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John P. Tiemstra Collection



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John P. Tiemstra Collection, 1970-2011 | Heritage Hall, Hekman Library

By Ed Gerritsen, 2011, 2012

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Collection Overview

Title: John P. Tiemstra Collection, 1970-2011

ID: COLL/520

Primary Creator: Tiemstra, John P. (1950-)

Extent: 2.0 Cubic Feet. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description

Date Acquired: 00/00/2011


Professor of economics at Calvin College. The collection includes correspondence, academic materials, and publications detailing the integration of faith with economics, i.e., the importance of moral choice and stewardship in economic analysis. [See also the Campus Titles Database.]

Biographical Note

From 1975 to 2012, Professor John P. Tiemstra dedicated his career to serving the Department of Economics and Business at Calvin College. He graduated with honors from Oberlin College in 1971 and pursued his doctorate of philosophy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1975. Tiemstra devoted himself to explore why and how Christianity affects the economy. Tiemstra is considered one of the world's leading scholars on Christianity and economics, especially in the Reformed tradition. He has produced two major publications, a textbook, Economics: A Developmental Approach, 1999 and Reforming Economics, 1990. His writings also frequent periodicals like International Journal of Social Economics and Business, Society Review, and Christian Scholars' Review.

A few of Tiemstra’s professional associations and services include the American Economic Association, the Association of Christian Economists, and editorial board member of Faith & Economics. He was a member of the Association for Social Economic, where he was the recipient of the 2009 Thomas F. Divine Award for lifetime contribution to social economics. Tiemstra’s recreational interests include Irish culture and church music. He is a member of the Irish Heritage Society. He is also a member of the American Guild of Organists, where Tiemstra met his wife, Suzanne Spicer. He enjoys singing Irish folk songs and playing the organ for area churches.

Administrative Information

Repository: Heritage Hall, Hekman Library

Alternate Extent Statement: 4 Boxes

Acquisition Source: John P. Tiemstra, 2011

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Correspondence, 1970-2011],
[Series 2: Writings, 1972-2010],
[Series 3: Academic materials, 1968-2009],

Series 2: Writings --- 1972-2010
Box 2
Folder 1: Paper, "Some Thoughts on the Condition of the Performing Arts" --- 1972
Folder 2: Paper, "Property Relations in the Old Testament," presented at AACS-ICS Conference --- 1974
Folder 3: Paper, Peter J. Tiemstra and John P. Tiemstra, "Moisture Transmission through Peanut Oil Film," [Peanut Science:, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 47-50.1974] --- July 1974
Folder 4: Manuscript, Market Protest, Chapter I and II --- 1974
Folder 5: Thesis, Protest through Market Action, Massachusetts Institute of Technology --- 1975
Folder 6: Paper, "Energy and Christian Stewardship: An Economist's Contribution" --- 1976
Folder 7: Paper, "Christian Stewardship and Economic Behavior" --- 1976
Folder 8: Paper, "On The Banner's Economics" --- 26 July 1976
Folder 9: Paper, "The Affluent Society Revisited" --- 1977
Folder 10: Book review, "Review of Tom Rose, Economics: Principles and Policy from a Christian Perspective, Milford, MI: Mott Media, 1977," undated; and materials re: review of Tom Rose's book in Christian Educators Journal 28-29 --- (Sept/Oct 1977)
Folder 11
Item 1: Report: “Redlining Project: Progress Report and Timetable" --- 1977
Item 2: Article: “Whatever Happened to Redlining?” The Grand Rapids Press --- 7 Dec 1980
Folder 12: Paper review, "Comment on Dr. Kee's Paper;" includes paper and members list of The Social Science Seminar held at Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto, 3-11 --- Aug 1978
Folder 13: Papers:
Item 1: "The Bible and Economics in Christian Schools" --- 1978
Item 2: "A Tale of Two Editions" --- 1979
Folder 14: Paper, "You Will Always Have the Poor Among You" --- [1979]
Folder 15
Item 1: Paper: "Energy Policy from the Ground Up" --- 1980
Item 2: Article: The Reformed Journal: “Energy Policy from the Ground Up", 6-9 --- Oct 1980
Folder 16: Calvin College Social Research Center study paper, "Home Financing and House Prices" --- 1981
Folder 17: Paper, "Economic Causes of Soil Erosion in the U.S." --- [1981]
Folder 18
Item 1: Paper: "Professional Friends" --- [1983?]
Item 2: Article: The Reformed Journal: "Professional Friends", 11-15 --- Oct 1983
Folder 19: Paper, "Moral Foundations of Community," 1983, by P.L. Danner and reply by J.P.T. --- [1984]
Folder 20: Book reviews:
Item 1: "Review of The Causes of World Hunger, William Byron, ed., New York: Paulist Press, 1982, 256 pp., $8.95" --- [1984]
Item 2: "Review of Clouse, ed., Wealth & Poverty" --- [1985]
Folder 21: Paper, "Perspectives on Consumer Rights," presented at World Congress of Social Economics --- 1986
Folder 22: Articles:
Item 1: The Reformed Journal: "Reformed Taxes," 8-9 --- Dec 1986
Item 2: "A Loftier View," 4 --- June 1988
Item 3: "Schools, Hospitals, and the Poor," 3-4 --- Nov 1989
Folder 23: Book: W. Fred Graham, George N. Monsma, Jr.,  Carl J. Sinke, Alan Storkey, and John P. Tiemstra, with contributions by Daniel M. Ebels, Reforming Economics: A Christian Perspective on Economic Theory and Practice, Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship, (Grand Rapids, MI, Calvin College) --- 1986
Box 3
Folder 1: Paper, "Values in Theory of Economic Regulation" --- 1987
Folder 2: Book review, "Poverty and Wealth: The Christian Debate Over Capitalism, by Ronald H. Nash. Westchester, IL: Crossway Books, 1986" --- [1987]
Folder 3: Paper and book review, "Losing Ground by Charles Murray (New York: Basic Books, 1984, 323 pp., $23.95)," undated; and review of Losing Ground, by Charles Murray (Basic Books, 1984). TSF Bulletin 35 --- Jan-Feb 1987
Folder 4: Paper and article, "Stories Economists Tell," undated, and The Reformed Journal: "Stories Economists Tell,", 14-16 --- Feb 1988
Folder 5: Book review by Arnold McKee, "Reformed Economics (Toronto Studies in Theology, vol 38), ed. John Tiemstra, Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, N.Y., 1990, pp. 323, index" --- 1990
Folder 6: Paper, "Varieties of Institutional Economics: The Theory of the Firm" --- [1991]
Folder 7: Paper, "Equality and Efficiency: the Big Trade Off or a Free Lunch?" --- [1992]
Folder 8
Item 1: Rights and Regulations: Theories of Regulation and the History of Consumerism --- [1992?]
Item 2: Rights and Regulations --- undated
Folder 9: Articles:
Item 1: Perspectives: "The Best Person for the Job" --- Feb 1992
Item 2: "The New South Africa: Already but Not Yet," 4 --- Nov 1992
Item 3: "Science, Information, and Values," 3-4 --- Aug/Sept
Folder 10
Item 1: Paper: "Christianity and Economics: A Review of Recent Literature" --- [1993]
Item 2: Manuscript: "Christianity and Economics: A Review of Recent Literature" --- undated
Folder 11: Book review, "Paradox and Policy: A Review Article on Robert L. Stivers, ed., Reformed Faith and Economics" --- [1993]
Folder 12: Paper, "Competitiveness and Industrial Policy" --- [1994]
Folder 13: Paper, "What Should Christian Economists Do? Doing Economics, But Differently" --- [1994]
Folder 14: Paper, "Why do Economists Disagree?" --- [1998]
Folder 15: Papers:
Item 1: "Social Values and the Regulation of Business" --- [1998]
Item 2: "A New Approach to the General Education Economics Course" --- [2000]
Folder 16: Paper, "Every Square Inch: Kuyperian Social Theory and Economics" --- [1999]
Folder 17: Papers:
Item 1: "Environmental Policy for Business and Government," presented at an International Interdisciplinary Conference, Calvin College --- 2001 and 2003
Item 2: "Christian Scholarship for Economic Policy" --- 2001
Folder 18: Paper, "Wasting Time and Wasting the Earth" --- [2002]
Folder 19: Article, Freeman Magazine: "Do You Pay Too Much in Taxes?", 1-2 --- 23 Apr 2002
Folder 20
Item 1: Paper and article, "Learning from the Enron Debacle" --- 2002
Item 2: Freeman Magazine: "The Scary Thing about Enron," 1-2 --- 22 Aug 2002
Folder 21: Paper, "Clash of Civilizations and the Rules of the Global Economy" --- [2003]
Folder 22: Paper, "Globalization, Ethics, and the Earth" --- 2004
Folder 23: Book review, "Poverty,Government, and the Meaning of Economics: A Discussion of Wealth, Poverty, and Human Destiny, Bandow and Schindler, editors" --- [2004]
Folder 24: Paper, "Creation Values and the Environment" --- [2005]
Folder 25: Paper, "Financial Globalization and Crony Capitalism" --- 2005
Folder 26: Paper, "The Case Against Financial Globalization," presented at Twelfth World Congress of Social Economics --- [2007]
Folder 27: Paper, "Christian Values and the Case against Financial Globalization" --- [2007]
Folder 28: Article, Forum for Social Economics: "The Social Economics of Globalization," Fall, v. 36, 143-159 --- 2007
Folder 29: Paper, "Rethinking the Costs of Economic Growth: Association for Social Economics Presidential Address" --- 2008
Folder 30: Paper, "Notes from the Revolution: Principles of a New Economics," presented at Baylor University --- 2009
Folder 31: Paper, "Financial Crisis and the Culture of Risk" --- [2009]
Folder 32: Paper, "Theologians and Economics in Dialogue" --- [2010]
Box 4
Folder 1: Paper, "What are the Economists Arguing About?" --- undated
Folder 2: Paper, "Globalization and Environmental Regulations" --- undated
Folder 3: Paper, "A Theory of Consumer Boycotts" --- undated
Folder 4: Paper, "The Two Crises of the Graduate Student" --- undated
Folder 5: Papers:
Item 1: "Behavioral Interpretation of Welfare Propositions" --- undated
Item 2: "The Uses and Abuses of Mathematical Economics" --- undated
Folder 6: Paper, "The Bohr-MacKay Complementarity Principle in Economics" --- undated
Folder 7: Paper, "Ronald Reagan, Regulatory Reform, and Relief" --- undated
Folder 8: Paper, "The Myth of the Scientific University" --- undated
Folder 9
Item 1: Paper: "Bach and the Parish Organist" --- undated
Item 2: Book review: "Bach Among the Theologians by Jaroslav Pelikan, Fortress Press, 1986. 158 pp. $?" --- undated
Folder 10: Book reviews:
Item 1: "The Deindustrialization of America by Barry Bluestone and Bennett Harrison (Basic Books, 1983, 323 pp., $19.95)" --- [1983]
Item 2: "The U.S. Steel Industry in Recurrent Crisis by Robert W. Crandall (Brookings Institution, 1981, 184 pp., $?)" --- undated
Folder 11: Book review, "The Great Depression of 1990 by Ravi Batra. Simon and Schuster. 1987. 235 pp. $117.95" --- undated
Folder 12: Book reviews:
Item 1: "Review of 'Economics and the Parable of Jesus" --- undated
Item 2: "Review of proposal for Economic Justice in the Shadow of the Cross" --- undated
Folder 13: Book review, "Economic Analysis and Moral Philosophy, Daniel M. Hausman and Michael S. McPherson, Cambridge (UK) and New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996" --- [1997]
Folder 14: Book review, "Comments on 'Ethics and the Protection of Nature: Religion, Science, and Economics,' by Cornelis van Kooten" --- undated

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Correspondence, 1970-2011],
[Series 2: Writings, 1972-2010],
[Series 3: Academic materials, 1968-2009],

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