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Garritt E. Roelofs Collection



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Garritt E. Roelofs Collection, 1936-1973 | Heritage Hall, Hekman Library

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Collection Overview

Title: Garritt E. Roelofs Collection, 1936-1973

ID: COLL/209

Primary Creator: Garritt E. Roelofs (1900-1976)

Extent: 6.0 Boxes

Arrangement: Folder level description


Educator, editor of the Sioux Center News, Iowa state senator, and representative with the US Department of Agriculture. The collection includes biographical material, correspondence, addresses, reports, articles, pamphlets pertaining to his work in the United States and abroad for the United States Government, and reminiscences of his early years and schooling at Calvin College.

Biographical Note

Garritt E. Roelofs, a native of Minnesota, went off to Calvin Preparatory School at the age of fourteen and then on to Calvin College. He graduated from Calvin in 1921 in the first liberal arts four-year class. Deciding not to become a minister, he went into teaching history and government. This developed a lifetime interest in political science.

Roelofs was founder and publisher of the Sioux Center News in Iowa. While there, he served as Senator in the Iowa Legislature, dealing with “Depression” social and economical issues, sponsoring legislation for relief of hard-pressed farmers and tenants, and unemployed labor. He became the first director of the Iowa State Unemployment Compensation Commission (now the State Employment Security Service).

Roelofs joined the US Department of Agriculture as Information Officer and served from 1943 as Advisor in the Office of Price Administration on Agricultural Rationing and Pricing Policies. During the occupation of Japan, he served as a civilian consultant on General MacArthur’s staff in the Natural Resources section for four years. After the Peace Treaty in April 1952, he returned to Japan as a Public Affairs Officer in the American Embassy in Tokyo.

Subsequently, Roelofs had tours of duty with the Rockefeller Foundation in India and with Robert R. Nathan Associates in Burma. He re-entered the government service as an agricultural extension advisor with the Agency for International Development in Bogota, Colombia. After two years there, followed by brief stays in the United States and the Netherlands, he and his wife found themselves in Uganda, East Africa. Roelofs called it “a wonderful assignment for three and a half years, in a most beautiful part of the world.” They retired in 1968, first settling in Washington, DC, and then in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1970, coming “home” to be near family and old friends.

Box and Folder Listing

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Series 1: Miscellaneous Papers
Box 1
Folder 1: Biographical data
Folder 2: Calendar notes - "A Year in the Life of Foreign Service" by Mrs. G. E. Roelofs --- 1953
Folder 3: Identity Card of G. E. Roelofs, Agricultural Economist --- 1/22/1957
Folder 4: Newspaper articles --- 1949-1966
Folder 5: Miscellaneous correspondence --- 1947-1963
Folder 6: Signed picture of Gov. Wm. S. Beardsley (Iowa), given to Garritt Roelofs --- 1950
Folder 7: Employment Agreement with the Government of Burma --- 1956
Folder 8: Program and Itinerary: "Agriculture Organization and Study Group" --- 1951
Folder 9: Correspondence dealing with a speech given by G. E. Roelofs about the Social Security Act --- 1936
Folder 10: Personal correspondence. Many responses to letters written by G. E. Roelofs
Folder 11: Japanese Print Exhibition pamphlet --- 1975
Folder 12: Article: "Echoes from the Early Twenties"
Folder 13: Roelofs' resume of experience
Folder 14: Funeral message delivered on the passing of Evart Roelofs --- September 24, 1962
Folder 15: Articles in the Calvinalia relating to G. E. Roelofs --- July 1964 and July 1971
Folder 16: US Food and Agriculture Exhibition and Symposium --- November 7-24, 1963
Folder 17: Personal qualification statement --- 1969
Folder 18: Application for federal employment
Folder 19: Request and authorization of official travel
Folder 20: Booklet: International Rural Leadership: A Twenty-Year Record
Folder 21: Booklet: 50th Anniversary of Edgerton Christian School --- 1917-1967
Folder 22: Biographical data
Folder 23: Memoirs of Garrett Kempers and Garritt E. Roelofs from their early years until their graduation from Calvin College --- 1921
Folder 24: Articles from the Grand Rapids Press --- November 14, 1959, and undated
Folder 25: Program from the commencement exercises of 1971 and related newspaper articles
Folder 26: Passport
Folder 27: Photo of Luella Hoskins Roelofs
Folder 28: Booklet, Food for Peace - Freedom for Hunger, commemorative stamp ceremony
Folder 29: Personal correspondence with Feike Feikema (Frederick F. Manfred)
Folder 30: Heyns correspondence --- 1937 and 1972
Folder 31: Kempers and Stuurman correspondence
Folder 32: Personal correspondence with T. Kreps and material related to T. Kreps
Folder 33: Personal correspondence with Vernon Roelofs
Box 2
Folder 1: Book: El Burrito (Spanish)
Folder 2: Book: Progresso Rural in Boyaca (Spanish)
Folder 3: Reports: "El Papel de la Extensión Agrícola en Colombia" (Spanish)
Folder 4: Newsletter: Carta Extensionista - article on last page about G. E. Roelofs --- June 1962
Folder 5: Manuscript: "Some Impressions of Rural Europe Youth Programs in Western Europe"
Folder 6: Correspondence concerning Europe, work in India, and income tax
Folder 7: Book: Guide to Rural Youth Organization (English and Hindu versions)
Folder 8: Extension Training Seminar Recommendations
Folder 9: Report: First Annual Report of Planning Research and Action Institute, Planning Department, Udder Pradesh
Folder 10: Three booklets written in Hindu
Folder 11: Manuscript: "Co-operative Action Project for a Rural Youth Organization"
Folder 12: Personal correspondence --- 1955
Folder 13: Personal correspondence in relation to work in India
Folder 14: Agenda for Seminar on Extension Training at Almora --- June 18-21, 1955
Folder 15: Minutes of the Meeting of the Youth Project Advisory Committee --- July 16, 1955
Folder 16
Item 1: Report: "A Note on Youth Work in Jaisinghpur, Project Area of District Sultanpur"
Item 2: Report: "A Note on Youth Work Training for Extension Teachers"
Item 3: Report:  "Monthly Report of the Extension Section for the Month of March 1955"
Item 4: Report:  "Report of Work Done in the Extension Work in Younger Age Sections, Monthly Report for May 1955"
Item 5: Report: "Planning Research and Action Institute, U.P., Expansion Program During 1955-1956"
Item 6: Report: "Proceedings of the Project Committee on Special Extensions Work With Younger Age Groups Held on April 11, 1955…"
Folder 17: Book: Agricultural Extension Work --- 1952
Folder 18: Book: Agricultural Programs in Japan --- 1945-1951
Folder 19: Manuscript: "Development of Agricultural Extension in Japan" by G. E. Roelofs
Folder 20: Personal correspondence relating to the Agricultural Extension work in Japan
Folder 21: Personal correspondence about speeches given, visits, and the work of G. E. Roelofs in Japan
Folder 22
Item 1: The Japanese News: "1 Million 4-H Club Members Start Competitive Program"
Item 2: The Japanese News: "4-H Clubs of Japan Planning Nationwide Members' Contests"
Folder 23: Draft notes for Ambassador's Agricultural Speech
Folder 24: Press release: "Remarks Prepared by US Ambassador Robert Murphy for Delivery to National 4-H Club Congress at Hibiya Public Hall on Wednesday" --- March 18, 1953
Folder 25: Magazine, The Chronicle of an Idea
Box 3
Folder 1: Manuscript: "Rural Youth Organizations in Japan," Introduction by G. E. Roelofs
Folder 2: Certificate (copy) awarded to G. E. Roelofs for his work in Japan in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry --- 1950
Folder 3
Item 1: Manuscripts: "Agricultural Organization and Administration Study Group"
Item 2: Manuscripts: "Nine Men with a Thousand Questions" by G. E. Roelofs, A Report on T. A. Project
Folder 4: Photographs, home improvement in rural Japan
Folder 5: Manuscripts: "U.S. Embassy Officers Cooperation for Growth of 4-H Clubs," attached to a Japanese newspaper, "Two Years of Occupation and Natural Resources"
Folder 6: Personal correspondence
Folder 7: Newspaper picture of the delegation of Austrian agriculture officials
Folder 8: Continuation sheet
Folder 9: Newspaper article: "Fayette County Farms Studied by Ten Austrian Farm Leaders," Washington C. H. Record-Herald --- July 17,1951
Folder 10: Manuscript, "Caption Material for Life on a Japanese Farm"
Folder 11: Booklet: Future Farmers of Japan
Folder 12: Photographs [Austrian delegation?]
Folder 13: Book: Public Opinion Survey on Birth Control in Japan
Folder 14: Magazine: Extension Science Review, "An Extension Service in Japan" by G. E. Roelofs; "Our 4-H Club in Japan"
Folder 15: Manuscript: "Program Report Number 4, Natural Resources Section" --- January 1 - June 30, 1947
Folder 16: Japanese book with an article by G. E. Roelofs in Japanese
Folder 17: Booklets: Measurement of Standards of Living of the Working Classes in Japan; and Present Condition of Extension Work in Japan
Folder 18: Magazine: Foreign Agriculture; "Japan's Extension Service: Some Problems and Progress" --- November 1951
Folder 19: Learning to Serve
Folder 20: Report: "Agricultural Economics Extension Methods"
Folder 21: Book: Guide to Agriculture in the USA (Japanese)
Folder 22: Personal correspondence --- 1950-1951
Folder 23: Newsletter: News of Iowa State, "Members of Diet Look Over Iowa State"
Folder 24: Newsletter: Foreign Program Letter, "Japanese Comments" --- 5/25/1951
Folder 25: Newspaper articles --- 1951
Folder 26: Photographs: Parliamentary Team in Tennessee --- 1951
Folder 27: Press release: prepared for delivery at a dinner meeting of the Takamatsu Chamber of Commerce --- 3/5/1953
Folder 28: Copy of an outgoing message from SCAP (Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers), Tokyo, Japan - Washington, DC
Folder 29: Address to the President and Senators by a member of the Japanese Diet
Folder 30
Item 1: Manuscript: "Program for Training of Japanese Agricultural Legislative Leaders in the Formulation of National Agricultural Policies," includes newspaper clippings and personal correspondence --- January 10-April 6, 1951
Item 2: Manuscript: "Development of Agricultural Extension in Japan Since WWII," by G. E. Roelofs; --- January 10-April 6, 1952
Item 3: Manuscript: "Report on Japanese Congressional Agricultural Mission" --- January 10-April 6, 1953
Folder 31: Personal correspondence relating to G. E. Roelofs' position as an information officer
Folder 32: Information sheet for new Foreign Service Employees
Folder 33: Psychological Task #2: "To Encourage and Create Popular Support of Japanese Rearmament for Self-Defense"
Folder 34: Psychological Task #3: " To Promote the View that Japan Can Participate in the New Collective Security System on Terms of Dignity and Self-Respect"
Folder 35: Psychological Task #4: "To Foster the Belief that Japan Can Make a Positive Contribution to the Economic and Educational Progress of Non-Communist Asia"
Folder 36: Psychological Task #6: "Instill Confidence in the Quality of US Intellectual and Cultural Life"
Folder 37: Psychological Task #7: " Impart a Realization of the True Nature of American Idealism and Humanitarian Motivation"
Folder 38: Minutes of the USIS Program Staff Meeting on --- November 17, 1952
Folder 39
Item 1: Manuscript: "Japanese Leader's Impressions of the USA," by T. Tomizuha
Item 2: Manuscript: "Report on Japanese Congressional Agricultural Mission"
Item 3: Manuscript: "Agricultural Extension in Japan"
Folder 40: Personal correspondence re: Americans serving in Japan
Folder 41
Item 1: Memorandum: "Exchange of Persons: Japanese Leader-Specialist Exchange Program"
Item 2: Memorandum: "Nominations for Agricultural Leader Grants"
Item 3: Memorandum: "Private Enterprises Support for 4-H"
Item 4: Memorandum: "The Agricultural Extension Program in Japan"
Item 5: Memorandum: "List of Top Prefectural Agricultural Officials"
Item 6: Memorandum: "Talk to Farm Youth Leaders of the Sandai Area"
Folder 42: Information sheet entitled "Section II, Indian Extension Directors Study for Japan"
Folder 43: Report: " Trip of Mr. Roelofs and Mr. Knez to Fukuoka, Saga, and Kumamoto Prefectures" --- May 2-24, 1953
Folder 44: Manuscripts
Folder 45: Booklets: Extension Work in Japan; Present Condition of Extension Work in Japan
Folder 46: Two pieces of music, 4-H songs (words in Japanese)
Box 4
Folder 1: Photograph, Japanese farmers visiting the US
Folder 2: Manuscript: "3 Months in the US," by Kataro Mori
Folder 3: Booklet: Present Conditions of Agricultural Experiments and Researches in Japan --- October 1952
Folder 4: Memorandum, "Election Results in Rural Areas"
Folder 5: Report: "Mr. G. E. Roelofs's visit to Nagaoka, April 1953"
Folder 6: Memorandum: "American Embassy Representation on a Japan Study Tour of Indian Agriculturists"
Folder 7: Report: "Field Trip to the Nagano Prefecture"
Folder 8: Reports: "Field Trip to  Kanagawa Prefectural Agricultural Hall, Hiratsuka"; visit with Governor Iwataro Uchiyana, Kanagawa Prefectures"
Folder 9: Report: "Field Trip to Hokkaido"
Folder 10: Memorandum: "The Information Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry"
Folder 11: Memorandum: " Farmer Organizations in Japan"
Folder 12: Manuscript: "The Information Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry"
Folder 13: Press release: Remarks Prepared by US Ambassador R. Murphy for Delivery to the National 4-H Club Congress at Hibiya Public Hall --- March 18, 1953
Folder 14: Manuscript, "USIS and Rural Youth Organizations on Japan"
Folder 15: Newspaper release, "Intimacy through American-Japanese 4-H Club Members Exchange"
Folder 16: Map, Miyagi Prefecture
Folder 17: Newspaper article, " Night Over Politics in Japan" --- July 1952
Folder 18: Photographs of work in Japan
Folder 19: 4-H newspaper (Japanese)
Folder 20: Manuscript, " Present Situation of Home Improvement in Extension Service"
Folder 21: Manuscript, "4-H Clubs in USA"
Folder 22: Manuscript, "Home Improvement Work in Japan"
Folder 23: Article in The News, Bogota D.E., "Meet Your Neighbor" --- January 1962
Folder 24: Article in Het Parool: "Fryslan Bappe' Garritt Roelofs uit vs praat goed Nederlands
Folder 25: Booklets, Food and Trade: Today and Tomorrow; The Record, "A New Language for Rural Japan," "Contributors"
Folder 26
Item 1: Magazine: Extension Service Review, "An Extension Service in Japan," "Our 4-H Club in Japan" --- December 1951
Item 2: Magazine:  Foreign Agriculture, "Japan's Extension Service, Some Problems and Progress" --- November 1951
Item 3: Magazine: International Cooperative Training Journal, "Make the Best Use of Your Cooperative Consultant"
Folder 27: Annual Report (Spanish) --- July 1961-June 1962
Folder 28
Item 1: Manuscript: "Tribute to Ghandi"
Item 2: Manuscript: "The American Aid Program and the Challenge of Communism in South Asia: Analysis and Critique of Economic and Ideological Factors Involved"
Folder 29
Item 1: Manuscript: "Case Closed-but Today I Remember"
Item 2: Manuscript:  "Troubled Mind in a Troubled World"
Item 3: Manuscript: "People and Land"
Folder 30: Vivia Perpetua.
Folder 31: Radio Speech: WHO Des Moines, by G. E. Roelofs - concerned with the political campaign and election --- 1936
Folder 32: Manuscripts, "Paragraphs From the Address of Senator Garritt E. Roelofs" (about the Social Security Act, 1937); "Social Security and Its Practical Administration"
Folder 33: Report: "The Reports of the Committee of Inquiry into the Affairs of All Co-operative Unions in Uganda"
Folder 34: Booklet, "An Application to the Government of the United Kingdom for a Loan to Establish and Develop the Co-operative College of Uganda"
Folder 35: Book: 1964 Statistical Abstract
Box 5
Folder 1: Manuscript, "Agricultural Development Project, Uganda Draft --- Jan. 1968
Folder 2: Uganda Co-operative Education Manual
Folder 3: Personal correspondence --- 1965-1968
Folder 4
Item 1: Booklet: The Principles and Practice of Co-operation
Item 2: Booklet: Annual Report (2 copies) --- May 1968
Item 3: Booklet: Annual Report - Progress through Cooperatives --- 1971
Item 4: Booklet: Problems and Progress in International Cooperation
Folder 5: Articles and Reports on the Cooperative Development of Uganda
Folder 6: Article, "Bunyoro Shows the Way"
Folder 7: Photographs, G. E. Roelofs with co-workers in Uganda
Folder 8: "End of Tour Report," by G. E. Roelofs --- June 1968
Folder 9: Co-op News --- June 1968 and July 1968
Folder 10: Newsletter of the Uganda Cooperatives
Folder 11: Personal correspondence involving or relating to G. E. Roelofs --- May-September 1968
Folder 12: Uganda Co-op News
Folder 13: "Uganda Agriculture Sector Analysis"
Folder 14: Several reports concerning the Co-operative Movement in Uganda
Folder 15: Newspapers, The Reporter and Front Lines
Box 6
Folder 1: Recording made in response to an invitation by E. R. Post
Folder 2: Fresian News items
Folder 3: Report concerning the World Food Congress
Folder 4: Photo at the World Food Congress staff meeting --- 1963
Folder 5: List of participants in the World Food Congress
Folder 6: Key officials and committees of the World Food Congress
Folder 7: Manuscript, "The Farmer"
Folder 8: Address by the Secretary of Agriculture
Folder 9: Press Release, "Address at Concluding Session of the World Food Congress"
Folder 10: Report, "Current Status of World Food Congress Activation" --- April 25, 1963
Folder 11: Memorandum, "Meeting of May 9, 1963, on World Food Congress"
Folder 12: Press Release, "US to be Host to World Food Congress"
Folder 13: Photographs used by the World Food Congress
Folder 14: Fact sheet, World Food Congress
Folder 15: Press Release, "Secretary-Governor of World Food Congress Opens US Office"
Folder 16: Report, "You and the World Food Congress"
Folder 17: Booklet, Your Answers About American Trade and Professional Associations
Folder 18: Original draft of a bulletin prepared by G. E. Roelofs
Folder 19: Personal correspondence
Folder 20: Copy of the plan of work (English and Spanish) --- 1962
Folder 21: List of members of the Committee to study the Federal Social Security Program --- 1937
Folder 22: Correspondence relating to the appointment of thirty-five members
Folder 23: Legislation: The Child Welfare Act --- 1937
Folder 24: Annual Report of the Junior-League convalescent home --- 1936
Folder 25: Correspondence of Clyde L. Herring (Gov. of Iowa) relating to the appointment of members of the Social Security Board
Folder 26: Correspondence: includes some letters to Edward Roelofs and letters to and from Wallace Roelofs; correspondence from citizens relating to the appointments made to the Unemployment Compensation Commission,  Social Security Legislation, and personal notes --- 1936, 1937
Folder 27: Manuscript, "An Outline for Discussion"
Folder 28: Jack Boylan memorandum
Folder 29: Photograph of N. G. Kreschal (Gov. of Iowa, 1936-1938)
Folder 30: Personal correspondence --- 1937-1938

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