Borst, Scott Koop, Linda Olthoff, Cheri Vander Veen, Len VanHeest, Gary Voss
Item 2: Sources and Knowledge of Birth Control --- 1980
By: Sheryl Aardema, Rory Marshall, Naydean Ratliff, Henry Rottschafer
Item 3: Dating At Calvin --- 1980
By: Deb Bellemy, Ed De Graff, Karen DeYoung, Tom Schuitema, Mark Van Houten, Sharon Vels, Mary Venema
Item 4: Oakdale Park Christian Reformed Church Neighborhood Needs Survey --- 1980
By: Craig Buma, Erica Oosterhouse, Deb V anden Akker, Mary Walstra
Folder 6
Item 1: Do Trait Anxiety, Self-Actualization and Conflict Irresolutions Affect State Anxiety of College Seniors? --- 1981
By: Rick Block, Bev Blom, Karen Bode, Helen De Nooyer, Randy De Nooyer, Sherry Haines, Deb O’Brien
Item 2: Victims of Crime and Theirattitudes About Dealing with Criminals --- 1981
By: Dan Boer, Casper Geisterfer, Jim Kok, Bob Oostdyk, Carolyn Salyers, Bill Sytsema, Sandy V anden Berge
Item 3: Sentencing and Recidivism --- 1981
By: Jean Deelstra, Mary De Haan, Laurie Flier, Tom Oostema, Dan Penning, Susan Sponholz
Folder 7
Item 1: A Study of Spiritual Expressiveness Among College Students --- 1981
By: Kevin Adams, Connie Bilthouse, Laurie Haak, Melissa Roels, Bobsie Pughe, Mark Witte, Christie Zwiep
Item 2: Roll Out The Barrel: A Study of the Alcohol Consumption Patterns of Protestant Ministers --- 1981
By: Ron Gorter, Leon Negen, Duane Timmermans, Dave Topp, Tom Van Eck, Joe Wyngaarden
Item 3: Child Abuse’s Impact on Teenage Substance Abuse --- 1981
By: John Giggio, Sharon Johnson, Barb Tabor, Howard V andam, William Van den Boogaard, Suzann VanKlompenberg
Box 717
Folder 1
Item 1: Age of Retirement --- undated
By: Steve Assink, Jim Brandsen, Mary DeBlaey, Julie DeGraaf, Beth Dekker, John Eisen, Mark Koning
Item 2: A Study of Marital Communication of the Members of the Christian Reformed Church --- 1981
By: Katie Broodman, Heidi Kossen, Ruby Lankford, Gina Lenters, Lori Stuit
Item 3: The Effects of Egalitarian and Traditional Marriage Types on Dynamics of Marital Relationships --- 1981
By: Debra Dykhuizen, Robin Hoogl and, Tom Kraker, Paul Mulder, Karen Volkers
Folder 2
Item 1: A Study of Christian Commitment and Helping Behavior --- 1981
By: Valerie Bussema, Joanne Deur, Mary Evenhouse, Darci Tazelaar, Linda Tyler, Jewl V anden Hoek, Kim Wyngarden
Item 2: Senior Citizen Need Survey --- 1981
By: Esther Bolt, Nancy Buck, Annette Halma, Jeanne Katerberg, Patrice Sonderfan, Jodi VanZanten, Linda Zwiep
Item 3: So What Are You Doing For the Rest of Your Life. The Influence of Family Background on College Students’ Occupational Expectations --- 1981
By: Dan Ackerman, Ross Cooper, Bev De Bruin, Audrey Kort, Patti Navis, Owen Pruiksma, Joyce Vander Vliet
Folder 3
Item 1: Economic Disparity: A Study Investigating "Why Poverty Exists" and "Lifestyle Aspirations" --- 1982
By: Janet Van Dokkumburg, James Van Hemert, Chuck Wilson
Item 2: Teenage Alcohol Consumption --- 1982
By: Pauline Koopman, Denise Kol, Missy Lettinga, Terri Nieboer, Nga Ngo, Margaret Oosting
Item 3: Dutch Tulips vs. The Forget-Me-Nots: A Study of Satisfaction at Calvin College Emphasizing the Non-Christian Reformed Student --- 1982
By: Joan Belen, Joan De Jager, Deb Gritter, Heeila Oosterbaan, Melinda Vermeer
Folder 4
Item 1: Contributing Factors in the Length of Sobriety of Self-Proclaimed Alcoholics --- 1982
By: Yvonne Kerns, Jeanet Sybenga, Larry Vander Plaats
Item 2: The Protestant Work Ethic: Revisited --- 1982
By: Adrian Eising, Lisa Mulder, Emilie Prince, Jacqueline VanBrenk
Item 3: A Study on Christian Reformed Ethnocentrism --- 1982
By: Brian Broekhuizen, Awua Donkoh, Gary Kryt, Lynn Smith, Dave Van Der Wiele
Folder 5
Item 1: Calvin College Resident Advisors: Willingness to Enforce Alcohol Policy --- 1982
By: Rhonda Bruxvoort, Susan Carr, Elizabeth Diepersloot, Lynn Douma, James Hathaway
Item 2: Past Exposure and Future Decisions: A Study of Variables Affecting Abortion Attitudes --- 1982
By: Dave Boerkoel, Dave Ellens, Rita Schoenmaker, Evelyn V andenBerg
Item 3: Value Orientation of Calvin Students --- 1983
By: Lisa Carr, Bill Dhams, Rob V andeGuchte, Wilma VanderHelm
Folder 6
Item 1: The Effects of Reinforcement on Altruism: A Replication Study --- 1983
By: Pat Scully, Amy Venema, Henriette Plasier, Sh anda Wieringa, Chris Boender, Gary Brouwer
Item 2: Religion and Prejudice --- 1983
By: Kathy Boerman, Tricia Coates
Item 3: Changes in Primary Friends --- 1983
By: Merri Jolink, Tom St andel, Char Wiers
Item 4: The Study of the Effects of Socioeconomic Status of Whites on Theirattitudes Towards Blacks --- 1983
By: Mark Afman, Marjorie Boot, Bob Laarman, Zoom Le, Mary Vandeberg
Folder 7
Item 1: Religious Behavior and Spiritual Growth --- 1983
By: Jackie Dekker, Cindy Dirkse, Rod Otte, Callae Walcott, Dawn Zuiderveen
Item 2: Social Work Students’ Preferences Concerning the Role of Social Work in Government --- 1983
By: Nancy Borst, Dawn Meyer, Tom Salisbury, Jude Hofman
Item 3: Recidivism Rates in First Offender Shoplifters --- 1983
By: Wilma Flikeert, Kim Luyendyk, Lisa Suntken, Jill Wolffis, Johan Verseveld
Item 4: Sentencing and Recidivism Rates Among: First-Offender Shoplifters --- 1983
By: Wilma Flikeert, Kim Luyendyk, Lisa Suntken, Jill Wolffis, Johan Verseveld
Box 718
Folder 1
Item 1: Attitudes Toward Women in Church Office --- 1983
By: Lisa De Young, Rebecca Knoppers, Shelley Kuipers, Laurel Marlink, Judi Slenk, Carol Topp, Kevin Van’t Hof
Item 2: Perceptions of Profession of Faith in the Christian Reformed Church --- 1984
By: Larry Borst, Brian Hinken, Caroline Schenk, Dave Waldo, Darlene Zwart
Item 3: Child Protective Service --- 1984
By: Elijah Annger, Phil Koetje, Jan Spollstra, Mark Veemeer
Item 4: The Amount of Exercise Calvin Students Engage In --- 1984
By: Kathy Price, Mary Van Duyn, Cheryl Vander Henst
Folder 2
Item 1: Satisfaction With Residence Hall Living at Calvin College --- 1984
By: Kathy Jipping, Lisa Kossen, Jayne Roosma, Linda Vroom
Item 2: Residential Care: A Study of Group Cohesiveness and Team --- 1984
Item 3: Effectiveness --- 1984
By: Dawn Cupery, Sandra Destrempes, Dewanna Pettis, David Spoelstra, Amy Wolfert
Item 4: A Study of Global Awareness Among Calvin Students --- 1984
By: Jodi Christian, Sheri Norman, Ruth Prins, Laury Vander Wall, Margaret VanRheenen, Janet Wezeman
Folder 3
Item 1: Student Satisfaction with Faculty Advising at Calvin College --- 1984
By: Kris Burgess, Brian DeVos, Al Doorn, Mark Meekhof, Yol anda Vanderlaan, Nick Zwaagstra
Item 2: A Study of Inner City Attitudes Towards the Christian Reformed Church --- 1984
By: S andra Bouwmeester, Dan Brinks, Nelson Greidanus, Patty Vlaar
Item 3: An Analysis of Attitude Change Regarding Family Planning Among Calvin College Students in The Planned Family Interim Classes of 1975 and 1976 --- 1984
By: Kim Bonnema, Kendra Fennema, Susan Koop, Pam Ritsema, Linda Vander Meulen
Folder 4: Calvin Faculty Attitudes Toward the Comprehensive Plan --- 1994
By: Daniel Hermen, Y.B. Ko, Rachelle Kooima, Vanessa Pettigrove, Jane Seward and Nate Visker,1994
Folder 5: Faculty Views toward Esprit, Democratic Governance, and Specific Tenure Requirements at Calvin College --- 1991
By: Eugene Baar, Teri Berghuis, Barbara Huizinga, and Diane vander Werp
Folder 6
Item 1: Assessment of Child Care Needs and Resources at Calvin College and Seminary (Fall) --- 1997
Completed by Social Work/Sociology Social Research class, Social Work/Sociology/Sociology Program, Calvin College and Seminary