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Anthony Brummelkamp Collection, 1836-1978

Collection Overview

Title: Anthony Brummelkamp Collection, 1836-1978

ID: COLL/027

Creator: Brummelkamp, Anthony (1811-1888)

Extent: 1.0 Box. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Minister of the Gereformeerde Kerken in the Netherlands and professor at the Theologische School at Kampen. The collection includes personal correspondence; pamphlets; letters and documents of the Afgescheiden Gemeente at Arnhem, 1848-1855; records of Kampen Seminary, 1836-1893; minutes of the congregation at Biggekerke, 1836; and a translated letter of J. A. Wormser to A. Brummelkamp on October 28, 1867.

Biographical Note

Son of Johannes and Anna Henrietta (Hesselink), Anthony Brummelkamp was born on October 14, 1911 in Amsterdam.  Brummelkamp enrolled at the University of Leinden where he studied Theology.  After graduating, Brummelkamp moved to Hattem, Gelderland where he became the minister at Dutch Reformed Church.  In August of 1834, Brummelkamp married Maria Wilhelmina de Moen.

Shortly after being a confirmed minister, Brummelkamp became involved in heated debates over the baptism of children whose parent did not attend church and his refusal of singing Evangelic songs. These disagreements eventually led to the provincial church board removing him from his profession. To ensure that Brummelkamp would not continue to preach, soldiers were given quarters at his house. However, he continued to preach, even though he received 33 fines from doing so. Because of this repression, Brummelkamp encouraged his followers to immigrate to the United States, although Brummelkamp never did himself. Brummelkamp remained in the Netherlands and became a professor of theology. Brummelkamp passed away in June of 1888.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Papers --- 1836-1978
Box 1
Folder 1: Afgescheiden Gemeente te Arnheim.  Handwritten material from Archief Theol.  Hogenschool. Brievenboek. --- 1848-1855
Folder 2: Correspondence of A. Brummelkamp (incomplete)
Folder 3: Letter of J. A. Wormser to A. Brummelkamp, with an undated translation --- Oct. 28, 1867
Folder 4: Minutes of the Congregation in Biggenkerk --- 1836
Folder 5: Records of Kampen Seminary --- 1836-1893
Folder 6: Varia from "Brievenboek," --- undated
Folder 7: Uitgang uit de Gemeenschap [HERH BX9474.B785 1835] --- 1835
Folder 8: Adres Ingediend door de Gereformmerden --- 1836
Folder 9
Item 1: Nog is er Hulpe [HERH BX9474.B7852 1844] --- 1844
Item 2: There is Still Help translated by F. Ourensma [HERH BX9474.B785213 1980] --- 1980
Folder 10
Item 1: Landverhuizing of Waarom Bevorderen Wij De Volksverhuizing[HERH JV8151.B78 1846] --- 1846
Item 2: Emigration, or Why Do We Advocate Emigration to North America and Not to Java translated by Fred Bosma [HERH JV8151.B7813 1968] --- 1968
Item 3: Emigration, or, Why We Promote the Emigration of People to North America and Not to Java translated by John Verbrugge [HERH JV8151.B7813 1978] --- 1978
Folder 11: Een en Toch Twee of Twee Maar Eerlang Een? --- 1874
Folder 12: Collection Volume by I. DaCosta, [4] p. annotation by AB --- 1846?
Folder 13: Letters to Dirk Postma (photocopy); [original in Potchefstroom Archief?] --- March 8, 1871
Folder 14: Wegen Gods in Gelre by Chr. W.J. Teeuwen, re: A. Brummelkamp and the Afscheiding [HERH BX9474.T43] --- 1935