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Andrew J. Bandstra Collection, 1942-1992

Collection Overview

Title: Andrew J. Bandstra Collection, 1942-1992

ID: COLL/005

Creator: Bandstra, Andrew J. (1926-)

Extent: 3.0 Boxes. More info below.

Arrangement: Folder level description


Professor of New Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary and minister of the Christian Reformed Church. The collection includes class notes and lectures.

Biographical Note

Andrew Bandstra was born in Taintor, Iowa, on 6 Dec 1926. He attended Central College, Calvin College, Calvin Theological Seminary, and the Free University of Amsterdam.  He was ordained 16 September 1955, and began his ministry in Lincoln Center Christian Reformed Church in Grundy Center, Iowa. Two years later, he began his teaching career at Calvin College. This ministry continued at Calvin Theological Seminary in 1963 in the New Testament Department. Retirement took place in 1992.

His wife Mae Ruth (Stursma) predeceases Bandstra. Together they had 3 daughters: Nancy and Dick Stob and their children and grandchild, Dan and Beck Kissinger, Paul and Sarah Stob (Elliott), Mark and Liz Stob; Ruth Bandstra; Sue and Rich Hamstra and their children and grandchild, Andrew and Ruth Ippel (Henry), Peter and Kari Ippel, Ben, Michael, Amele and Mikias; Bab and Barry Newman and their children, John and James.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Seminary Student Days, Notes, Papers --- 1942-1953
Box 1
Folder 1: Catechetics, material outlined
Folder 2: Christian Theism, notes, digests
Folder 3: Church History:  Ancient notes --- 1949
Folder 4: Church History:  Christian Reformed notes --- 1950
Folder 5: Church History:  Medieval notes and papers --- 1949
Folder 6: Church History:  Medieval.  Medieval Doctrine, Prelude to the Reformation, mimeographed material
Folder 7: Church History:  Modern, notes and questions --- 4-Apr-42
Folder 8: Church History:  Reformation, seminary class --- 1949
Folder 9: Church Music:  Lectures by Dr. Bruinsma --- 1953
Folder 10: Church Polity:  handwritten notes
Folder 11: Comparative Religions:  class notes
Folder 12: Communications:  summer field work, Student Fund request
Folder 13: Covenant of Grace:  practical implications
Folder 14: Critique of Seminary Professors; letter from Synodical Committee --- 1951
Folder 15: Dogmatics:  Ecclesiology, seminary notes
Folder 16: Ecumenical Movement, three lectures by L. Hodgson --- 1951
Folder 17: Exegesis papers.  Old Testament:  Psalm 61, Micah 5: a and b; Mal. 3:6
Folder 18: History of N.T. Revelation.  Bandstra papers on the Acts of Apostles, Progress of Doctrine, and teaching concerning Substitutionary Atonement
Folder 19: Homiletics, paper --- 1950
Series 2: Seminary Student Period, Notes, Papers --- 1941-1957
Box 2
Folder 1: Lincoln Center CRC Bulletins --- October 1955 -August 1957
Folder 2: Liturgics, Outlined Notes
Folder 3: Missions:  Principles of Missions, Papers written by students for Quo Pro Rege --- 1941-1954
Folder 4: N.T. Exegesis:  Matthew 5:38-42, 33-37; I John 2; Ephesians 1
Folder 5: Nil Nisi papers on Emil Brunner and Berkhouwer --- October 1952 -April 1953
Folder 6: O.T. Introduction Outline of J. H. Raven
Folder 7: Paper on "Calvinism: Six Stone Foundation Lectures" of A. Kuyper
Folder 8: Paper:  The Canonical Problem of II Peter --- 1947
Folder 9: Paper:  A Commentary on the Anti-Marcionite Prologue to Luke
Folder 10: Paper:  A Contrast of Christian Theistic Ethics with the Ethical Theory of F. H. Bradley, for C. Van Til
Folder 11: Paper:  The Effect of the Doleantie on the CRC
Folder 12: Papers on O.T. History:  Antiquity of the World; Early or Late date of Exodus; Body, Soul and Spirit
Folder 13: Practice Preaching, Class sermons --- 1951-1952
Folder 14: Prophets: "The Former Prophets" by Edward J. Young, Outlined
Folder 15: Reformed Doctrine Hodge Podge; Notes
Folder 16: Report on Institutes of Christian Religion, Book IV, Chapters 1-13
Folder 17: Systematic Theology:  Introduction
Folder 18: Systematic Theology:  Notes on Soteriology
Series 3: Papers by M.J. Wyngaarden
Box 3
Folder 1: Exegesis of Zechariah Four, by M. J. Wyngaarden
Folder 2: Historia Revelationis: Old Testament Biblical Theology, by M. J. Wyngaarden
Folder 3: Introduction to the Prophets, by M. J. Wyngaarden
Folder 4: Convocation address --- September 1973
Folder 5: Correspondence --- 1972
Folder 6: How free should teachers be --- 1992