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Fred Klooster Collection



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Fred Klooster Collection, 1952-1997 | Heritage Hall, Hekman Library

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Collection Overview

Title: Fred Klooster Collection, 1952-1997

ID: COLL/453

Primary Creator: Klooster, Fred (1922-2003)

Extent: 7.9 Cubic Feet. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Minister of the Christian Reformed Church and professor of systematic theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. The collection includes materials on theological, doctrinal, ethical, and confessional matters; reports, minutes and correspondence detailing synodical committees, i.e., Interchurch Relations, Form of Subscription, Report 44 of 1972, Confessions, Heidelberg Catechism, and SCORR; minutes for the Meeter Center; articles; papers; materials on the alternate seminary and women's issue controversy; correspondence; letters of call; course materials; home missionary reports; retirement materials; and material on the Gerald Klooster court case with clippings, articles, correspondence, court proceedings, and videos. [See also the Campus Titles Database.]

Biographical Note

Fred H. Klooster was born in Munster, Indiana on December 23, 1922.  While attending Chicago Christian High, Klooster's Bible teacher told him he had the ability to become a pastor and encouraged him to pursue an education in ministry. Klooster took his teacher's word to heart and enrolled at Calvin College. After graduating with his B.A. in 1942, he went on to Calvin Theological Seminary where he earned his Th.B. in 1947. Klooster decided to further his education by obtaining his Th.M. from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1949.  Klooster had the honor of studying as a Fulbright scholar at the Free University of Amsterdam, earning his Th.D. in 1951.

Once he completed his education, Klooster was ordained on September 21, 1952 at South Holland, Illinois. He served as a Home missionary in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois until 1953. Klooster went on to become a lecturer at his alma mater, Calvin College, from 1953 to 1956. Klooster accepted the position of Professor of Dogmatics at the Seminary, and later taught Systematic Theology. Over the course of 35 years, he proudly prepared several generations of pastors for the CRC. Klooster retired in 1988.

Klooster's real passion was teaching, but he also enjoyed writing and scholarly research on the Heidelberg Catechism. He has written many articles and books including Our Only Comfort: A Comprehensive Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism, 2001. He was also the founding editor of the Calvin Theological Journal.  He served his church in many capacities as well, such as serving on numerous synodical committees and leadership roles in the Reformed Ecumenical Synod.

On a personal level, Klooster married Leona De Waard in 1946. Together they had five children. When Klooster was not teaching, writing, or involved with a committee, he was gardening, playing ping-pong, or running around with his family.  Fred H. Klooster passed away due to subdural hematoma on December 27, 2003 at the age of 81.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: [General Materials]],
[Series 2: Articles and Papers],
[Series 3: Academic Materials, 1961-1996],
[Series 4: Committee Materials, 1982-1997],
[Series 5: Academic Materials, 1982-1997],
[Series 6: Correspondence],

Series 1: [General Materials]
Box 1
Folder 1: Biographical information
Folder 2: Retirement Articles and Documents
Folder 3: Notes on Thesis: "The Incomprehensibility of God in the Orthodox Presbyterian Conflict"
Folder 4: Outline for a Study of the Heidelberg Catechism
Folder 5: Final draft of Catechism Comparisons --- April 1989
Folder 6: Article on the Heidelberg Catechism written for Psalter Hymnal Handbook --- 1987
Folder 7: Material dealing with publication of A Mighty Comfort
Folder 8: Material on evaluation of Dutch confession "God Met Ons"
Folder 9: Two Latin catechisms
Folder 10: Speech to Bible conference
Folder 11: Articles on the Westminster Assembly and Confession
Folder 12: "Reflections upon the Document - Communion of Saints," paper
Folder 13: "Reformed Confessions and the Identity of the Church," paper
Box 2
Folder 1: Minutes of Report 44 Study Committee
Folder 2: Report 44 Committee memos
Folder 3: Commentaries on Report 44
Folder 4: Correspondence with Report 44 Committee
Folder 5: Papers on biblical authority (various authors)
Folder 6: Seminarian N. Overduin paper on Report 44
Folder 7: Report 44 Committee Report to Synod --- 1972
Folder 8: Dordt College Conference on Biblical Authority --- 1976
Folder 9: Papers by Report 44 committee members on biblical authority
Folder 10: Papers/articles on Report 44 (by non-committee members)
Folder 11: Appeals to Synod re: Report 44
Folder 12: Report 44 Committee Member comments on final reports for committee meetings
Folder 13: Report to the (6) Midwest CRC classes re: Report 44 --- 1983
Folder 14: Correspondence between Report 44 committee members
Folder 15: Klooster correspondence re: Report 44
Folder 16-17: Correspondence received re: Report 44
Folder 18: Banner articles on Report 44
Item 1: Guardian articles
Item 2: Reformed Journal articles
Item 3: Christian Beacon article
Item 4: Outlook articles
Item 5: De Wachter article
Box 3
Folder 1: RES Conference on Scripture --- 1972
Folder 2: Reformed Ecumenical Synod Correspondence
Folder 3: NAE Theology Committee material
Folder 4: National Association of Evangelicals material
Folder 5: Presbyterian Confession of 1967 material
Folder 6: CRC/RCA Relations material
Folder 7: Discussions between Interchurch Relations Committee and PCA
Folder 8: Discussions between Interchurch Relations Committee and RCA
Folder 9: Discussions between Interchurch Relations Committee and OPC
Folder 10: Interchurch Relations Committee minutes --- 1988-1992
Folder 11: D. Feddes vs. Neal Punt on Universalism
Folder 12: The Theology of the New Hermeneutics
Folder 13: Willis De Boer material
Series 2: Articles and Papers
Box 4
Folder 1: Calvin's Missing "One Word on the Heidelberg Catechism
Folder 2: "The Kingdom of God in the History of the CRC" --- 1983
Folder 3: "The Doctoral Deliverances of Dort" --- 1968
Folder 4: "Predestination: A Calvinistic Note" --- 1979
Folder 5: "Missions- The Heidelberg Catechism and Calvin"
Folder 6: "Toward a Reformed Hermeneutic" --- 1974
Folder 7: "Henry Boer's Battle Against Reprobation" --- 1984
Folder 8: "Revelation and Scripture in Existentialist Theology"
Folder 9: The History and Literature of Systematic Theology
Folder 10: "A Critical Evaluation of Modern Trends"
Folder 11: "The Uniqueness of Reformed Theology" --- 1974
Folder 12: "Justification by Faith"
Folder 13: "Covenant Theology Today" --- 1979
Folder 14: "Analysis of John Calvin's Institutes"
Folder 15: "Theology, Confession and the Church"
Folder 16: Notes on The Apostles Creed
Folder 17: RES Discussion "God With Us" --- 1982
Folder 18: "Dogmatic Theology"
Folder 19: "Neo-Orthodoxy"
Folder 20: Analysis of Niebuhr's Meaning of Revelation" --- 1959
Folder 21: Various Published Articles
Folder 22: Monograph "Quest for the Historical Jesus"
Folder 23: Adult Bible Studies (Church Groups)
Series 3: Academic Materials --- 1961-1996
Box 5
Folder 1: Class notes: The Doctrine of the Covenant
Folder 2: Class notes: Introduction to Systematic Theology (Chapters I-IV)
Folder 3: Class notes: Introduction to Systematic Theology (Chapters V-VII)
Folder 4: Class notes: The Doctrine of Christ (part one)
Folder 5: Class notes: The Doctrine of Christ (part two)
Folder 6: Class notes: The Doctrine of God
Folder 7: Meeter Center dedication program --- 1982
Folder 8: Minutes of Meeter Center Board and Executive Committee --- 1981-1986
Folder 9: Dedication Committee for Meeter Center minutes --- 1981-1982
Folder 10: Meeter Center Governing Board memos
Folder 11: Calvin's Doctrine of Predestination [HERH BX9423.P7 K6] --- 1961
Folder 12: Class notes: History of Theology and Major Types of Theology
Box 6
Folder 1: Course material, The Doctrine of the Last Things --- 1988
Folder 2: Course material, The Doctrine of God
Folder 3: Course material, The Doctrine of Christ --- 1988
Folder 4: Course material, The Heidelberg Catechism
Folder 5: Course material, Introduction to Systematic Theology
Folder 6-9: Course material, The History of Christian Doctrine
Folder 7: Course material, The Theology of Karl Barth
Box 7
Folder 1: Course material, The Trinity
Folder 2: Course material, Systematic Theology
Folder 3: Course outlines and exam booklets (Seminary)
Folder 4: Course material, The Theology of John Calvin
Folder 5: Calvin Seminary Self-Study --- 1988
Folder 6: Lectures given at Covenant Theological Seminary --- 1970
Folder 7: Letters of recommendation
Folder 8: Letters of recommendation
Folder 9: Letters of recommendation
Box 8
Folder 1: Papers: Uppsala on "The Holy Spirit and the Catholicity of the Church," "The Nature of Man," "How Reformed Theologians Do Theology in Today's World" --- 1991
Folder 2: Papers: "An Analysis of Calvin's Institutes and Attributes of God"
Folder 3: Paper: "Calvin and Calvinism"
Folder 4: Paper: "Calvin and Calvinism"
Folder 5: Paper: "The Nature of Biblical Authority, Norman Shepherd"
Folder 6: Papers: "The Lord's Prayer in Eight Protestant Catechisms" --- 1998
Folder 7: Paper: "Existentialist Theology and Revelation"
Folder 8: Paper: Aspects of Historical Method in Pannenberg's Theology, "The Theology of Wolfhart Pannenburg"
Folder 9: Papers: Aspects of Historical Method in Pannenberg's Theology, "The Meaning of Resurrection"
Folder 10-12: Course Notes, The Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg
Folder 13: Course: The Theology of Pannenberg and Moltmann --- 1975
Box 9
Folder 1: Research material, Committee to Update Heidelberg Catechism
Folder 2: The Heedelberg Catechism, Origin and History --- 1989
Folder 3: The Heidelberg Catechism and Parallels Q1-85
Folder 4: The Heidelberg Catechism and Parallels Q86-129
Folder 5: The Heidelberg Catechism and Parallels Q116-129
Folder 6: The Heidelberg Catechism and Parallels Z85-115
Box 10
Folder 1: Papers given at R.E.S. Theological Holy Spirit Conferences
Folder 2: The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Hermeneutic Process
Folder 3: Class Notes: Calvinism
Folder 4: Existentialist View of Tillich, Bultmann and Macquarrie
Folder 5-6: Book reviews
Folder 7: Review of Manuscript on the Women's Issue
Folder 8: Mid-America Reformed Seminary Controversy
Box 11
Folder 1: Van Till Creation/Evolution Matter
Folder 2: Background material on Synodical Ethical Decisions
Folder 3: Background material on Synodical Ethical Decisions
Folder 4: Minutes of Synodical Decisions and the Confessions Committee --- 1973
Folder 5: SCORR Review Committee material --- 1976
Folder 6: SCORR Review Committee material
Folder 7: Material of Committee to Update the Heidelberg Catechism
Folder 8: Correspondence of Committee to Update Heidelberg Catechism
Box 12
Folder 1: Ad Hoc Committee on Form of Subscription material --- 1988
Folder 2: Correspondence with Eerdmans Publishing Co. --- 1952-1953
Folder 3: Seminary address, "The Adjective in Systematic Theology," 1963; The Adjective in Systematic Theology [HERH BT80.K6] --- 1963
Folder 4: Banner articles on systematic theology --- 1961
Folder 5: Kerux articles
Folder 6: Talk to Seminary Corps on Common Grace --- 1924-1965
Folder 7: Banner articles
Folder 8: Reviews of Dr. Kuitert's book, The Reality of Faith --- 1968
Folder 9: Critique of paper by Cornelis Venema --- 1980
Folder 10: Research Course: Systematic Theology of Nels Ferre
Folder 11: RES 50th anniversary committee material
Folder 12: Translation of Berkouwer's "General Revelation"
Folder 13: Analysis of Report 44 by C. Van Til
Folder 14: Handbook of Evangelical Theologians, Chapter "Louis Berkhof"
Folder 15: Lecture: The Covenant of Grand and Its Implications for Christian Education
Box 13
Folder 1: Notepads with personal comments/notes
Folder 2: College course Bible 105 notes (Klooster as a student)
Folder 3: Study in the Netherlands material
Folder 4: Correspondence regarding first calls received --- 1952
Folder 5: Correspondence - Champaign/Urbana Home Missionary --- 1952-1953
Folder 6: Home Missionary reports - Champaign/Urbana --- 1952-1953
Folder 7: Seminary Textbook: Old Testament and New Testament Theology
Folder 8: Paper: "A Critical Evaluation of Contemporary Theological Trends" --- 1973
Folder 9: Papers for Church Policy Seminary Class --- 1941
Folder 10: Paper: "Kingdom and Church" --- 1976
Box 14
Folder 1: San Francisco Chronicle articles re: Gerald Klooster Sr. Case
Folder 2: Correspondence re: Gerald Klooster Sr. Case
Folder 3: Court Proceedings: Gerald Klooster Sr. Case
Folder 4: Court Proceedings: Gerald Klooster Sr. Case
Folder 5: Settlement agreement and news clippings - Gerald Klooster Sr. Case
Box 15
Item 1: Dateline, VHS;
Item 2: Family Values, 2/25/1996, VHS;
Item 3: 60 Minutes, VHS
Box 16
Folder 1: Seminary course material
Series 4: Committee Materials --- 1982-1997
Box 16
Folder 2: Meeter Center Governing Board minutes --- 1982-1987
Folder 3: Interchurch Relations Committee correspondence --- 1994
Folder 4: Interchurch Relations Committee minutes --- 1992-1994
Folder 5: Interchurch Relations Committee material re: GKN
Folder 6: Interchurch Relations Committee Reports on Relationship to the GKN --- 1994
Series 5: Academic Materials --- 1982-1997
Box 16
Folder 7: Papers given at the Fifth International Congress on Calvin Research --- 1990
Folder 8: Kromminga Resource Center Committee material --- 1994
Box 17
Folder 1: Lectures given at Presbyterian Seminary in Brazil --- 1982
Folder 2: Correspondence re: Presbyterian Seminary in Brazil --- 1991
Folder 3: Correspondence re: Presbyterian Seminary in Brazil --- 1994
Folder 4: Correspondence re: Presbyterian Seminary in Brazil --- 1995-1997
Series 6: Correspondence
Box 18
Folder 1-11: 1940-1960
Box 19
Folder 1-8: 1961-1965
Box 20
Folder 1-10: 1966-1975
Box 21
Folder 1-10: 1976-1985
Box 22
Folder 1-10: 1986-1995
Folder 11-13: Cornelius Vantil (Uncle Kees) --- 1943-1982
Folder 14: Martin Woustra --- 1960
Folder 15: Personal Family Letters, Switzerland and Sabbatical) --- 1959-1960
Folder 16: Personal Letters Capetown, S.A. --- 1976
Box 23
Folder 1-3: Family --- 1949-1976
Folder 4: Personal Family Letters, Korea --- 1971
Folder 5: Personal Correspondence Sabbatical Heudelberg --- 1968-1969
Folder 6: Oriental Lecture Tour --- 1971
Folder 7: Fullbright Scholarship, Free University of Amsterdam --- 1949-1950
Folder 8: Berchtesgaden Chaplain Retreat --- 1959
Box 24
Folder 1-2: Booklets on Karl Barth's Theology --- 1956-1963
Folder 3: Correspondence re: Karl Barth --- 1961
Folder 4: Christianity Today Articles on Barth's Theology --- 1961-1962
Folder 5-6: Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics
Folder 7: The Theology of Karl Barth
Folder 8: Conversation with Karl Barth, "The Authority of Scripture" --- 1963
Box 25
Folder 1: Karl Barth Biographical Material
Folder 2: Lectures on "The Theology of Karl Barth", Reformed Fellowship
Folder 3: Review: Barth's Vol IV Doctrine of Reconciliation --- 1957
Folder 4: Critique: Barth's Doctrine of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Folder 5: Article: "Karl Barth, Evangelicals and Revelation" --- 1987
Folder 6: Article: "Barth and the Future of Evangelical Theology"
Folder 7: Karl Barth and Christmas
Folder 8: Research Material on Barth's Doctrine of God
Folder 9: Papers/dialog on Karl Barth
Folder 10: Paper: "Karl Barth's View of the Image of God in Man"
Folder 11: Paper: "Berkhower on Barth"
Folder 12: Articles on the Soteriology of Karl Barth
Folder 13: Theological Views of Karl Barth
Folder 14: Article: "Karl Barth's Doctrine of Election" --- 1961
Folder 15: Class Notes Basel --- 1960
Folder 16: Letters Describing Karl Barth's Funeral --- 1968
Box 26
Folder 1: Course Material: Church and Kingdom
Folder 2: Essay" Calvinistic Philosophy" --- 1948
Folder 3: Notes on the Book of Acts --- 1986
Folder 4: Course Notes: Eschatology
Folder 5: Article: "Perspectives on the CRC" --- 1983
Folder 6: Article: "The Seminarian and Systematic Theology"
Folder 7: Article: "The Reformation and Theology"
Folder 8: Article: "Response to Dr. H.B. Weijland" RES --- 1980
Folder 9: Article: "Theological Trends During the Past Quarter Century" --- 1974
Folder 10: Article: "The Biblical Method of Salvation: A Case for Continuity" --- 1988
Folder 11: Articles: "The Nature of Man"
Folder 12: Article: "Scripture and Tradition in the R.E.S. --- 1985
Folder 13: Article: The Identity of the Church in the Reformed Confessions" --- 1986
Folder 14: Article: "The Death of God in Theology" --- 1967
Folder 15: Paper: "The Covenant and Discrimination" --- 1985
Folder 16: Letters from Basel --- 1960
Folder 17: Lecture: "Calvin's Attitude Toward the Heldelberg Catechism --- 1990
Folder 18: Speech: "American Freedom and the Christian School"
Folder 19: R.E.S.: South Africa --- 1978
Folder 20: Notes re: Belhar Confession
Folder 21: Article: "Covenant, Church and Kingdom in the New Testament"
Folder 22: Convocation Address, "Four R's" --- 1967
Folder 23: Article: "The Priority of Ursinus in the Composition of the Heldelberg Catechism"
Folder 24: Committee on the Inspiration of Scripture, RES
Folder 25: Book Review: "Carl F.H. Henry"
Box 27
Folder 1: Sermons, Old Testament
Folder 2: Sermons, New Testament
Folder 3: Correspondence with Reverend Jean Rajonarivony
Folder 4: Articles Regarding "Common Grace"
Folder 5: Papers on the Covenant
Folder 6: Paper: "Scripture and Tradition in the Res"
Folder 7: Speech: "Herman Bavink on Scripture, Inspiration, Infallibility"
Folder 8: Article: "What's Happening to our Churches" --- 1982
Folder 9: Dictionary of Christian Ethics, "Merit" and "Supperogation"
Folder 10: Article: "John Calvin the Theologian"
Folder 11: Speech: "American Freedom and the Christian School"

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[Series 1: [General Materials]],
[Series 2: Articles and Papers],
[Series 3: Academic Materials, 1961-1996],
[Series 4: Committee Materials, 1982-1997],
[Series 5: Academic Materials, 1982-1997],
[Series 6: Correspondence],

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