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Gabriel D. De Jong Collection, 1884-1952

Collection Overview

Title: Gabriel D. De Jong Collection, 1884-1952

ID: COLL/045

Creator: De Jong, Gabriel D. (1864-1928)

Extent: 6.0 Boxes. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Professor of history at Calvin Theological Seminary and minister of the Christian Reformed Church. The collection includes sermons, articles, class lectures, student notes, reports, correspondence dealing with Classis Sioux Center (1924-1925), papers, notebooks on the lectures of G. Vos, material on the spiritual care of soldiers (1916), and biographical information.

Biographical Note

The Reverend Gabriel D. De Jong was born March 2, 1864, at Minnertsga in Friesland, the Netherlands.  His Christian education there was intended to prepare him for the ministry in the Reformed Church in the Old World.  Circumstances, however, led him to the New World in May 1882.  Arriving in Grand Rapids, he was advised to join the Christian Reformed Church, which was then in the midst of the Freemasonry problem.

In order to come to a right decision for himself, he worked a year.  He then decided to join the Christian Reformed Church, becoming a member of the Coldbrook congregation.  For three years he attended the Theological School.  His first charge was in Vriesland, Michigan.  Later charges were in Grand Haven and South Olive, Michigan; Leighton, Iowa; and Highland, Indiana.  From 1908 to 1914, however, he served as professor of church history at the seminary.

His retirement at the age of sixty-three was necessitated by severe arthritis.  A year later he died quite suddenly of pneumonia following the flu.  He left behind his widow, three sons, and two daughters.  The fact that eight pastors officiated at his funeral testifies to the high regard his fellow ministers had for him personally and for his service to the church.

Administrative Information

Alternate Extent Statement: 3.0 cubic ft.

Acquisition Source: Gift of M. Monsma

Other Note: Collection partly in Dutch.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Biographical Material --- 1897-1925
Box 1
Folder 1: Biographical notes
Folder 2: Notebooks on lectures of Gerhardus Vos on Compendium der Gereformeerde Theologie
Folder 3: Notebooks on lectures of G. Vos on Enleiding op de Dogmatick
Folder 4: Notebooks on lectures of G. Vos on Natuurlijke Godsgeleerdheid
Folder 5: Notebooks on lectures of G. Vos on De Leer der Laste Dingen
Folder 6: Notebooks on lectures of G. Vos on Stellingen Over de Heiligen Doop
Folder 7: Notebooks on lectures of G. Vos on Van Gods Besluiten in het Algemeen
Folder 8: Paper, "De Vrijmetselaar Beweging in de RCA"
Folder 9: Paper, "The Anti-Christ"
Folder 10: Reports on semi-centennial of Holland immigration to USA --- 1897
Folder 11: Synodale besluiten in zake de benoeming van proffesoren --- 1900-1910
Folder 12: Correspondence dealing with Classis Sioux Center --- 1924-1925
Series 2: Sermonic Material --- 1914-1928
Box 2
Folder 1: Sermons; Heidelberg Catechism --- 1914, 1918-1920
Folder 2: Sermons; Leighton, Iowa --- 1916
Folder 3: Sermons; general texts --- 1917
Folder 4: Sermons --- 1918-1920
Folder 5: Sermons; Heidelberg Catechism --- 1919, 1921, 1922
Folder 6: Sermons --- 1922
Folder 7: Sermons; Heidelberg Catechism --- 1922, 1923
Folder 8: Sermons; general texts --- 1923
Folder 9: Sermons; Heidelberg Catechism --- 1924, 1925
Folder 10: Sermons; general texts --- 1928
Series 3: Articles in De Wachter, Miscellaneous Items --- 1910-1952
Box 3
Folder 1: Articles on Kerkelijke Leven in Amerika en Nederland in De Wachter --- 1926
Folder 2: Articles on Kerkelijke Leven in Amerika en Nederland in De Wachter --- 1927
Folder 3: Articles on Kerkelijke Leven in Amerika en Nederland in De Wachter --- 1928
Folder 4: Als En Maar, versification --- 1916
Folder 5: The Bugle, publication of Grundy Center, Victory issue
Folder 6: Committee to promote chain of Dutch literature at the University of Michigan --- 1916
Folder 7: Copy of Dutch weekly De Spiegel --- March 1952
Folder 8: General Smut's message to South Wales --- 1917
Folder 9: League of Christian Reformed Churches for Spiritual Care of Our Soldiers; financial statement and report --- 1916
Folder 10: Onze Voorouders, historical novel by J. V. Lennep
Folder 11: Postcard of Synod --- 1922
Folder 12: Postcard of theological school, undated
Folder 13: Rapport der Committee in zake de Zoogenaamde Doopleden --- 1914
Folder 14: Theological School and Calvin College, brochure --- 1910
Folder 15: What the Bible teaches about war; Rev. James S. Gray --- 1917
Series 4: Class Lectures --- 1913
Box 4
Folder 1: Geref Kerkrecht, bound --- 1913
Folder 2: Outline of biblical archaeology, bound
Folder 3: Historische Schetsen van de Voornaamste Kerken in Amerika, I and II, bound
Folder 4: Historische Schetsen van de Voornaamste Kerken in Amerika, III - V, bound
Folder 5: Historische Schetsen van de Voornaamste Kerken in Amerika, VI - VIII, bound
Folder 6: Historische Schetsen van de Voornaamste Kerken inAmerika, IX - XV, bound
Series 5: Class Lectures --- 1907-1911
Box 5
Folder 1: Idolatrie, bound --- 1911
Folder 2: Platen-Atlas Bijbelsche Oud Heden door H. Oort --- 1907
Series 6: Miscellaneous
Box 5
Folder 4: Schets van het Gereformeerd Kerkrecht, bound --- 1913
Series 7: Student Notes on Lectures --- 1884-1921
Box 6
Folder 1: Inventory of articles by G. De Jong
Folder 2: Article on the classics, notebook --- June 18, 1884
Folder 3: Letter by J. B. Hulst on "Uit En Voor de Pers" --- 2-Sep-13
Folder 4: American church history notes including student outline
Folder 5: Ancient church history, student outline by J. Van Dyke and B. Spalink
Folder 6: Catechetiek, outlined by E. Van Halsema
Folder 7: Church history, outlined by E. Joling --- 1921
Folder 8: Gereformeerde Etheik notes
Folder 9: History of the CRC, outlined by J. Breuker --- 1921
Folder 10: History of preaching, outlined by B. H. Spalink
Folder 11: History Sacra Novum Testamentum
Folder 12: Homilitiek outlined
Folder 13: Kerkrecht, outlined by A. D. V.
Folder 14: Liturgiek, outlined by John De Haan
Folder 15: Modern church history, outlined by G. H.
Folder 16: New Testament introduction notes
Folder 17: Sacred history notes
Folder 18: Schema van Poimeniek, outlined by B. H. S.
Folder 19: Bijbelsche Geschiedenis, outlined
Folder 20: Spread of Christianity in Modern Church, outlined by B. H. Spalink --- 1920