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Harry Reinier Boer Collection, 1942-1992

Collection Overview

Title: Harry Reinier Boer Collection, 1942-1992

ID: COLL/450

Creator: Boer, Harry Reinier (1913-1999)

Extent: 1.91 Cubic Feet. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Chaplain in the United States Navy, missionary to Nigeria, faculty at Calvin Theological Seminary. The collection includes letters to his family; correspondence with families of marines killed in action; materials that reflect his chaplaincy and missionary work; and articles, correspondence, and documents regarding religious issues in the church.

Biographical Note

Harry Rainier Boer graduated from Calvin in 1938; he served as chair of missions at Calvin Theological Seminary in 1951. Harry co-founded the Reformed Journal and advocated for the new theology in the Christian Reformed Church. His parents were Anna Vijfhuizen and Jacob Boer. Harry's father was born in Nieuwerbrug, worked as a bookkeeper for the bulb-growing nursery businesses and served as a deacon. His mother was a domestic maid and participated in the Ladies' Aid Society. The family arrived in the United States in April 1922. Harry Rainier did his confession of faith in 1934 in Holland, Michigan. Harry's grandparents were Hendrick Vijfhuizen, Willem Boer, and Elizabeth Mulder. Harry had a sister, Elisabeth Datema, and a brother, William, and several nieces and nephews.

Harry attended the Holland Christian High School, Hope College, and then to Calvin Theological Seminary in 1942. Harry served as a chaplain in the United States Navy (he was the first CRC pastor to be a Navy chaplain), a missionary to Nigeria, and was part of the faculty for the Calvin Theological Seminary. Harry founded and worked as the first principal of the theological college of Northern Nigeria. He also led weekly Bible studies for the inmates of the Muskegon, Michigan, Correctional Facility.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: [General Materials]
Box 1
Folder 1: Letters to his parents --- April to December, 1942
Folder 2: Letters to his parents --- November to December, 1942
Folder 3: Letters to his parents --- January to May, 1943
Folder 4: Letters to his parents --- June to December, 1943
Folder 5: Letters from Brother William --- 1942-1943
Folder 6: Letters from his parents and sister --- 1944
Folder 7-8: Letters to his parents --- 1944
Folder 9: Letters received from parents whose sons were killed in action --- 1944
Box 2
Folder 1: Letters received from parents whose sons were killed in action and other family related matters --- 1944
Folder 2
Item 1: Letters sent to families of marines killed in action --- 1944
Item 2: paper written on the Tarawa Battle
Folder 3: Letters to his parents --- January to November, 1945
Folder 4: Letters sent to Boer --- 1945
Folder 5: Official papers relating to his military service --- 1942-1946
Folder 6: Navy chaplain newsletters --- 1944
Folder 7: Military orders, memos, and separation papers --- 1944
Folder 8: Correspondence with J. T. Hoogstra --- 1942-1950
Folder 9
Item 1: Letters from D. H. Kromminga.
Item 2: Paper on "The Pre-millennial Eschatology of D. H. Kromminga" --- 1943
Folder 10: Correspondence between Boer and First CRC Roseland re: Reprobation Issue --- 1965-1971
Folder 11: Reformed Journal Article on reprobation by Boer --- 1965
Folder 12: Documents related to Boer's writing on reprobation --- 1965
Folder 13: Correspondence re: establishment of a Reformed Seminary in Benue (Monsma/Personaire Matter) --- 1968-1973
Folder 14: Appeal to the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church re: deposition from position as professor of missions at Calvin Theological Seminary in 1952; written to R. J. Danhof, stated clerk --- 1953
Box 3
Folder 1: Correspondence from M. S. Bates (Union Theological Seminary) on Mission Efforts by Roman Catholic and Protestant Organizations in China --- 1951
Folder 2: Documents Relating to First Jenison CRC Overture re: Boer's Objection to Qualifications for CRC Membership in Nigeria --- 1956
Folder 3: Correspondence re: Boer's Reformed Journal articles on Biblical Criticism --- 1959
Folder 4: Correspondence with Ministers' Pension Fund --- 1970
Folder 5: Nigerian correspondence --- 1970-1975
Folder 6: Documents/Correspondence re: Boer's writings on denominational boards --- 1973-1976
Folder 7: Correspondence with Lynwood CRC re: Infallibility of the Bible --- 1976-1978
Folder 8: Documents relating to Boer's request to have his ministerial credentials transferred from Lynwood, Illinois, CRC to First Grand Rapids, Michigan, CRC --- 1979
Folder 9: Correspondence with the "Contemporary Testimony Committee" --- 1983
Folder 10
Item 1: Dedication program of the Theological College of Northern Nigeria --- 1963
Item 2: Boer's graduation address, Class of 1991, TCNN
Folder 11: Documents relating to the Ronald Ray situation --- 1992
Folder 12: Letter to Delegates to Synod re: Women in Office --- 1992
Folder 13: General correspondence --- 1958-1984
Folder 14: Paper: "The Christian Church and Polygamy"
Folder 15
Item 1: TCNN research bulletin and calendar
Item 2: History of the Theological College of Northern Nigeria --- 1950-1971
Folder 16: Papers by Boer
Item 1: "The Unacknowledged Crisis"
Item 2: "On the Integrity of Synods"
Item 3: "An Ember Still Glowing"
Folder 17: Paper: "The Church in the World"
Folder 18: Last will and testament and related documents
Folder 19: List of articles in Reformed Journal
Folder 20: Our Mission Budget and the Indian Field [HERH BV2527.B6] --- 1949
Folder 21: Mighty Acts of God --- 1956
Folder 22: Principles of Missions
Folder 23: Lecture, The World Missionary Situation Today --- 1958
Box 4
Folder 3: Map of Nigeria
Series 2: Photographs
Box 4
Folder 1: Postcard/photo scrapbook of Nigerian scenes
Folder 2: Unidentified photo negatives