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Dirk Nieland Collection



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Dirk Nieland Collection, 1924-1954 and undated | Heritage Hall, Hekman Library

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Collection Overview

Title: Dirk Nieland Collection, 1924-1954 and undatedAdd to your cart.

ID: COLL/180

Primary Creator: Dirk Nieland (1886-1954)

Extent: 1.0 Box

Arrangement: Folder level description


Writer and linguist. The collection includes a scrapbook entitled “Sketches from Life” with a detailed listing of the published and unpublished articles, Yankee-Dutch readings, poems, postcards, advertisements, and letters; manuscripts; correspondence; clippings; exercise book; obituary; photocopy photographs; and family photographs.

Biographical Note

Writer and linguist, Dirk Nieland, was born in the Netherlands in 1886. At the age of 19, Nieland immigrated to the United States. Interested in the dialect of immigrants from the Netherlands to Michigan, he wrote the book, Yankee-Dutch published in 1919. On August 27, 1925, he married Anna De Boer.

His second book, ‘n Fonnie Bisnis, was published in 1929. Nieland could speak five languages fluently – Dutch, English, Friesian, German, and Flemish. He could read French and Spanish as well. Dirk Nieland developed throat cancer and on October 18, 1954, he passed away.

Box and Folder Listing

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Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Scrapbook: Sketches from Life, by Dirk NielandAdd to your cart.
Item 1: Zonde (p.1)Add to your cart.
Item 2: Budget System (p.2)Add to your cart.
Item 3: Honor thy Father and thy Mother (p.3) "De Dichterlijke Koopman" (p.3)Add to your cart.
Item 4: Kwellingen van een Nieuw Bakken Journalist (pp.5-6)Add to your cart.
Item 5: My Questionnaire (p.7)Add to your cart.
Item 6: In de War (pp.7-8)Add to your cart.
Item 7: Mijn Wandelstok (p.8)Add to your cart.
Item 8: Our Stove (pp.8-10)Add to your cart.
Item 9: Ziele-Eenzaamheid (p.10)Add to your cart.
Item 10: Mien Moedertaal (p.10)Add to your cart.
Item 11: Beroepskeuze (pp.10-12)Add to your cart.
Item 12: Our Journalistic Family (pp.12-13)Add to your cart.
Item 13: Een Avond bij Tinus (pp. 13-15)Add to your cart.
Item 14: Buurpraatjes (p.15) "Where I Failed" (pp. 15-17)Add to your cart.
Item 15: Untitled poem in Dutch (p.17)Add to your cart.
Item 16: A typed story, "Unconditional Surrender," [not published] (pp.26-28)Add to your cart.
Item 17: Dutchiness (pp.29-30)Add to your cart.
Item 18: Our Suffragette [signed] (p.30)Add to your cart.
Item 19: De Vrouw (pp.31-33)Add to your cart.
Item 20: Ingezonden (presumably to the Journal): letter from A.v.C Huizinga, complaining about Nieland's slandering immigrants, etc. [photocopy] (p. 34)Add to your cart.
Item 21: De Man in 3 parts (pp.35-37)Add to your cart.
Item 22: Advertisements for Yankee Dutch from various periodicals; various items as follows, all on p.38:Add to your cart.
Item 23: B.K.Kuiper, "Beoordeling," from De WachterAdd to your cart.
Item 24: H.J.C.van Andel, "Boekenschouw," [from Chr.Jl?] Henry Beets, rev. of Yankee Dutch in The BannerAdd to your cart.
Item 25: Advertisement from Eerdmans-Sevensma, publishers for Yankee DutchAdd to your cart.
Item 26: Two images from A.v.C.Huizinga, in Dutch; one from Henry van Zyl, in English [addressed to "Kloppers," apparently Nieland's nickname from when he and van Zyl were schoolmates in Sauerd, the Netherlands] (p.39)Add to your cart.
Item 27: Three pictures: from van Andel; from van Zyl; from K. Nienhuis Jr [HBS Sauerd] (p.41)Add to your cart.
Item 28: Review of Yankee Dutch in Onze Toekomst by "Hans Hansen" [J.C.Hoekstra] (p.42)Add to your cart.
Item 29: Two postcards from van Andel, newspaper photo of Irene Bergmans, who had just received RN degree. Also a calling card from J. van Hinte, and newspaper obituary notice of Piet Nieland, Dirk's father.Add to your cart.
Item 30: Letter in Dutch from J.C.Hoekstra (p.43)Add to your cart.
Item 31: Letter from van Andel as editor of Christian Journal (p.44)Add to your cart.
Item 32: Copy of a letter from [J.Grotemat?] pointing out various misprints, but also some praise for the writing. Also a "Bijdrage door P.P." in praise of book. (p.45)Add to your cart.
Item 33: Item from Nieuwsblad v.d. Norden mentions "alleraardigst en interessant.de bijdrage in Yankee Dutch van Dirk Nieland," and several advertisements from Eerdmans. (p.46) --- 19-Oct-29Add to your cart.
Item 34: Two advertisements in Dutch for 'n fonnie bisnis [first advertisement calls it merely fonnie bisnis] from Eerdmans (p.47)Add to your cart.
Item 35: Common Grace Crossword Puzzle [completed] (p. 48)Add to your cart.
Item 36: Advertisement in Dutch for 'n fonnie bisnis with D. Lam's portrait sketch of Nieland, (p.49)Add to your cart.
Item 37: Advertisement in English for same book ("$2.00 postpaid"), (p.50)Add to your cart.
Item 38: A[mry] v.d. Bosch "The Dutch Communities of Chicago," in Onze Toekomst (23 Dec 1925): Edna Ferber, then mention of Yankee Dutch: "Mencken, in the second edition of The American Language, has a chapter on the Dutch-American vernacular found in western Michigan." (p.51)Add to your cart.
Item 39: Boek Overzicht, in Het Oosten. Dutch. Very complimentary, with good discussion of Nieland's use of the language and grasp of the context. Author probably H.J.Hoekstra (p.52) --- (21 Nov 1929)Add to your cart.
Item 40: Same as above, in Onze Toekomst --note at end hints at authorship --- (4 Dec 1929)Add to your cart.
Item 41: Review in The Young Calvinist. Generally favorable but a few strictures: author tries to be too funny at times, etc. (p.53) --- (Sept 1929)Add to your cart.
Item 42: Review in De Wachter, in Dutch. Loe Verlak's "...taal is een mengsel van heel eenvoudig Hollandsche en verminkt Engels en past allezins bij Loe'[sic]s intellectuelle ontwikkeling en karacter." Astute assessment. Later, "De kennis van zijn yolk 'in't kerkelikje' is bij den schrijver niet juist..." i.e., no church would bribe a dominee to stay with that church by giving him an auto. (p.53) --- (11 Dec 1929)Add to your cart.
Item 43: Grand Rapids Herald: review by Wm Trap Jr. - very astute. (p.54) --- (24 Nov 1929)Add to your cart.
Item 44: Grand Rapids Press article on DN, with Lam's portrait of Nieland, (p.55)Add to your cart.
Item 45: Letter to Young Calvinist by F. ten Hoor referring to earlier review of 'n fonnie bisnis: the review is unfair, etc. Also a note by the editor ("the humor really is a little coarse at times," etc. (p.55)Add to your cart.
Item 46: H. Bultema in De Beeren of  (it does not have "de humor der Schrift....") (p.55) --- 7-Dec-29Add to your cart.
Item 47: A long list of periodicals in US and Netherlands in which reviews of the book appear. (p.56)Add to your cart.
Item 48: Heidenwereld: item by H.B. (Henry Beets?). Sagacious and friendly review, calls it a caricature. (p.57) --- Jun-30Add to your cart.
Item 49: Brief notice in Der Auslanddeutsche 1 Nov 1930 (note reads 1by William Kloos?") (p.57)Add to your cart.
Item 50: Item from Haagsche Post (p.57) --- 4 Jan 1930Add to your cart.
Item 51: Review in Standard Bulletin by "Friso," and a reference to Watson's An Irishman's Difficulties with the Dutch Language. (p.57) --- 3-Jan-30Add to your cart.
Item 52: The Banner. H. Schultze calls Nieland's book a caricature but well done; however, he adds, "the type of person [Loe] is disappearing ... let him go." (p.58) --- 10-Jun-30Add to your cart.
Item 53: Het Oosten [J.H. Hoekstra?] ; has the sketch "Henkie Moet en trade leeren" and a few observations. (p.58) --- 9 Jan 1930Add to your cart.
Item 54: Mimeographed advertisement by Eerdmans for Nieland's book, origin unknown. (p.59)Add to your cart.
Item 55: A letter from D. Wehrens (?): "Eigen Volk" : algemeen tijdschrift voor volkskunde en dialect will place notice [see later item: not placed until Sept 1931]. (p.60) --- 13-Jan-30Add to your cart.
Item 56: Report of De Publicatie Commissie of the Chr. Ref. Synod (presumably) "vergadered Dec.3 1929" has observations on Nieland's talent in this "nieuwe veld," but must distinguish between any advertisement in church paper by Eerdmans and the work advertised. Editor has right to review any book as long as he is able to comment on it, etc. Signed by W. Heyns. (p.61)Add to your cart.
Item 57: Letter from Wm B. Eerdmans ("The Reformed Press") to Nieland: royalties coming soon ($100) as per agreement, full payment for present edition. .150 copies unsold yet (10 Mar 1930). Proposes "popular edition" to sell for $1.00. (p. 62)Add to your cart.
Item 58: Wm B. Eerdmans to Neiland: agreement: royalty of 10 percent of retail price on all copies over 1000. (p.63) --- 19-Aug-29Add to your cart.
Item 59: Letter from J.M. Meulenhoff, Uitgever, in Amsterdam: your book won't sell in Nederland, the language is too difficult for non-US emigrants to follow, etc. (p.64) --- (28 Jan 1930)Add to your cart.
Item 60: Letter from Niel Keegstra: you have turned out a great book, etc. (p.65)Add to your cart.
Item 61: Letter from Sully, IA: book is "far from Christian." Signed J.A. Brunsting. (p.65) --- undatedAdd to your cart.
Item 62: H.Hamstra to "Willy," i.e., W.B. Eerdmans. Has had fun with Nieland book, but objects to slanders versus CRC and its people. Must not advertise in church papers. (p.66)Add to your cart.
Item 63: Letter from Jack Hubbell (q.v.). Saw GR Press item on Dirk (p.67)Add to your cart.
Item 64: Letter from J.S.Frelinghuysen to C.W. Parmalee in Grand Rapids: has Nieland's book, will write. (p.68)Add to your cart.
Item 65: Letter from Frelinghuysen, will take pleasure in reading the book (p.69)Add to your cart.
Item 66: Brieven uit Amerika. long item on book, life in the US, etc. (p.70) --- 14 Jan 1933Add to your cart.
Item 67: Invitation to DN to attend GR Public Library on 16 Nov. during Book Week at an "authors' night." Signed Samuel Ranck, Librarian. (p.71) --- 2 Nov 1934Add to your cart.
Item 68: Letter from relative of Anna Nieland: saw Dirk's name in van Hinte's book, etc.)p.72) --- 29 Dec 1929Add to your cart.
Item 69: Letter from H.L. Mencken; brief. (p.73) --- 23 Nov 1929Add to your cart.
Item 70: Item from Neerlandia. Mysterious: "19 April was de avond voor de Groningers [including Dirk]" (p.73) --- 19 May 19[24?]Add to your cart.
Item 71: Letter from Fred Overkamp, partly in Yankee Dutch (poorly done). . (p.74)Add to your cart.
Item 72: Letter from John Hansens, complimentary. Reminds Nieland of working at Widdicombe and at Phoenix, and of attending "sjurts." (pp.75-77)Add to your cart.
Item 73: Letter from Kent Scientific Museum (p.78) --- 16 May 1934Add to your cart.
Item 74: Comments on certain terms in book. (p.78) April 1930 Neerlandia: comments on short life of Yankee Dutch. (p.78) --- 19 Nov 1935Add to your cart.
Item 75: Thanks for photo and short biography from S. Ranck, Grand Rapids Public Library, Nieland is to speak on evening of 16 Nov at 8.0 pm. (p.79) --- 9 Nov 1934Add to your cart.
Item 76: Letter from Fred W. Berger [cf Standard Bulletin, ed. Mr Berghage, page 84]. Silly remarks. (p.80) --- 16 Feb 1935Add to your cart.
Item 77: Letter from J.G.Maerckelbach, correspondent for several Dutch papers (p.81)Add to your cart.
Item 78: Harsh criticism (p.82) --- 29 Mar 1933Add to your cart.
Item 79: van Hinte, "Amerika" in Neerlandia (p.139) on the book. (p.83) --- Sept 1931Add to your cart.
Item 80: Same source "Dirk Nieland's 'De Domme Trein' (p.84) --- [April 1931]Add to your cart.
Item 81: (1) GR Press account of East Street train-track vandalism. (2) Holland Aid Society (5 Mar 1938) letter about DN's talk. (3) several items from Standard Bulletin (including all above this item) in Dutch and English by DN. (pp.85-90)Add to your cart.
Item 82: Standard Bulletin and GR Press: "Netherlands Day...." Nieland to speak. (p.91) --- [August 1935?]Add to your cart.
Item 83: Standard Bulletin items in English from Nieland. (p.92)Add to your cart.
Item 84: Letter from librarian of Godwin Heights Public School asking for copy of book. (p.93)Add to your cart.
Item 85: Knickerbocker article on Nieland, with photograph of him. Mentions Mencken, who "devoted much space to quoting and commenting on Nieland's work." (pp.94-95)Add to your cart.
Item 86: Two letters and Eerdmans advertisement circulars. (loose). (pp.95-99)Add to your cart.
Item 87: pp. 100 and ff. blank.Add to your cart.
Folder 2Add to your cart.
Item 1: Peenting, and an account of the genesis of 'n fonnie bisnis [photocopy] [Loe Verlak]Add to your cart.
Item 2: "Cornelis Goes to Heaven" by Nieland, [doggerel]Add to your cart.
Item 3: Old Klaas took pride in his work, [manuscript in pencil]Add to your cart.
Item 4: De Lof der Stront [poem on feces, etc.]Add to your cart.
Item 5: Major Bowes item --- undatedAdd to your cart.
Item 6: An Dandy Day [Loe's wife's version of Yankee Dutch.]Add to your cart.
Item 7: "In My Home Town"; (6 ½ pp.)Add to your cart.
Item 8: Peter Timmer tells gossip about [Groen, H. Hoeksema, Beets]Add to your cart.
Item 9: Sketch of character's observations on poverty, the Great Depression and a sermon on Solomon, which intimates that hearers need not worry about losing houses, jobs, etc. [Crude satire] (1 ½ pp)Add to your cart.
Item 10: Sketch on false Yankee Dutch (1 pp.)Add to your cart.
Folder 3Add to your cart.
Item 1: Letter from Nieland to Samuel Ranck with biographical sketch, states reasons for writing stories in Yankee Dutch, etc. --- undatedAdd to your cart.
Item 2: Letter from Matt Hancock; business matters --- 26 August 1945Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Clippings: Grand Rapids Press photo, story on Nieland, photo story on Stan V' Soske, and "Sweat en Tear” --- undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 5: Exercise book with proposals for stories and  poems --- undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 6: Photographs (photocopy) of Piet Nieland, Anna Nieland, and Dirk Nieland; Nieland's death notice from Grand Rapids Press; and funeral program --- undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 7: Photographs: Dirk Nieland portrait [noted on collar]; and pages from an album with family and friends photographs --- undatedAdd to your cart.

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