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John H. Bratt Collection, 1932-1988

Collection Overview

Title: John H. Bratt Collection, 1932-1988

ID: COLL/021

Creator: Bratt, John H. (1909-2000)

Extent: 4.0 Boxes. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Professor of religion and theology at Calvin College. The collection includes memoirs, class lectures on the history of missions, theory of mission, church history, Christianity and culture, history of the Christian Reformed Church, and biblical theology.

Biographical Note

Rev. John Harold Bratt was born in Holland, Michigan on 23 October 1909. Bratt graduated from Calvin Seminary in 1937. He accepted scholarships from both Columbia Seminary in Decatur, Georgia and from Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He earned a master’s degree in systematic theology in 1939. From 1939-1942 Bratt was a Bible teacher at Grand Rapids Christian High School. Bratt then became the pastor at Dorr Christian Reformed Church until 1946. In 1946 Bratt gladly accepted position as faculty at Calvin College. While at Calvin, Bratt taught biblical studies but also served on many committees, and was an elder and vice-president of the consistory. During his off months, Bratt attended Union Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, where he earned a doctorate in Theology. Bratt also found time to write articles for The Banner and Zondervan’s Bible Dictionary. Bratt diligently served the Calvin College community until his retirement in 1976.

In 2000, Rev. John Bratt passed away from congestive heart failure. Bratt is survived by his wife Gladys (Buurma); by their children, Marica and Ken Weidenaar, Evonne and Peter Kok, and James Bratt; and by six grandchildren.

Administrative Information

Alternate Extent Statement: 1.75 cubic ft.

Acquisition Source: Gift of J.H. Bratt.

Other Note: See also the Campus Titles Database.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Class Notes. The Teacher --- 1946-1981
Box 1
Folder 1: Apostolic History --- 1946-1981
Folder 2: Calvinism in America.  Historical development --- 1946-1981
Folder 3: Calvinism in America.  Handouts and collateral material
Folder 4: Calvinism in the Netherlands, in Europe --- 1946-1981
Folder 5: Christianity and Culture 301.  Historically oriented --- 1946-1981
Folder 6: Christianity and Culture 301: Handouts and collateral material
Folder 7: History of Christian Missions --- 1946-1981
Folder 8: History of Christian Missions: Handouts and collateral material
Box 2
Folder 1: History of the Early Christian Church
Folder 2: History of the Early Christian Church: Handouts and collateral articles
Folder 3: Missions: the Bible, Reformed principles, history of specific fields --- 1946-1981
Folder 4: Missions: Handouts and collateral articles
Folder 5: Missionary motive of the Bible
Folder 6: Old Testament History and Theology --- 1946-1981
Folder 7: Old Testament History and Theology: Handouts and collateral material
Folder 8: Religion and Theology 301
Folder 9: The shaping of the CRC.  History.  Rise of mission consciousness --- 1946-1981
Folder 10: The shaping of the CRC.  Addenda.  Collateral
Series 2: The Speaker and Writer --- 1932-1988
Box 3
Folder 1: Wisdom literature.  Intertestamentary --- 1946-1981
Folder 2: Articles: random
Folder 3: Articles and speeches
Folder 4: Certificate of copyright, for "The Heritage of John Calvin" --- 1973
Folder 5: Christian Reformed Church issues
Folder 6: Ecumenicity in the American Setting, pamphlet --- 1982
Folder 7: H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies.  Dedication program.  A brief history --- 1932
Folder 8: Leo Peters and John Bratt exchange, articles --- 1988
Folder 9: Memoirs --- 1988
Folder 10: Postscript to Memoirs
Box 4
Folder 1
Item 1: New Testament Epistles --- 1958
Item 2: Life and Teachings of John Calvin [HERH BX9418.B743] --- 1958
Folder 2: Sermons --- 1940s
Folder 3: Sermons --- 1950-1968
Folder 4: Thesis. "The Southern Presbyterian and the Christian Reformed Churches: An Historical Comparison."  Bound copy --- 1937-1938
Folder 5: Modern Ecumenical Movements [HERH BX9.B7] --- 1958